Night on Neighborhood Street

A Coretta Scott King Honor BookA wonderful collection of poems, this book gives a beautiful snapshot of life on Neighborhood Street The magical andeveryday reside comfortably together on Neighborhood Street and make it well worth the visit Booklist A warm, triumphant book School Library Journal
Night on Neighborhood Street A Coretta Scott King Honor BookA wonderful collection of poems this book gives a beautiful snapshot of life on Neighborhood Street The magical andeveryday reside comfortably together on Neighborhood

  • Title: Night on Neighborhood Street
  • Author: Eloise Greenfield Jan Spivey Gilchrist
  • ISBN: 9780140556834
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Night on Neighborhood Street by Eloise Greenfield is overall a good story. It gives children knowledge on how other children live their lives. It follows children and the things they go through before bed, and how they live their nightly lives. This book gives a new understand to children about other kids in other areas.The poems in this book rhyme. They are all simple rhyming patterns, ones with easy rhythms that children can pick up on. The illustrations in this book were very vivid, and went [...]

    2. Stunning and powerful. The poems weave a spell that lingers. Neighborhood Street is a real place.Everyone in America needs to read this book and discover Neighborhood Street; children, but perhaps especially adults.

    3. Night on Neighborhood Street (Paperback) by Eloise Greenfield This is a collection of simple poems about night time in the city. Showing many cultural and idealized interpretations of city life, especially in poor and minority communities.

    4. Night on Neighborhood Street by Eloise Greenfield has detailed, colorful illustrations to accompany the various poems throughout the book. Each poem provides vivid details on the live's of the occupants of Neighborhood Street. Eloise Greenfield does a compelling job of capturing African American poetry within this book; and gives readers an in depth look at some activities, places, and people one would meet in this neighborhood. The illustrations match the descriptive poems, which provides reade [...]

    5. Night on Neighborhood Street was a book of poems that showed what happened in the different houses in a neighborhood at night time. There were some families that were getting ready for bed, while others are having family discussions. There is also a part that describes what the people in the neighborhood church do at night time as well.This book did meet the criteria for poetry. There were poems in the book that had rhyming, and others did not. Not all poems have to rhyme, but some did which cou [...]

    6. Night on Neighborhood Street by Eloise Greenfield, illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchrist is a wonderful poetry picture book. Greenfield really is able to celebrate all that is wonderful about African American poetry, reflecting and endorsing the urban neighborhood community feel through free verse rhythmic poetry. In her poem "The Meeting" alliteration is used with strong "t" sounds describing a man in the neighborhood meeting who tends to get agitated and start fights. The strong "t" sounds creat [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book. The author and illustrator give us a look at a fictional predominantly African-American, urban neighborhood and its inhabitants. I believe that many students will find themselves able to relate to elements in these stories, even if they are not African-American, urban or of a lower economic standing. Most children (and adults) can relate to the two-voiced poem, “Goodnight, Juma,” where a child is pestering his father in order to stall bedtime a bit. Many people wi [...]

    8. Title: Night on Neighborhood StreetAuthor: Eloise GreenfieldRecommended Ages or grades: 6 - 10This book of poems is all about sleepy time on a neighborhood street. Some of the poems have emotions of fear, joy, trust, and sadness as a child waits for sleep to come. One poem is about people out of work and a mom who is sick. Another poem is about a best friend spending the night. Another is one that tells how her big sister tucks her into bed holding her until she is fast asleep because their mom [...]

    9. Grade Range 1st-4thThis book contains a collection of themed poems. They all delve into the sounds, sights, and feelings animating a black neighborhood during the course of only one evening. The poem I found to be the most powerful, is entitled, "The Seller," "Who comes around carrying in his many pockets, packages of death."" The artwork in this book of poetry is utterly amazing and puts the icing on the cake of this lovely book of themed poetry. I think this would be an excellent book to use w [...]

    10. This collection of poems follows the events of different families on the same street during the night. The poems really display positive love and family experiences. Although I am not sure, it seems as though Eloise Greenfield wrote these poems about experiences with her own family. There seems to be a deep love for the people portrayed in her poems. As a teacher, I would use this book to teach about voice because I really felt as I read it I could hear the authors voice.

    11. This is a collection of poems written from a child's point of view about growing up in an urban neighborhood. One of the poems that stood out to me was The Seller, a poem about the neighborhood drug dealer and how all the kids ran away when he came around. I think this book could be used for older grades(3-6).

    12. This book was a culmination of different songs and poems that illustrate what different kids and families experienced on Neighborhood Street. Some were better than others however it shows kids that everyone comes from a different family & grow up differently. I enjoyed it because it was different from other books & I think kids would enjoy the rhyming in it.

    13. I really like this book of poems! These poems are relaxing, and can help students connect them to their own lives. The poems are about family and things that can really go on in a child's life. As a classroom activity, I would have the students write a poem about their family. Since the poems in Night on Neighborhood Street are mostly free verse, I would have my students write a free verse poem.

    14. Beautifully illustrated, I especially liked the poem "Little Boy Blues", "Lawanda's Walk" and "When Tanya's Friends Come to Spend the Night". Books like these are what I like to call bridge building books, ones that help us all see we are far more alike than different.

    15. Lovely book of a collection of poems. About fears, hardships and what matters most in life like family, friends, love etc. Set in an urban setting, any kid or family can find something that they can relate to. The art work and illustrations are beautiful!

    16. One of the few "quality" books that inner-city students will be able to relate to. These are not situations that I relate to very much coming from a small town, but a must have for any classroom library.

    17. This book of poems introduced me to a culture and lifestyle different from my own. Neighborhood Street seems to be in a poorer, predominantly African American area. These poems showed the good and bad, simply telling it like it is. My favorite was "Fambly Time."

    18. This book was a wonderful book for helping kids learn poems. It might be harder for some younger children to follow since it goes from one topic to the next. Overall I enjoyed the book!

    19. I liked how the book showed culture of the neighborhood at night. I especially liked the poem called In the Church.

    20. This was fun and good book. I will definitely use it in my class one day. I loved it. I love multiculture

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