You Could Do Better

Daphne tells herself that being glued to the TV counts as research for her job at the Museum of Television and Radio, but the truth is that her fiance Charlie just isn t making the ratings Then Daphne meets the sexy writer producer Jonathan, and the picture comes in loud and clear this man can turn her on like a remote control.
You Could Do Better Daphne tells herself that being glued to the TV counts as research for her job at the Museum of Television and Radio but the truth is that her fiance Charlie just isn t making the ratings Then Daphne

  • Title: You Could Do Better
  • Author: Stephanie Lehmann
  • ISBN: 9780451218544
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This was in the dollar bin at a used bookstore and served its purpose of entertainment. Not bad at all for a book to read by the pool.

    2. I hated this book. I mean, deep in my dark little heart. My main issue with it was the heroine, who I found to be the least likable main character since Mein Kampf. There is nothing endearing about this woman. She's shallow, television-obsessed, and has a sense of entitlement that dwarfs that of Prince William. She cannot turn a reality show off long enough to get a proposal from her boyfriend.Beyond the fact I hated the main character, a general word of warning for people considering reading th [...]

    3. so. i've always been a bit prejudiced towards chick lit because of their predictability and naivety, so when my sister gave me this book saying it was an okay read, just your typical romance, i wasn't too ecstatic but i took it anyway. it took me some time to get to it. it wasn't that bad. through the first half i was annoyed because it was obvious what was going to happen. but at one point i decided to indulge in the predictability and naivety and enjoy this book because not everything has to b [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book and think that it deserves a lot more credit than just chick lit. It's about a young woman in her 20's living in NYC who isn't sure about her current relationship and deciding where she wants it to go. She also works a the NY Television Museum and there were a lot of TV references (to older and new TV shows) and I would really recommend for those who love TV and also like chick lit. This book for me had a lot of substance and although a bit predictable. I still really [...]

    5. Wow, this book was SO not for me. I don't watch much tv at all, and there are so many tv references in this book that I just couldn't get interested. I found that I did not enjoy reading a book about watching tv, but I tried to at least soak up some knowledge on the history of tv so that I could take at least a little something away from it. That said, this book would be great for someone that is tv obsessed, and when they do want to read, they want to read about tv!

    6. I enjoyed this book, although I did not love it. I did find it entertaining and interesting but I felt like in certain circumstances we could have learned more about some of the characters earlier in the book. I felt that some of the character development occured too late and by the time you really got a good feel for them the story was over.

    7. i read this book because i bought it the same time i bought thoughts while having sex. no other woman got the man first this time, but the antagonizing character was her sister. it annoys me that the main characters are these weak women letting others walk all over them all the time. it was a quick read though.

    8. I stuck with this one a lot longer than I normally would have because I was intrigued with the main character's job as a curator at the Museum of Television and Radio. In the end, she drove me absolutely crazy and I kind of hated her.

    9. You Could Do Better is a very ironic title, because really - You could read a better book!! I dont mind cookie cutter chick lit books, but this kinda bad. Most of the characters had very annoying habits and were unlikeable.

    10. Not that good a read. Gets monotonous and too irritating at times.Though the TV addicted Daphne Wells gave me the creeps about my Internet addiction. A Rehab? :P

    11. I'm not a fan of those that are complacent with life The main character is. It's written okay and it was entertaining. It's just not one I would highly recommend.

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