His Island Bride

She wasn t looking for love, but love found herwhile vacationing on the sunny island of Jamaica.With mixed emotions, Jessica Mills can t wait to escape to the Caribbean away from an arranged marriage agreement to honor her new found heritage She is to meet her potential groom to be in two weeks She finally books her long awaited vacation to a resort in Jamaica onlyShe wasn t looking for love, but love found herwhile vacationing on the sunny island of Jamaica.With mixed emotions, Jessica Mills can t wait to escape to the Caribbean away from an arranged marriage agreement to honor her new found heritage She is to meet her potential groom to be in two weeks She finally books her long awaited vacation to a resort in Jamaica only to be double booked in the same suite as a gorgeous, irresistible stranger who happens to get under her skin.Sexy, undercover billionaire, James Carrington has on his mind than relationships On the verge of making an important business decision that can affect his entire future and everything he s worked for, he goes to Jamaica to think and indulge in recreational activities He did not count on having a beautiful brunette in his suite a pleasant but ill timed distraction There s no mistaking the sparks that fly between Jessica and James at one of the island s hottest resorts But Jessica is betrothed to someone elsewhich direction will her heart follow
His Island Bride She wasn t looking for love but love found herwhile vacationing on the sunny island of Jamaica With mixed emotions Jessica Mills can t wait to escape to the Caribbean away from an arranged marriage

  • Title: His Island Bride
  • Author: Shadonna Richards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. The set up (first chapter) of this is so bad I can't keep reading to get to the real story. Completely ridiculous premise - a mother who is a breast cancer survivor, laying a guilt trip on her single daughter to meet this guy who inherited an earldom, all because they have some bizarre genetic link to an impoverished duke. And by meet, apparently she means marry, because they're talking about arranged marriages. What? How about try a premise that makes sense next time.No thank you.

    2. I thought this was a very endearing book I must say. It was nice to read where the everyday girl, Jessica, gets the handsome rich guy, James. The way the storyline was written was very cute in way of mishaps at the hotel & their "cute meet". It made me sad to hear the mother thought of her daughter as homely, not a beauty, & slightly overweight. Yet, when James sees her for the first time he sees a curvey, voluptuous, & sexier the hell. I just thought the whole arraigned marriage thi [...]

    3. Although I have read and reviewed several books, I usually find it a little more difficult to rate short stories. "His Island Bride" by Author Shadonna Richards is no exception. It is not easy for an author to fully develop a story line in a novella and despite this fact, Shadonna has done a fine job.I enjoyed the main characters, Jessica Mills and James Carrington, in their chance encounter in Jamaica. However, I would have preferred to know more about them and their backgrounds in order to mak [...]

    4. Cute short story about a woman closing in on her thirtieth birthday and her parents are anxious to ensure that she gets married. Her mother is working on setting up an arranged marriage when Jessica goes to Jamaica on vacation. The hotel, that Jessica has reservations at, has screwed-up and double booked her room and they don't have another room available. Who is double-booked at the hotel with her? And how does this unwanted twist effect her life?

    5. The books are too quick with barely a climax. There are some points that were good, but comparing to other books of the same genre, I feel this author could have put in a little more time with character development. The books had promise, but just not enough to warrant more stars.

    6. Turn the world off for 30 min and dream that what the world of books allows us to do.This little short was extremely romance, cute and what an ending !So when you think that you have, had enough take 5 and dream

    7. Good book.She is an amazing writer and I enjoyed her book very much. She is a great mother and wife and nurse.

    8. If I didn't know any better, I would say that this book hadn't originally been written in English. The writing was just all *sorts* of awkward.Her family didn't know what to think of her luck with men and even suggested "if you could just lose a little weight then maybe" Yes, maybe, maybeif she were more attractive meaning skinny in their eyes!And, I mean, it would be one thing if it were only the occasional sentence that was oddly written, but no. Most of the book was just weird to read.She was [...]

    9. CuteJessica was not having much luck with the dating pool. So before she headed out for Jamaica her mother convinced her through her ancestry that she was a dutchess and she had the perfect man to marry, an earl, named Earl. That an arranged marriage was just what she needed.James took off for Jamaica for a brief reprieve before he decided to step down from hid co owner computer software company. Due to family problems he thought it would be best. Little did they both know the resort the were bo [...]

    10. EnjoyableThis is a very enjoyably book. Perfect for a very quick romantic read. It has a very charming plot and a happy ending.

    11. I really did enjoy this short, and sweet romance. The emotions of the characters were believable, and I could connect to them. The story however is pure fantasy. I do wish James would have purposed to Jessica down on one knee. The story starts out that before Jessica goes through with an arranged marriage, she takes a trip Jamaica. After landing on the island, she checks into her hotel, and heads straight to the shower. When she gets out wrapped in a towel, there is a handsome man in her room. T [...]

    12. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!!!!!Jessica Mills goes away to Jamaica for a well deserved vacation and get away from her mother who has set her up for an arrange marriage to a total complete stranger , then when she arrives in Jamaica she discovers she is 'roommates' with a guy named James Carrington and sparks fly between the two throughout the pages,both forgot to tell each other that they are 'engaged to married' but only to learn that they are engaged to each other when they meet up again 2 we [...]

    13. A Fast Ride. His Island Bride( The Bride Series) by Shadonna Richards, is indeed a fast romance story. If only life was so, shall I say "easy". All it took was two weeks in a shared ( a doubled booked) hotel suite to fall head over heels in bed, oh I mean, in love. All their problems solved and live happily ever after. Yeesh!

    14. This book had a good idea, but it was too short and really cheesy. Did anyone else think it was weird that they liked the EXACT same things and happened to have the EXACT same hotel room? I mean come on, how often is that going to happen in real life. Not to mention how predictableit was, half-way through the book I already knew the ending. Read at your own risk.

    15. A good short story. Jessica has had enough of her mother trying to arrange an arranged marriage for her. So off to Jamaica she goes!!Billionaire James Carrington has had another of business issues, relationship issues & family issues. So off to Jamaica he goes!!Jamaica seems to be the place to go to forget your troubles.

    16. A good/ok freebie. This was a short soft story. The characters were good and this was written pretty well. This was a little slow and there wasn't really much to it. Not anything special, but something light to read for passing time and short enough for a one-sitter. The ending was good and short. There wasn't really but a speck of conflict, and that was resolved in a few seconds. Good Luck.

    17. Meddling mother planJess is an ordinary girl with an interesting pastJames is an ordinary guy with a meddling motherWhen they meet, it's a complication of the . . with the conflict resolved there's a lot of. . frustrated . . and finally the meddling mother's . . .Will they be together or will the meddling mother get her way???Enjoy!!

    18. Shadonna Richards sure does know how to make a person feel like part of her book Draws you in and makes you feel as if you know the charactersI have read all of The Bride Series books and found each an every one different and quite delightful and very romantic I recommend this book to all

    19. Badly written, sentimental piece of fluff. The story was predictable the characters had no depth, AT ALL! One time read (If you have ABSOLUTELY noting better to do and don't mind wasting your time)The only redeeming quality was that the cover was cute, that's it! Period!

    20. not sure why the author felt the need to have Jessica's mother scream her daughter's name several times in the beginning of the book. Also, I know this is a short read; however, the story seemed really rushed.

    21. Loved it!!!Loved it!!!Loved Jess and James' story especially when you put such a Caribbean back drop for such a natural romance.loving it and can't wait to read more

    22. Cute and short A very cute, short and easy read. A twist of fate and a computer problem, leave the 2 characters in a sticky mess. Then opps, mommy dear spoils the fun. Or does she?

    23. This was such a quick read, I don't even know if you can call it a book. I finished my book during my workout, and downloaded this freebie and was done with it before I finished on the treadmill. Yikes! Totally unbelievable story, but a fun, easy read nonetheless.

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