Lucia on Holiday

The much loved Mapp and Lucia series takes a new turn as the two legendary protagonists travel to the continent to lock horns in an idyllic Italian setting The welcome return of Olga Braceley, Georgie s opera singer soul mate, is counterpointed by new distractions in the form of an Indian Maharajah from Major Benjy s past, and a mysterious American millionaire.Who is theThe much loved Mapp and Lucia series takes a new turn as the two legendary protagonists travel to the continent to lock horns in an idyllic Italian setting The welcome return of Olga Braceley, Georgie s opera singer soul mate, is counterpointed by new distractions in the form of an Indian Maharajah from Major Benjy s past, and a mysterious American millionaire.Who is the sinister old gypsy woman who haunts the hotel grounds, and has she put a curse on Lucia Why is Major Benjy driving a huge Bugatti What has taken Mr and Mrs Wyse several hundred miles off course And how could the great Wall Street crash of 1929 affect Tilling s finest Englishmen and women Find the answers to these and much in Lucia on Holiday, a further addition to the Mapp and Lucia canon by best selling author Guy Fraser Sampson based on the immortal characters first created by E.F Benson.Perfect reading for followers of Benson s original novels and sure to be equally loved by P.G Wodehouse fans, this is a pitch perfect and deliciously enjoyable social satire of an England long gone but not forgotten.Lucia is back This is a wonderful new adventure for our magnificent heroine, written with all the style and humour of Benson himself A triumph Uno, due, tre read it Alexander McCall Smith Praise for Major Benjy by Guy Fraser Sampson More Mapp and Lucia what bliss Major Benjy on the rampage what joy Gyles Brandreth Praise for Major Benjy by Guy Fraser Sampson As you read Guy Fraser Sampson s sinuous narrative and needle sharp dialogue, Tilling suddenly takes shape all around you Benson himself would have loved this book, and so will you Tom HoltAn agreeable romp, with at least one treat for the Benson aficionado The SpectatorBrilliant, quite quite brilliantly wonderfulThis is a simply delicious book and I loved every single wordI hope this sells in millions and trillions as it deserves to do so Random JottingsImbued with all the satire and wit of the originals, spiced up with titbits of real events, this well written novel will amuse Benson fans and neophytes alike Sussex LifeWhat a delightful, funny, captivating read this book is from start to finishA really good old fashioned and light hearted story with endearing characters which will leave you with a smile on your face Kath Thornton, lovereadingThis book was a delight to read, capturing the mood and essence of the Benson originalsI think anyone who enjoyed the original books, or who likes P G Wodehouse, will have fun with this book Lindsey Whittle, lovereadingI love and adore Major Benjy and now Lucia on Holiday by Guy F S.The reason they are so delicious is that Guy gets the voice of Benson so perfectly I can honestly say that, while reading Lucia on Holiday, I kept forgetting that it wasn t Benson s pen which had written it and what higher compliment could possibly be paid Stuck In A Book
Lucia on Holiday The much loved Mapp and Lucia series takes a new turn as the two legendary protagonists travel to the continent to lock horns in an idyllic Italian setting The welcome return of Olga Braceley Georgie

  • Title: Lucia on Holiday
  • Author: Guy Fraser-Sampson
  • ISBN: 9781907642517
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I was willing to give this one three stars, as a nice try at continuing the series, until the end. I'm going to do a brief summary (not exactly a re-hash) so that folks know what to expect Lucia decides to have a holiday at Lake Como, and through a twist-of-fate Mapp ends up there as well. Mapp doesn't feature much in the story, aside from being frustrated by Lucia's ability to avoid her almost completely; she does get a come-uppance of sorts at the end. Olga Bracely is also present, so she and [...]

    2. As Georgie would say, "How tarsome!" -- I did not like this one at all, after loving his first book so much! Even with the inclusion of Olga and the handsy Poppy. I don't think Fraser-Sampson quite captured Lucia or Georgie for that matter! Nor were the comedic situations in this novel anywhere close to the Cake Contest in the last one. For starters, while Mapp & Lucia do have a rivalry of the ages, I do not think Lucia (and the Wyses for that matter) or tender hearted Olga or even Georgie w [...]

    3. Loved itGripped by Luciaitis from the first, though her charm remains the same she seemed slightly more "brittle" , this did not alter my very great pleasure in this latest "homage" to the earlier books. I couldn't decide whether to voraciously devour or eke out this wonderful book, needless to say I couldn't stop as I had to find out what happens next. I can't wait now to read the next in the trilogy , though just what I'll do when I've read the three remains to be seen. Hopefully Mr Fraser-Sam [...]

    4. it seems very clear to me that Guy Fraser-Sampson has caught both the tone and the spirit of Tilling and its denizens (I find myself much inclined to think outside my usual vocabulary and possibly even to essay un po italiano) – I was already laughing while still on the Introduction. The story begins with Lucia, having made some money on the stockmarket, deciding that Georgie should choose the holiday of his desires (and then, perhaps, he will appreciate her properly). What she doesn’t inten [...]

    5. I enjoyed this a lot more than the author's first attempt at a Mapp and Lucia book.Lucia's character is captured fairly well, especially in her dealings with Olga and her many amusing faux pas.In my review of 'Major Benjy' I mentioned that the author fails to grasp the subtlety and language of the era, and it's true here. The characters talk like 21st century people, not people living in the 1920s, and certainly not like Benson's creations. The secret to the Mapp and Lucia series is that both wo [...]

    6. The beloved E. F Benson’s, Mapp & Lucia series of stories has been recreated by Guy Fraser-Sampson in this new rendition, and is based on the enduring character partnership between arch rivals Emmeline Lucas and Elizabeth Mapp-Flint. In Lucia on Holiday, the social satire continues with a wry look at the English abroad, which is largely overshadowed by the rivalry which exists between the two main protagonists.I am a newcomer to this series of stories, and so I enter into the discussion wi [...]

    7. Having never heard of Mapp and Lucia I had no idea what I was in for when they decided to depart quaint Tilling for an Italy that is seemingly full of the wrong sort of Italians. As a newcomer to the antics of these sparring partners, it took me some time to establish who was who and who was with whom, although the latter seemed to change as this charmingly witty tale wove its way around the towns of Italy. The frightfully snobby Lucia has come into some money and spends this on the best suite i [...]

    8. I read this on my own and I am relieved now that I did as I spent the majority of the time laughing out loud and chuckling away to myself. Mapp and Lucia are back!! This author has done a wonderful job of bringing these two friends back to life in this hilarious,bitchy, sarcastic gem. You cannot get past more then the odd page without running into barbed insults, decorated sweetly, and handed out freely The ladies and their gentlemen are in Italy where their snobbishness has reached a while othe [...]

    9. In this second volume of Fraser-Sampson's continuation of E.F. Benson's Mapp and Lucia books we are in 1929, and the whole cast goes on holidays, only to end up in the same small Italian town where the war between the two First Ladies of Tilling continues to a spectacular conclusion. Of course long-time fans will know who comes out on top. Fraser-Sampson catches the tone of the originals perfectly, while adding some real-world elements to his story which I shouldn't reveal here, except to note t [...]

    10. I was so lucky to discover the existence of these three follow-up books thanks to a radio interview at the time of Major Benjy's publication. The long wait to acquire all three before allowing myself the joy of reading them only increased the anticipation. Of the three, this is the one I delighted in most of all and still chuckle out loud at the 'unforeseen global consequence' mentioned by another reviewer - no, chuckle is too delicate I still roll over on the floor laughing out loud every time [...]

    11. Benson's world, like that of PG Wodehouse, is unique unto itself. No one in the real world behaves quite like these people do and yet there is something terribly familiar about them all. Perhaps this comes from watching to may Agatha Christie adaptations on TV. They are all louder than life and we wouldn't have them any other way. All credit to Guy Fraser-Sampson in this second go at recreating (and expanding on) Benson's world. A pure delight.Read my full review on my blog here<?a>.

    12. This is a sunny, romp in Italy with Lucia and co which was great fun. The references, and re telling of some of the original E F Benson stories was annoying at times and felt as if the author lacked confidence in his undertaking. I would read another and it has prompted me to go back to the originals which has been a delight.

    13. What a delight to have Lucia, Georgie, Mapp, Olga, and the rest of the crew back on the page. I adored this book, and felt it was quite up to the EF Benson standard. Nearly parfact, as Georgie would say -- and not at all tarsome.

    14. Enjoyable comedy of social not so niceties based on E.F. Benson's Mapp and Lucia characters. Astutely observed humour and one-up-manship.

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