One sexy wolf is determined to show a grouchy kitty just how perfect they are for each other.Oscar Travis has always been different, and not just because he s a snow leopard shifter Petite and pretty in a family where even the women are bigger and stronger than he is, Oscar has been protected by them except the times when no one could keep him safe When he had to take anOne sexy wolf is determined to show a grouchy kitty just how perfect they are for each other.Oscar Travis has always been different, and not just because he s a snow leopard shifter Petite and pretty in a family where even the women are bigger and stronger than he is, Oscar has been protected by them except the times when no one could keep him safe When he had to take another shifter s life to protect his own family, Oscar s world became a scarier place, at least in his head, not that he s going to let his family know that He will, however, help his dad Henry hunt down the cougar shifter who is trying to destroy one of Oscar s own, his brother in law, Lyndon.Which is why Oscar finds himself in San Antonio Curiosity always Oscar s potential downfall is the reason he s in one of the city s biggest gay nightclubs And it s his bad luck that he is cornered by four obnoxious shifters who are out to ruin his night Josiah Baker has other plans for Oscar, plans of mates and forever, but once he makes sure his kitten is safe, he s ditched like a two dollar whore Good thing he s a shifter too, and a determined one who doesn t shy away from Oscar s attitude He sees the hurting man behind the pretty fa ade, and no one is going to keep him and Oscar from the happy ending they deserve.Unless the cougar shifter Oscar was hunting has anything to say about it Then Oscar and Josiah s ending will be painful and in the immediate future.Reader Advisory This book is part of a series and is best read in sequence.
Oscar One sexy wolf is determined to show a grouchy kitty just how perfect they are for each other Oscar Travis has always been different and not just because he s a snow leopard shifter Petite and pretty

  • Title: Oscar
  • Author: Bailey Bradford
  • ISBN: 9780857159274
  • Page: 151
  • Format: ebook
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    1. The book was very hard to follow simply because of Oscar's child like behavior. But but one you get over that the book is HOT in every way. I am looking forward to the next one.

    2. This is book two in Bailey Bradford's highly entertaining series 'Leopard's Spots' and I was excited to get it. Oscar appealed to me, A LOT, in book one so I really wanted him to find what he needed in a mate. I was also intrigued because this book goes outside the feline shifters and now we've got a cat and dog scenario. HA! So far, this author has not disappointed on the action and plot line so I had high hopes for this second installment.From the moment Oscar stepped onto the pages I adored h [...]

    3. Serious retcon on the Albert situation. Darts, not noxious fumes. And Oscar’s mother was not with them at the time. Pfft!How can Oscar’s maternal grandmother be Ms Travis, i.e. carry the same last name as her son-in-law? Somehow I don’t think they went that route when they married…And I am still waiting for an explanation on how it comes that none of the leopards appear to be even remotely Asian-featured. Himalaya, anyone? Although maybe the next book will shed some light on that, who kn [...]

    4. I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. There are some exciting scenes in this story but it will probably be the last one I read in the series. Oscar was my favourite character in the first book but I found him obnoxious and bratty at the start of this one. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a worse case of Little Man’s Syndrome and he irritated me to no end. He grew more likeable later in the story as he settles into his relationship with Josiah but only the ‘fated [...]

    5. I loved it! That's the problem with anything Bailey Bradford writes, you love it & now you have to read more of her works.

    6. Oscar (Leopard's Spots #2) by Bailey Bradford 4 starsM/M Shifter RomanceTriggers: Stalking, Murder, Attempted MurderI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.This is the second book in this series and it is helpful to have read book #1, as there are several characters and themes that carry over.Oscar has always considered himself the runt of his family. He's the odd man out and has developed a complex about himself because of those feelings. When he sacrifices a part of his soul [...]

    7. This had the violent, bloody sex-with-claws-and-fangs that I'd remembered not liking so much from the first one. I still didn't like it so much. It also had the delightfully zany snow-leopard family that I remember being cracked up by in the first one. And they still made me smile a time or two.What I I'd not anticipated in this one was how much I like Oscar's character. I don't usually like the toppy little guys because they just seem like they're trying too hard. I loved that Josiah brought up [...]

    8. I read until about 100 pages or so, and just got SO BORED. The beginning was fine, but by the middle, it just got stupidly loveydovey and really really boring. I stopped for a couple weeks before I finally forced myself to sit down and finish it. It was hard. The whole scene with the family was just stupid. I mean, Josiah was just perfectly at home. You're not telling me you're not even a little awkward around your new inlaws? And all these grown ass kids acting like five year olds. The reasonin [...]

    9. This sequel was not bad at all, however, Oscar and his issue with his missing finger tips drove me insane. Book one he was a constant reminder of his accident and book two was just too much. There are only finger tips for goodness sake, I can't believe the author make it such a big deal about them in this story, I hope in book 3 Oscar doesn't make any appearance to remind me once again about this silly issue.

    10. Barely a plot to speak of, and made even less cohesive since the storyline was struggling to fit through continuous and expansive descriptions of sex. Now, you expect sex scenes considering the author and series, but this was ridiculous.

    11. Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book two in the Leopard's Spots series, and I strongly recommend you read book one, Levi, before this one. It will give you a much better picture as to why Oscar is in San Antonio, and what he is suffering because of what he did in that book. I was worried, you know, going into this one. I don't much care for main characters who are late teens/early 20, and Oscar is 18 here. I don't know why, I just don't. But I [...]

    12. Yeah sorry but I really didn't like this one. Oscar was just a child that kept having a tantrum. Plus that fight at the end was so stupid on his part. He wanted everyone to treat him like man but that won't happen if you act and think like a child. I thought there was one moment he would change his tune but no. He fucked that up big time. It really sucked because I was looking forward to reading his story. On to the next one.

    13. Rating: 3.75Oscar Travis has always been the odd cat out in his Snow Leopard shifter family. He is physically smaller and his coloring is different. And he is the youngest of four brothers in a family that had been isolated by their shifter nature and geography from those around them. But if those differences weren't enough, the childhood shock and disfigurement caused by getting caught in a steel trap ensured him of a sheltered position within his close knit family, while leaving him vulnerable [...]

    14. Good shifter series but a little drawn out for me, I found myself getting bored with the whole cougar drama.

    15. First published at Mm Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressOscar lands in a bit of trouble when he visits a nightclub and a bouncer who thinks he’s coming to Oscar’s rescue doesn’t help. Josiah finds his mate in the little kitty shifter, but he keeps getting brushed off. Oscar has an attitude about large men who try to take control, but with Josiah he might have met his match.A well written story that continues with the story-line from Leopard’s Spots 01- Levi. Oscar has forever b [...]

    16. We met Oscar in book 1 of the series and there was just something about him that pulled at my heartstrings! When I started reading this book, it was amazing being able to learn more about Oscar and what he had been through in his life. And it did explain his little attitude he had going on.My only real complaint about the book is with this being the second book in the series, I had hoped for some backstory on the snow leopards and just finding out more about them in general. It was strange to me [...]

    17. love that this is the guy dealing with killing someone even though he had to. So many of these books act like its no big deal. This is so funny. I love how strong Oscar is, how he's not only not a pushover, he really is strong enough to do damage. Even in other books with "feisty" mates, they're still little weaklings. Proportions are off. One is kneeling on the floor but body on the bed and his body is the right height for the other guy to penetrate. Huh? Really hate the British spellings in a [...]

    18. I was hugely disappointed in this second installment in the series! I really thought that Oscar was a funny and spirited character in the first book and was so glad that he was getting his own story; boy what a let-down! Oscar comes across as a violent, abrasive brat in this book. Numerous times he is confrontational to the point of throwing punches or outright brawling. Josiah once thinks to himself that Oscar has "short man's syndrome" of overcompensating for his petite size by being overly ag [...]

    19. OK but not as good as the first one.Oscar is a little damaged. His smaller stature got him bullied in school so to compensate, he's a bit snarky and aggressive. He also had to kill someone in order to protect his family and his conscience is troubled.When he runs into Josiah, he's not sure what to make of him. Sure he's supposed to be his mate and all but will he submit to a shorter man? Josiah has no problems with this and the chemistry heats up.I had some issues with the plot and the "bad guy" [...]

    20. 1.5 starsConsidering that readers don't expect much more than the stereotype cliche from this type of books, countless editing errors, timeline inconsistency, simple and almost forced conflicts and even more simple conflict solutions were really annoying. In addition sometimes the story moved to fast and at other times extremely slowd finally I found the whole snow leopard family extremely annoying. Their wired interaction with each other and behavior might have looked funny and surrealistic the [...]

    21. This was definitely a fluff read for me, but that isn't a bad thing. At all. Oscar and Josiah's relationship is a fun balance that breaks the usual top/bottom shifter rules. Oscar may be small but he's no pushover! But at the same time, he's willing to take it too. Their romance was fun and sexy.The continuing plot from book one with the insane cougar came to its grand finale here. I was a little disappointed that Josiah didn't step in the final scene, really, but thank goodness for Henry. *roll [...]

    22. Like the first in the series, I liked this story well enough. There were some incidences of head hopping and one incident of using the wrong character name. This bothers me some since it happened a few times in the first book. I really hope that I find no further happening of mixing up characters in the rest of the series that I've already paid for. There is quite a lot of sex in these stories. I generally don't mind but it does seem to be more heavily proportioned to sexin' versus plot.

    23. It was good, but I liked book one more. The thing I really like about this series is that the main couple have a misunderstanding in the beginning, but after that is resolved they stick together. And actually communicte with each other. A welcome difference from every other book out there. The main couple in this book are sweet and very sexy together. I just expected a little more, since Oscar stole the show in book one. Maybe my expectations were too high.

    24. Ummm, I have a thing for smaller tops :P I can't help it. Even if the book is not good, even if it's predictable and unoriginal, I still give it a shot. Just because. I really don't remember what do I think about the plot or about style Instead of that, I remember that the sex was hot, especially when Oscar was all alpha :D Jeez, I'm hopeless.

    25. Two books in now and I'm thinking that this series just may not be for me. The writing is good so I'll definitely check out other things by the author but there is something about these characters and this world and plot that I just can't get into and don't really enjoy.

    26. Meh Average shifter book. Meet mate and spend most of the book screwing the rest spent dealing with family and a little bit with the big bad villain. I did like Oscar's feisty attitude and the chip he had on his shoulder. Josiah was fairly standard and didn't really stand out to me.

    27. Bradford's writing is dull and uninspired. These stories just couldn't hold my interest for long. Thankfully, they were short, so there was that. Had they been any longer, I would've given up. Hell, I did give on #5

    28. This story was OMG boring as HELL. Till the page 60 it was bearable and interesting enough, but from this point on I couldn't enjoy it at all. Oscar and Josiah were unbelievable uninteresting and dull couple, I even skipped their loving and sex. I'm really disappointed.

    29. When i started this series, i feel like reading The jock dorm series by bobby michaels. It was like sex every single minute. But i'm still gonna continue to read this series. Too much sex ain't gonna stop me from reading this series.

    30. I adored this book more than book one of the series. Stroppy Oscar who carries his pain with such strength is brilliantly offset by his mate. The secondary characters were well written and added depth to the story. Yet another book I have read more than once and will read again.

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