Kit und Fancy Cordelle sind nicht nur Schwestern, sondern auch beste Freundinnen, Vertraute und Komplizinnen Die beiden sind es gew hnt, Au enseiterinnen zu sein und wollen es nicht anders Doch in der verr ckten Stadt Portero, wo Monsterdurch Portale kommen und die Bewohner eigentlich durch nichts mehr zu berraschen sind, scheinen sie bei Weitem nicht die seltsamsten unKit und Fancy Cordelle sind nicht nur Schwestern, sondern auch beste Freundinnen, Vertraute und Komplizinnen Die beiden sind es gew hnt, Au enseiterinnen zu sein und wollen es nicht anders Doch in der verr ckten Stadt Portero, wo Monsterdurch Portale kommen und die Bewohner eigentlich durch nichts mehr zu berraschen sind, scheinen sie bei Weitem nicht die seltsamsten und gef hrlichsten Wesen zu sein Auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Ort f r das perfekte Verbrechengelangen sie in ein Paralleluniversum, das sie dazu nutzen, die Stadt von b sen Jungs zu s ubern Doch als sie zwei Br der kennenlernen, droht die Liebe die Schwestern zu spalten Der Roman ist nicht die Fortsetzung von Bleeding Violet,spielt aber in derselben verr ckten Stadt Portero, in der nie ganz klar wird, was Traum und was Wirklichkeit ist.
Blutsgeschwister Kit und Fancy Cordelle sind nicht nur Schwestern sondern auch beste Freundinnen Vertraute und Komplizinnen Die beiden sind es gew hnt Au enseiterinnen zu sein und wollen es nicht anders Doch in der

  • Title: Blutsgeschwister
  • Author: Dia Reeves
  • ISBN: 9783833901263
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I went into this book wanting to like it -- the original sounding premise made me feel eager and optimistic. I've been shuffling through a few slow moving books on my currently reading list (Forever *yawn*) so the way this book seemed to run and jump from page one thrilled me. It was never slow and that statement is probably the only one I can say without a "but" qualification on the tail end.The world building, or lack thereof, drove me insane. I want to be able to say Reeves has an incredible [...]

    2. Favourite Quote "But what if the monsters come?""Fancy." Kit looked away from the drama to stare at her sisters, surprised. "We are the monsters."Slice of Cherry is DIFFERENT. Did I like it? Yes. Did it scare the crap out of me? Yes? It twisted? YES! The world of Portero is hands down the strangest the world I have ever read. The description of this world is amazing. Dia Reeves writing is fast moving, unpredictable and engrossing. However even though I did enjoy this, quite a few times I was thi [...]

    3. I was lucky enough to win an Arc and sink my teeth in a nice thick piece of Slice of Cherry. So Thank-you Dia Reeves, for sending me a copy and for the nightmares that followed it;) From Fancy's Dream Diary:A doctor examined me and Kit and said the reason we were sick was because Kit had my heart and I had hers. But when he switched our hearts, they stopped beating.Move over YA! Dia Reeves is back with her second horror novel, and if y'all thought Bleeding Violet was shutter-worthy, you haven't [...]

    4. Dia Reeves is like a bucket of cold water on YA lit’s face…and I mean that in the best way. Her debut novel, Bleeding Violet, turned paranormal inside out and made it fascinating, in a sexy and gruesome sort of way. Her sophomore novel, SLICE OF CHERRY, is like a twisted childhood fantasy come true. Which is to say that I LOVED it.As she did in Bleeding Violet, Dia kind of simply throws readers to the wolves and makes you fight to understand and be sympathetic to what’s going on in the sto [...]

    5. WOW! When it comes to Dia's writing I become speechless. She has a way of capturing her readers, in a dark and disturbing way, which I personally love. Slice of Cherry WAS dark and disturbing, but also had some deep meaning. The relationship between two sisters, though extremely off kilter, had such a deep bond, that no one could come between. And if Fancy was ever threatened off losing her sister, Kit, she would be sure to rid that person of their life. Or at least from the real world. Fancy an [...]

    6. Okay, alright I think I've finally come up with something to say about this book. Straight up fucking odd. When I read the first few pages and the back, I loved it. One of the two sisters, Kit, was obviously the rougher one and Fancy was shy and more of a follower. The back description hinted at something that they did together but it was very vague. It quickly stopped there though, because what the story actually was, was really, and I mean REALLY different than what you probably anticipated. I [...]

    7. ready set die awkwardly. so when I was 15 in spanish class we had to write a story about a super hero. I wrote a story about a girl who had no friend except for her dog and her super power was depressing people into killing themselves (really and no one thought this was a cry for help?). This book is kind of like that. it's written in a voice that sounds like a child but a demented child. I have a friend whose daughter when I met her explained to me how to make a clown pizza, this requires killi [...]

    8. I didn't like this as much as Bleeding Violet. It got a bit repetitive, it wasn't as psychologically incisive (or else it was using metaphors that didn't resonate with me as much), and there wasn't as much general Portero wackiness in it, somehow. However, it grew on me and improved to three stars by the end.

    9. What the fuck was that?!As you can see, I did not finish this book. I made it 104 pages in before I had to stop for fear of puking my guts over the bed. Seriously, this book is nasty. Instead of writing a proper review, I'm going to bring examples from the book and comment on themIn the beginning of the story, a prowler sneaks into Fancy and Kit's (daughters of a famous serial killer) room, wanting something to sell on Ebay. Kit stabs him and they tie him up in their cellar. Kit is bloodthirsty [...]

    10. Thank you so very much to Tommy for giving me this book. You are the bestest ever.Dia! I'm going to give your second book two stars, even though I enjoyed parts of it, because you didn't improve on any of the flaws from your first book, Bleeding Violet. Didn't you read my review?!Plot points were abandoned. Portero was not realized that well in the first book, and especially not enough that it is a lazy excuse to do whatever you feel like doing when you don't have the kahunas or finesse whatever [...]

    11. Teen psychopath Narnia. Seriously.I really wonder if this or Bleeding Violet was written first - there is a cameo here by the characters in Bleeding Violet and this must be set almost a year after BV, but that means nothing about which was actually written first, and this book feels a lot less polished and a lot more incoherent than BV. And I liked it a lot less.I had a lot of problems with this book:- the universe and its setup is never explained. Ok. But there is a sort of inconsistency, in so [...]

    12. Originally reviewed on The Book Smugglers: thebooksmugglers/2011/07/bHappiness is a bloody knife.At least, it is for Fancy and Kit Cordelle, daughters of the infamous Bonesaw Killer who hacked up over a dozen victims in his home’s cellar before being caught red-handed and sent to prison. The Cordelle sisters keep to themselves, regarded as pariahs in their small hometown of Portero, which suits them just fine. The summer Fancy turns fifteen, however, she and her older sister Kit are forced to [...]

    13. Seriously, I get why a lot of people don't like Dia Reeves, she's creepy, you find yourself liking her characters even though they are psycho. but I have to say I love them. I have a younger sister so she enjoyed listening to this too, it was eerie and weird and we all understand what Fancy is going through when Kit pulls away.**The narrator is amazing, I plan to see what else she narrates. I want more Potero I WANT MORE!!!!!

    14. [Bilingual Review below]Not for the faint of heartI consider myself a lucky person. I’m an avid reader and if a book appeals to me directly, touches my heart, and the characters stay in my head for weeks after I’m done, I usually get in touch with the writer. I take my time and write an email to give them feedback and an explanation of how much that book meant to me and why.This was the case with Dia Reeves. I loved her first book Bleeding Violet so much that I decided to write to her, expla [...]

    15. What in the? No.I needed a horror book to fill out a Halloween challenge and loaded this on to my iPod, totally forgetting that it was also tagged fantasy. I enjoyed the first 10 minutes or so, until I realized this was set in a fantasy world and it was super weird and confusing. Don't get me wrong, I love fantasy and it's my favorite genre, but the Portero world was missing any type of structure. Fantasy worlds tend to have pretty strict guidelines - this is where it takes place, this type of m [...]

    16. If you don't get excited about a book about teenage sister serial killers who live in a supernatural-flavored monster-infested town, I don't even know what to say to you. This book was wonderful, everything I ever wanted in a book. I love sister relationships, especially messy, complicated ones, and I love coming of age stories, and I don't think I even need to mention how much I love serial killers. But it's a lot.Fancy was the best, worst, brattiest. I gritted my teeth so much while reading he [...]

    17. I bought this book a while ago and it’s been sitting on my bookshelf since waiting to be read. The little snippet on the back of the book made it sound really interesting and dark and I loved the cover, so I couldn’t figure out why I had never bothered to pick it up. After reading it, I wish I would have just let it be. 
Apparently I either bought this before I had a account and could skim through reviews to see if books were worth bothering with or I just didn’t get around to looking b [...]

    18. You know how when you stab people, it's like plugging into them? You feel their hearts beating; you feel their blood flowing. You see their struggle for life, and in that moment they start to seem real and like windup toys.I did not like this book as much as I'd hoped I would, but it was never difficult to read, in fact I tore through it. The chapters are fairly short, the prose is simple without being overtly so, but with some lovely turns of phrase and pieces of imagery here and there. There's [...]

    19. I didn't expect to laugh so much reading a book about the teen daughters of a serial killer. What a treat! I know there are people out there who will only be horrified by the plot and not amused, but believe me, if they're not laughing, they just didn't get the jokes. Fancy and her older sister, Kit, live in Portero, a place not your average American town. Careless residents and ignorant visitors are routinely devoured by any number of monsters, their bloody remains left scattered in the street. [...]

    20. So I realize the reviews for this book are pretty good all around and its making me question my own feelings for the book but I'm going to stick with my gut reaction hereis is the most bizarre and disturbing teen book I have ever read, I don't even think it should be teen. It is about two sisters who live in this bizarre and fantastical town called Portero, Texas. They are the daughters of a famous serial killer called the Bonesaw Killer cause he liked to cut up his victims. The sisters, Kit and [...]

    21. Rating: 3.5After finishing Slice of Cherry, it took me a few days to digest it. It was necessary for me to pull my thoughts together before I wrote this review. I finally concluded that Slice of Cherry's gory and murderous aspects contributed a grade of gritty excellence. While, the out of this world deliverance was just plain weird. Don't get me wrong, I love twisted stories, I just found this one to have a lot of "what the hell just happened" moments even after all the hilarious elements. Now, [...]

    22. Dia Reeves' writing style is as engrossing as ever and combined with the story's quick pacing, I devoured this book. The world of Portero - and its inhabitants - is so rich, vibrant, and macabre that I almost - almost - want to visit it. This story, however, featured little of Portero and its inhabitants outside of the two Cordelle sisters, neither of whom is especially likable or intriguing. The lack of likability for either of these characters made it difficult for me to empathize/sympathize w [...]

    23. i read quite a lot of YA and i don'tthink i'm going out on a limb when i saythat dia reeve's is an author that iscompletely unique in her voice, vision andstorytelling. i thought so after beingstunned, horrified, and totally intriguedby Bleeding Violet, and i can say the sameof her second novel, Slice of Cherry's about two sisters, kit and fancy, whoare the daughters of an infamous serialkiller father. the apples, alas, fall notfar from the tree. and they live in Portero,known for its doors into [...]

    24. When I first started this book I knew it was about two sisters murdering people. Like Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood meets Dexter. Sounds awesome, right? Right.What I didn’t intend on was the murderesses being more like snotty little boys who torture turtles because they can. And that’s the secret to Slice of Cherry. It’s not about exacting revenge or even mindless cruel killing, the motive lies in these two teenage girls stuck in childhood and “filling a hole” within themselve [...]

    25. I just love it. The book is amazing! It’s about the Cordelle sisters; Kit and Fancy. Living their life as normally as it would be, for they are known as the Bonesaw Killer’s daughters, the most bloody murderer I town. Kit and Fancy, are hardly the oddest or most dangerous creatures around town. They love to kill, knives are their accessory and toys, they love to collect body parts, open people’s bodies like they’re giving them a surgery. It’s a hobby, it’s just for fun.These two girl [...]

    26. I don’t do weird…usually. Weird makes me have nightmares and call people to stay the night with me when my husband is working nights. So as you can tell, it’s surprising that I enjoyed the weirdness, a lot, in Slice of Cherry and I doubt I will be having nightmares from it.I don’t think I’m going to write much in this review. I JUST LOVED IT! Plus, I don’t want to give anything away so I’m just telling you to read it! I just love the way Dia describes everything in this book, it’ [...]

    27. I really like Dia's quirkiness and I think she writes well. I think she could write a great butt-kicking, good vs evil novel. Perhaps that has been done too many times to attract the attention of YA (young adults) and so the popular YA books have to include more unique themes; I just don't know.Unfortunately I don't care for the casual, seemingly meaningless, lifetaking, gore. The moral ambiguity of the protagonists, and every other character in the book, left me unsettled throughout the book.Ri [...]

    28. I want more! There is something enthralling about having crazy people as our main characters. I thought Hannah was bad but wow Kit and Fancy take the cake. At first I thought Kit was the worse of the two but somewhere along the way I think Fancy stole the show. Only in a town like Portero could two crazy sisters meet two crazy brothers and manage not to destroy the cosmic balance of the universe. I really can't say too much without giving stuff away but I can that that this book was bloody, grue [...]

    29. I was pleasantly surprised with this novel and I'm glad I decided to pick it up! The writing was amazing (as always) and I thought Kit and Fancy were two of the most interesting characters I've ever read about. I was so addicted to getting more insight about them that I was finished with the book in a few sittings!Bleeding Violet was the first book by Dia and I loved the idea behind it. I think I liked this one more though! I liked Kit and Fancy's relationship (however toxic and odd it may have [...]

    30. OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK!! I recommended it to everyone who loves mystery and horror. VERY inappropriate book tho so its needs to be read please read this book needs more love then its getting!!

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