First an outcast, now a hero.But her fight rages on.Kira, the yellow eyed demon slayer who fiercely protected her kingdom and the crown prince has been proclaimed the Dragon Musado of the prophecy With the defeated the evil shaman.But it wasn t enough Hansong is in chaos The Demon Lord s minions have infiltrated the city, treason is brewing among the military ranks, andFirst an outcast, now a hero.But her fight rages on.Kira, the yellow eyed demon slayer who fiercely protected her kingdom and the crown prince has been proclaimed the Dragon Musado of the prophecy With the defeated the evil shaman.But it wasn t enough Hansong is in chaos The Demon Lord s minions have infiltrated the city, treason is brewing among the military ranks, and Kira is buried by the overwhelming loss of her parents She s also plagued by the annoying feelings that blossom whenever she s around Jaewon But she is determined that nothing will stop her from finding the second treasure needed to fulfill the Dragon King s prophecy Not even the army of half breed demons hot on their trail If only she could learn to trust others Her father always said one person can change the world Will it be Kira
Warrior First an outcast now a hero But her fight rages on Kira the yellow eyed demon slayer who fiercely protected her kingdom and the crown prince has been proclaimed the Dragon Musado of the prophecy Wit

  • Title: Warrior
  • Author: Ellen Oh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This book was terrible. Let's not mince words. It is so poorly written I wonder how its editors thought it was permissible to publish in its current state. If an editor had taken out the multitudinous repetitions of "Kira felt _____" that riddle this book through and through (sometimes on the same page!), the book would probably be 20% shorter, but still not any better.If you disliked the first book, DO NOT READ THIS ONE, because every problem that was present in the first one (wooden/cardboard/ [...]

    2. Warrior was everything I was hoping for and more. Ellen kept me engaged and riveted with her cast of unforgettable characters and creatures, enchanting fantasy world, and plenty of action that had me shouting at the pages. Kira is by far one of my favorite female characters ever, that's partly due the fact that I can relate to her a bit, I guess. As Kira and her friends journey to find the second of the Dragon King's treasures, they have to deal with the threat of a war, tons of crazy and fierce [...]

    3. This review is entirely spoiler free, even if you haven't read book one, Prophecy. Warrior is, simply put, incredible! With so much more action and tension between the characters, it's impossible not to love this book. Ellen Oh has done it once again! I loved Prophecy, but wow, Warrior blew it out of the water! With Kira's circumstances shifted due to the end of Prophecy, her life has changed, but with this changed life comes more responsibilities and more betrayal. Chaos rules over Hansong, and [...]

    4. When I finished Prophecy, the first book in The Dragon King Chronicles, I wasn't sure I would continue with the series. But when I had the chance to get an advanced review copy of Warrior, I just couldn't pass it up. Maybe I should have.My problems with Warrior mostly has to do with my taste in books. There's a lot of fantasy in these book. To me, it's over the top. I like my fantasy more realistic, I guess. Like Harry Potter. I really was frightened for those characters. I felt the tension and [...]

    5. Continuing from the first book, this book picks up right where the last one ends. It has so much action, I LOVE IT!Plot: So this plot moves on with Kira leading the fight and moving on. Many trials come against Kira, leaving her to become even stronger. I really like how each chapter, the reader is able to know Kira more. She becomes just what the titles says, a warrior.Love: Now this area is an area I wish would develop some more. There is a love interest but I feel like the reader just gets a [...]

    6. Overall, WARRIOR was such a great sequel and a great follow-up to Ellen Oh's Dragon King Chronicles series. If you love Asian-inspired books or if you loved the author's first book, Prophecy, then be sure to not miss out on this one awesome book this December or better yet preorder this book for Christmas time!Full review: talesoftheinnerbookfanatic.blo4.5 stars!

    7. Oh, wonderful book, I wouldn't want to be a of companion of them, because everyone who hasn't been a part of the group since the beginning doesn't survive, with one exception! And yeah, so glad that I have an ARC of King, after this ending!

    8. Review:Protagonist: Even though prejudices against Kira have dissipated slaighlty following her heroic takedown of Shaman Ito and his imoogi, there are still many who fear and despise Kira. Some treat her with distain because she is a woman who acts like a man, others because they still don't believe that she isn't a demon hell bent on their destruction, and with others it's a mixture of the two. Even though Kira puts on a mask of indifference at this, we really get to see in this book how it af [...]

    9. **4.5 stars**Originally posted at: iliveforreading/20I managed to get Warrior as an eGalley and that was what launched me into reading this amazing fantasy series. I loved Prophecy, but I'll admit, I was a little bit afraid of getting into this one. Quite a lot of series have a really bad follow-up to the first book, or one that doesn't live up to what happens in the first book. However, I'm happy to say that Warrior was as awesome as the first book. I was completely blown away with the action a [...]

    10. Review Copy: PurchasedFirst Julie Kagawa ends The Eternity Cure with a cliffhanger and then Ellen Oh does the same thing with Warrior! Really, ladies?! Why must you be so cruel? Why must you break my heart so? I will say, based on the ending of Warrior, the third book will probably be amazing and I can’t wait to get it into my eagerly awaiting hands. But I’m getting ahead of myself.Warrior picks up just days after Prophecy leaves off, the events of the first book still very fresh in the hear [...]

    11. This review was originally posted over at Millie D's Words.I thrive for anything imaginative, new, and epically badass. And yay for me, I found all these elements in Ellen Oh's Dragon King Chronicles. Since when do you get to find a book series that focuses on Asian culture rather than more of a European/white dominant one? Or one that doesn't focus on a romance or turn primarily into one? I don't think I've read anything like these books, which is the best thing ever.I truly love Kira. She's a [...]

    12. ~ Spoilers, sweetie. :) ~ I'm not entirely sure on my verdict on this book. Like the first one, I didn't hate it but it's not enjoyable either. It isn't very good and my reasoning is more or less the same as it was in my review of "Prophecy". It's decent, I suppose. The writing is pretty bland, the deliveries are poor. All together, it just not very good writing. I know Oh is trying but she can definitely do better than this. She needs improvement. This is justI don't even know how to explain it [...]

    13. Review: 3 1/2 out of 5 starsContains possible spoilers from the first bookWhen I requested Warrior I had no idea it was the sequel to Ellen Oh’s debut novel, Prophecy but I’m thankful enough background information was given to get a grasp of what had happened in the first book.I really liked Seventeen year-old Kira with her unique ability to sense demons and slay them, now the declared Dragon Musado of a foretold prophecy since defeating the evil shaman and his imoogi she is still overcome w [...]

    14. Kira seems to attract trouble wherever she seems to step, and yet, she's one of my favorite heroines. Kira is extremely self-sacrificing and selfless; she always puts the Prince and Jaewon's safety first. Not to mention the fact that Kira is a total kick-butt heroine whose skills never cease to surprise him. There were so many moments where I just wanted to give Kira a huge hug for my own sake, Oh better not mess with Kira because that would break my heart into two. Kira has gone through so many [...]

    15. I remember not liking the first book, Prophecy, as much as I’d hoped to. I liked it enough to want to continue with the series, and I’m so glad for that! I like this one. It had a faster pace and I didn’t feel like it was predictable. There were some unexpected surprises that made the book more exciting.I did feel, however, that things were a bit too easy. Yes, there was some struggle, some adversity, but it seemed like just when things got hairy there was always a way out. They never real [...]

    16. Warrior, the second volume in Ellen Oh's young adult fantasy trilogy, continues to entertain. The warrior in question, protagonist Kang Kira, shows every sign of being the prophesied Dragon Musado, a warrior of great power, and her cousin, Prince Taejo, the foretold king who will unite the seven kingdoms. However, at the moment, they are orphans, their parents dead at the hands of invaders allied with demons, and as this novel opens, the king who offered to give them shelter and protection is ki [...]

    17. What I loved about the first book of The Dragon King Chronicles is the adventure. It was so exciting and I felt like I was there fighting along with Kira. I love it!In Warrior the excitement went up. I love the parts where Kira’s heard the Demon Lord in her head. And their journey to hell!!! Grrr…The weird creatures are so fascinating. I mean, I love the way the author describe them. I can picture them clearly in my head. From Dragons, Nine-tailes fox to these garbage army. (lol)*Mc’s Corn [...]

    18. The fight sequences are rushed, under detailed and short but I suppose she just isn't comfortable writing them.

    19. Loved it! I so want Jaewon, and Kira to be together! I loved it when Jaewon kissed Kira, it was so romantic! I also knew that Shin was not dead! (people in books and movies never really die)

    20. The story: although she's captured the powerful Tidal Stone and found her place as the mythical Dragon Musado, Kira soon realizes that the kingdom will never be safe--either from betrayal by humans or warfare waged by demons--unless she possess the two other artifacts of great power once owned by the Dragon Lord: the dragon dagger, and the jade belt. Her brother Kwan, Prince Taejo, and the handsome and mysterious Jaewon are willing to join her on a second quest, even knowing that it will surely [...]

    21. Kira, the Dragon Musado, who's destined to fulfill the Dragon King's prophecy, is back in the 2nd book with more adventure, danger, and difficulties. Kira has to learn who she can trust as she navigates her feelings of grief (the death of her parents in the first book) and the potential feelings of a blossoming romance with her loyal friend Jaewon. As the book progresses, the danger grows all around as Kira tries to recover the 2nd lost treasure that will help her fulfill the prophecy. I enjoyed [...]

    22. ** 4.75 stars ** I loved this book and thought it was a fantastic sequel to the first book. As with Prophecy, the writing wasn't great and I didn't love the reappearance of a certain character from the first book. However the action and the plot kept me glued to the pages and I just didn't want to stop reading. I read this book so quickly, which is something that I haven't been able to do for a while. I do wish that I hadn't left it so long between finishing the first book and picking up this bo [...]

    23. Currently in love with this series!!!I love how exciting it is and fast paced. I love the characters, especially Kira, Jaewon, Kwan and Seung. I love love love the budding romance, I don't like the additional love triangle angle though, totally not needed and it better not disrupt the real romance!!!!I just find it super exciting and I need the last book nowwww!5 stars.

    24. This was a good sequel to Prophesy. A tad longer, but still doable in a few hours. It seemed there was a lot more downtime in this novel than the first. There's also more romance (and a hint of a love triangle, though it doesn't pan out in this bookrasons). The plot, short and dirty version: need to get the dragon dagger, the second legendary item Kira needs. I do wish the fight with the dragon at the end would've been longer and more drawn-out. Just like the first book, the fight scenes were ve [...]

    25. Full review:I really enjoyed Ellen Oh's debut novel Prophecy last year, so I was stoked when I saw the ARC for Warrior on Edelweiss. Warrior begins in the immediate aftermath of Prophecy, with Kira and her family still struggling to recover from the losses that they've suffered. Both Kira's parents and her aunt and uncle - who were also queen and king of the region - have been lost, but Kira's more committed than ever to protecting her cousin Taejo, from both demon and human factions aiming to p [...]

    26. This is actually quite a short read, if it weren’t for the holiday. (And more like a 4.5 rating, for me.) The story felt a bit too fast-paced for me but entertaining, nonetheless. I love how action-packed this story went. The humor and dread was well balanced and I couldn’t ask for more. I practically devoured it after the decorations are stored away and when the pasta had all ended up in my belly. At the end of this book I’ve realized, I also want a dokkaebi of my own; having brothers lik [...]

    27. 2.5Huge thank you to HarperTeen and Edelweiss for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I read Ellen Oh's Prophecy quite recently in preparations to review this book. Too be honest, I was furious with the wasted potential in Prophecy because it was a story with great ideas, a unique Asian-flavoured setting, and a premise that should have been pretty easy to follow through. It wasn't a fun ride, and in fact it was easily one of the most boring YA fantasy novels I had ever [...]

    28. RecommendThe book did stay on track and flow well. The number of players was good. I wood recommend this book.

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