Kelsey Green, Reading Queen

Kelsey Kline is the best reader in the third grade well, maybe tied for best with know it all Simon Ellis When the principal Mr Boone announces a school wide reading contest, complete with a pizza party for the winning class and a special certificate for the top readers in each grade, she knows she s just the person to lead Mrs Molina s third graders to victory But hKelsey Kline is the best reader in the third grade well, maybe tied for best with know it all Simon Ellis When the principal Mr Boone announces a school wide reading contest, complete with a pizza party for the winning class and a special certificate for the top readers in each grade, she knows she s just the person to lead Mrs Molina s third graders to victory But how can they win when her classmate Cody Harmon doesn t want to read anything, and even Kelsey s best friends Annika and Izzy don t live up to her expectations And could Simon possibly be reading all of those books that he claims he is, or is he lying to steal Kelsey s rightful spot at the top
Kelsey Green Reading Queen Kelsey Kline is the best reader in the third grade well maybe tied for best with know it all Simon Ellis When the principal Mr Boone announces a school wide reading contest complete with a pizza par

  • Title: Kelsey Green, Reading Queen
  • Author: Claudia Mills Rob Shepperson
  • ISBN: 9780374374884
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Is it wrong to love a story so much just because the main character is an enormously obsessive reader? I’m not sure, and I’m also not sure that anyone other than enormously obsessive readers would love this book quite as much as those of us who are such do and will. Nevertheless, even if you are not, I would hope that you would admire the character growth of little Kelsey, who sets aside her own personal goals to help her class achieve its goal.It’s a marvelous tale, I think. I love it.

    2. Kelsey reminds me of myself. We have the same passion for reading. It's a hilarious story. The principal says he will shave his bushy beard if the school can read 2000 books in a month. Kelsey is very excited. He competes with Super Simon to see who reads the most. She even helps Cody to make him read. I like Cody btw. He's not good with everything but his entusiasm makes up for what he lacks of. The results are great and there's a surprise in the end.

    3. Kelsey Green, Reading Queen by Claudia Mills, pictures by Rob Shepperson – part of the Franklin School Friends series. -Realistic Fiction, 2nd grade and up – Interesting book. I never really got into reading contests but have coordinated them in the past. I preferred my former school’s routine of keeping track of student’s reading hours for numerous years until they reach their own reading success hours. I used to have a thousands plaque for students accomplishing 5,000 and 10,000 hours [...]

    4. I loved this sweet book. It made references to many other kids books that readers might recognize and enjoy. (Junie B. Jones, Sarah Plain and Tall). Kelsey developed an understanding with Simon - the best reader and her rival, and also Cody - the farm boy who doesn't read. Through those relationships Kelsey showed shifting values in regards to quantity and length of books she chose to read to finding the joy in stories and inspiring others to read. I especially related to Kelsey's aversion to ma [...]

    5. Great beginning/early chapter series that is perfect for fans of Marty McGuire and Clementine books. Kelsey, a strong reader, is obsessed with winning recognition in a school-wide reading competition. Her antics get a little crazy but she learns a lot along the way about trusting other classmates, both the strong readers and the struggling readers.

    6. *4.5 Stars*Kelsey Green is a great subject for beginner readers NOT because she loves to read but because she learns from her mistakes. In this book, Kelsey is quick to jump to conclusions and judge about other kids at her school, but she also has the ability to know when her judgement was wrong. I love Kelsey Green and all of her friends!

    7. Nice and easy children’s book that encourages independent reading and being a moral person even during a competition.

    8. This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.Kelsey Green is great at reading. Her best friends are good at math and running. In this first of three books exploring each of the girls' special talents, Kelsey's class learns that they will be entering a school-wide reading competition, with prizes for the best readers in each class as well as the best class of readers in the entire school. Kelsey desperately wants to beat her class's other star reader, Simon, but she always seem to be a b [...]

    9. Review copy from publisherThis is a realistic fiction series that is just the right length for beginning chapter book readers. There are illustrations scattered here and there and the font is a nice size for young readers too. In each of the books in this series one of the group of friends will be the focus. The first friend to be featured is Kelsey. Her strength and passion is reading. In this first book, we see what happens when Kelsey participates in the school reading contest. She gets so fo [...]

    10. This is the first book in the Franklin School Friends series by Boulder, Colorado author, Claudia Mills. Kelsey is a third-grade student who loves to read and becomes very focused and intent on being the student in her class who read the most books during a school-wide reading contest. I think this book will mostly appeal to other kids who love to read. The plot includes many children's titles and I bet readers will like finding books that they have already read or discovering new titles that th [...]

    11. Kelsey loves to read, and frequently gets in trouble for reading her book during math class, which also explains why she is having trouble with fractions. When the principal, Mr. Barr, announces a whole school reading competition, Kelsey is hugely excited. She not only wants her class to win the pizza party and Mr. Barr to shave off his beard when the whole school reads 2,000 books, but she wants to beat Simon and get her name on a plaque as the top reader. Simon is reading a ton of books, and K [...]

    12. A cute read about a young girl who loves to read and wants to win a reading contest. Kelsey reminds me a lot of myself at her age, spending most of her free time reading. But she also had two good friends, Annika and Izzy. But neither of Kelsey's friends love reading the way she does. In fact they have other interests, Annika loves math and Izzy loves running. Kelsey is determined to win the reading contest by helping her classmates read more and by determining if her main rival Simon is cheatin [...]

    13. Third grader Kelsey Kline reminds me of myself in many ways. An avid reader, she prefers reading to math, and even hides a book in her lap during math class when they are covering fractions. She's proud of how fast and how well she reads. But when the school principal, Mr. Boone announces a reading contest involving the entire school, she starts to cut corners, looking for ways to add to her reading total and add bookworms to her folder while not necessarily choosing the longer books she wants t [...]

    14. Kelsey Green is a reader she's good at it and she loves it. Math? Not so much. But when the principal announces a reading contest, things get ramped up a notch. If the school can read 2000 books in a month, the principal will shave off his beard.Kelsey really wants to have her name on the plaque for the individual who reads the most for each grade level. And she also wants her class to win. Suddenly, reading isn't just for fun anymore it's serious business. Why isn't her classmate, Cody, filli [...]

    15. When Principal Boone challenges Kelsey Green's school to read 2000 books during the month, Kelsey is beyond excited. She knows she is the best reader in the best (well, maybe second best to Simon Ellis) and she is sure they will meet the challenge. But, Kelsey also wants to beat out Simon. Kelsey reads, reads, and reads some more, but can't quite pull of ahead of Simon. She is sure he is cheating and she enlists her friends, Izzy, a superstar athlete, and Annika, a math wiz, to help her catch hi [...]

    16. In Kelsey's school they are having a reading contest. Kelsey is tied with Simon Ellis as the best reader in her class. She reads a lot of books during the challenge. It lasts one month. She read 37 books, the same as Simon Ellis. Kelsey has a boy in her class who isn't the best reader. She helps him read after school some days. They read Henry & Mudge books. Their principal, Mr. Boone, says if the whole school reads 2,000 books, he will shave off his beard but in the middle of the challenge [...]

    17. Kelsey Green, Reading Queen, is there really such a thing? Absolutely. Check out this fabulous early chapter book, recommended for grades 2-4 for girls who loved Clementine, Ivy and Bean and Judy Moody.Kelsey Green is a 3rd grader and she loves to read. The principal has just announced that there will be a school wide reading contest and Kelsey wants to win! The winning grade gets a pizza party but if the school reads a total of 2000 books in four weeks the principal, who looks like Santa Claus, [...]

    18. When Kelsey's principal decides to hold a schoolwide reading contest and name the top readers in each class, Kelsey knows she's got this one in the bag. Kelsey loves reading more than anything else, so this is her chance to finally be the BEST at something! But when Simon, another strong reader in her class, starts logging more books than her, Kelsey is pretty sure he's cheating. Can Kelsey get to the bottom of things before it's too late? Okay, so at first I was turned off by the entire concept [...]

    19. Kelsey Green is one of the best readers in third grade. When the principal of her school announces a month-long reading contest, Kelsey has no doubt she’ll lead her class to victory. However, one of her classmates, Simon Ellis, could prevent her from achieving that goal. Her competitiveness comes out full force and she enlists the help of her friends Annika and Izzy to see if Simon is cheating.Even though Kelsey’s competitiveness brings out some unpleasant behavior, she’s a very believable [...]

    20. Kelsey Grean, a third grader who loves to read above anything else, reminds me so much of myself at her age. She enjoys reading books so much that she truly has trouble understanding why everyone doesn't feel the same way. She is the character I related to the most, but the book also includes a math whiz, an athlete, and a struggling student who seems to want to stay in the background, so young readers will probably be able to identify with one of them. When a reading contest comes along, it giv [...]

    21. If you have a 2nd or 3rd grader in your life who loves to read, please hand them a copy of "Kelsey Green, Reading Queen". Kelsey LOVES to read. Her best friends Annika and Izzy love different things. Annika loves math and Izzy loves to run. And they still can be best friends. Mr. Boone, the principal at Kelsey's school, announces that there is going to be a reading contest at the school. Kelsey is over the moon excited - and convinced that she is going to be the 3rd grader who reads the most boo [...]

    22. I loved this book! Claudia Mills is such a good writer! Her sense of humor, wonderful eye for telling details, and fully realized characters--both children and adults--are always such a pleasure. Picking up one of her books is like slipping into your favorite pj's and into the most comfortable reading spot imaginable. Bliss! Kelsey Green is so much like me when I was in third grade. We even played the same trick on our teachers--hiding a book we were reading behind a math text book. I relate to [...]

    23. This is the first in a new series "Franklin School Friends". It is a transitional (first chapter) book with about 120 pages and black and white illustrations. Kelsey is in 3rd grade and loves to read so she is really excited when a school reading competition is announced. She is sure she will help her class win, but gets frustrated when others in her class do not like reading as much as she does. Kelsey learns a valuable lesson that not everybody has to love the same thing, and as she helps a st [...]

    24. Too bad, because I usually like Claudia Mills. But I have a problem with the reading being turned into a competition and thereby a chore. I did like how she referred to so many other books, though. Will probably set up a display with the ones we have and steer my kids to them.The Secret GardenSarah, Plain and TallFrindleDear WhiskersThe Mouse and the MotorcycleAmber Brown is Not a CrayonAlvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary ThingsMr. Crumb's SecretFrog and Toad TogetherStuart Lit [...]

    25. When the Principal at Franklin School challenges the students to read 2,000 books in just one month, 3rd grader Kelsey Green, the strongest reader in her class (next to Simon) is determined to read the most. But when she gets in trouble for reading during math class and is having trouble finding age appropriate, short books she turns her reading efforts to help Cody, the only one in her class who hasn’t read anything. Part of the Franklin School series, this one is a delight for the book lover [...]

    26. Don't judge a book by its cover comes to mind when the cover is what initially turned me away from this book. Then when I read the back I thought: A book about a reading contest? Could it sound any more boring? But when my daughter picked it off the shelf for us to read together, how could I say no?I loved it! I loved the name dropping of other books to read, I loved Kelsey's feisty personality, I loved that she helped one kid out while trying to bring another one downl in the name of reading. I [...]

    27. What a wonderful book! I like how each friend has a strength to help them figure out if Simon is cheating. I love the way Kelsey loves to read through every other activity. The reading contest reminded me of when my daughters used to do the library reading program during the summers. They would want to read more then their friends and get all the prizes the library had for each mile stone. Anything that encourages children to read is wonderful in my world! I also liked that one child ( Cody ) st [...]

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