Dustbin Baby

April Showers so called because of her birth date, April 1, and her tendency to burst into tears at the drop of a hat was unceremoniously dumped in a rubbish bin when she was only a few hours old Her young life has passed by in a blur of ever changing foster homes but as she enters her teens she decides it is time to find out the truth about her real family.
Dustbin Baby April Showers so called because of her birth date April and her tendency to burst into tears at the drop of a hat was unceremoniously dumped in a rubbish bin when she was only a few hours old Her

  • Title: Dustbin Baby
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780552547963
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dustbin Baby film Dustbin Baby is a BBC television film directed by Juliet May, based on Jacqueline Wilson s novel of the same name.It was first broadcast on BBC One on December The film stars Dakota Blue Richards as April, a troubled teenager who was abandoned in a dustbin as an infant, and Juliet Stevenson as Marion Bean, April s adoptive mother David Haig stars as Elliot, Marion s friend and Dustbin Ads Gumtree Classifieds South Africa Find dustbin Postings in South Africa Search Gumtree Free Classified Ads for the latest dustbin listings and . Heroes of the Dustbin Janitors Tyler Whitesides Heroes of the Dustbin Janitors Tyler Whitesides on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Although their enemies are powerful, their allies few, Spencer and his team of Rebels are not giving up But what chance do a handful of kids and one rescued janitor have against the combined evil of the Founding Witches and the Sweepers RESTORED From Dustbin to Glory Paperback RESTORED From Dustbin to Glory John Mudany on FREE shipping on qualifying offers On the day young John watched his mother burn, Results for metal dustbin Argos Get set for metal dustbin at Argos Same Day delivery days a week or fast store collection. Baby Havens Baby Haven Baby Haven serves the abandoned and orphaned babies of Johannesburg, many of them the healthy children of HIV parents, by providing a home, a loving environment, and the hands of Christ to touch, nurture and bring wholeness of body and soul. Baby Nursery and Decor Tiny interiors mdf cot different cots and stains available e.g sleigh in white large compactum mdf different compactums and stains available eg. door drawers in white furniture will arrive first For sale baby shoes, never worn Six Word Stories The original short short story and the inspiration for this website In the s, Ernest Hemingway s colleagues bet him that he couldn t write a complete story in just six words They paid up. Izindaba zokubhebhana ezizokshiya uqhanyelwe March Sekuphele months ngisebenza estolo sika bab Khumalo Ngiphatheke kahle kakhulu kanti nemali ingconywana Kodwa angeke usho ukuthi ngisebenzela ubab Khumalo ngoba

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    1. Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC's Big Read Poll of 2003.Nope.Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Shop | Etsy

    2. Jacqueline Wilson has written many amazing books, but Dustbin Baby has to be one of my favourites, especially for an older reader, and is a story I will never forget.April, the main character, is a lonely girl with a vivid imagination who struggles to fit in as she is haunted by her past. Without so much as a note or shawl, April was abandoned by her mother at birth and dumped in a nearby dustbin. Luckily, her constant cries (which later gained her one of her nicknames April Showers) was heard b [...]

    3. .I had a week before me, during which I was planning and packing for a very big trip, two thick books lined up in the queue (which would be the wooden box between my front door and the couch), and Dustbin Baby already read. I was not that impressed, and took a stroll through the giant spreadsheet of my Best Books to Read, where I found a total of twelve more Jacqueline Wilson books. I was not pumped. But I was surprised.Who is this Jacqueline Wilson character that she makes the top 1200 (or so) [...]

    4. ravenandbeez.wordpress/20This book was recommended to me by Beez.She said it was a good read.She said I would enjoy itI cried like a freaking baby.This book is about a girl named April who is being fostered by an old-fashioned woman named Marion. On her 14th birthday (April 1, hence the name), she decides to go and finally dig deeper into her past, to finally find her real mother. And along with her we are taken into her past.Jacqueline Wilson is an amazing woman. Whenever she wrote a flashback [...]

    5. Jacqueline Wilson has written many amazing books, but Dustbin Baby has to be one of my favourites and is a story I will never forget.April, the main character, is a lonely girl with a vivid imagination who struggles to fit in as she is haunted by her past. Without so much as a note or shawl, April was abandoned by her mother at birth and dumped in a nearby dustbin. Luckily, her constant cries (which later gained her one of her nicknames April Showers) was heard by the local pizza boy, Frankie, w [...]

    6. Jacqueline Wilson's books were what introduced me to the fantastic world of reading, it was what turned me into a book lover and I really must thank Jacqueline Wilson for everything she has done. The great thing about growing up reading Wilson's books is that all her books covers real and important issues and there's no love stories, except for Girls, because the books are for children and her books were mainly about no matter how hard things get and how difficult the situation, the problem isn' [...]

    7. A very sad tale of a girl's journey through childhood in the context of being abandoned in a dustbin at birth, fostered, adopted, in care, bullied, used for crime, sent to special school and finally finding some stability in time for her teen years (but she still sometimes rebels against that in that teenage way). On her 14th birthday she bunks off school and goes revisiting her past while recounting her tale to the reader. We begin to see how much better off she is now. Jacqueline has done a br [...]

    8. Dustbin Baby is a book about a girl called a girl called April Showers who was dumped in a bin as a baby. Now, at the age of 14, she lives with her foster mother Marion and, after having an argument with her, sets out to spend her birthday visiting her previous homes. Throughout the story, the reader learns about everything April experienced in each of these homes and how it led her to Marion. Along the way the reader even sees April create some new friendships. While reading this book the reade [...]

    9. Source: I own this book. Cost: Unknown Title:Dustbin Baby Author:Jacqueline Wilson Genre:Middle Grade, realistic Overall Rating:3.9 stars This copy is signed. April Showers. That's her nickname, because she's always crying. She cried the day she was found in a dustbin, she cried when her adopted mum died, she cries all the time. But on her fourteenth birthday, she decides that it's time to figure out her pastd maybe find her real mum?This used to be my go to book. I loved reading it, over and ov [...]

    10. This was a rather moving story. April had such a bad background, and in some ways it was a bit too melodramatic by Wilson, and unfortunately this was one of the rare cases where the film/TV series was better than the book.The story-line was great and it was moving to travel with April as she visits the places of her childhood, to try to dscover more about herself. Wilson did well in writing about April's hurt in a simple way, not holding back on all her issues.I just struggled with how short the [...]

    11. Wilson is great at making realistic characters that you can quickly come to term with, giving realistic reactions to events.Her books are great at getting children to really think about actions and their consequences, really opening the eyes of children to the world. Some of her books are sensitive reads yet they are all great at sending life messages to children.I feel as though Wilson books are a must in the lives of young children, a way of opening their eyes to the real world in the right wa [...]

    12. This was such a good short book. I have not read many books about orphans because just the thought of people not caring for their kids makes me cry. So yes, this book was basically me crying every night before sleep. I would suggest this book to anyone who wants to appreciate their family and be thankful for what they have been blessed with.

    13. Cerita 'anak-anak' khas Ms. Wilson : tema suram dengan tokoh anak / remaja angst, tapi penceritaannya campur-aduk lucu, haru, bikin jengkel~ seperti adonan kehidupan, semua yang menyenangkan dan mengkhawatirkan bercampur jadi satu.Buku ini hanya berisi satu hari, hari ulang tahun April yang ke-14, yang diisinya dengan kegiatan penuh faedah : bolos sekolah dan napak tilas 'perjalanan hidup'-nya selama ini. Rentetan tempat penitipan sementara, orang tua asuh, panti, asrama, plus orang-orang di dal [...]

    14. This book was truly beautiful. An amazing story of a fourteen year old girl trying to find herself when she started out in the world, all alone.Dumped in a dustbin minutes after she was born, April has never really known who she is. On her fourteenth birthday, she skives off school and goes on a life-changing journey to discover her true identity.In this book, Wilson tackles subjects such as abuse, suicide, alcoholism and abandonment extremely respectfully, and really opens the eyes of her reade [...]

    15. Quite a sad, moving story. All about April's quest to find her mother by retracing her steps and finding out where she came from. The reason I'm giving this book two stars is purely because it never really stood out to me among her other books, despite such a dramatic plot. The ending also left me feeling like there was no closure.

    16. At first i feel April is so selfish I know she wants to meet her real mom who left her in garbage. She could be nicer to her teacher who take care of her now.But in the end it was ok I don't know but this time i don't really like the story from JW

    17. I absolutely loved reading this book Jacqueline Wilson is the best author in the world I especially liked it when on the CBBC book club she answered all of our questions to her .Jacqueline your a star in book writing .

    18. Tematiche toste (abbandono di minori, adozione, violenza) in un libro per giovani lettori affrontate senza peli sulla lingua. Notevole. Tuttavia il ridotto numero di pagine non consente di delineare a sufficienza i personaggi, lasciando tra essi e il lettore uno scarto emotivo.

    19. I haven't read much Jacqueline Wilson, but this one was rough. Or was it me? The 11 year old I have been reading it with (I read ahead, couldn't wait for the ending) doesn't seem fazed. Which makes me wonder how much she is getting. Brilliant story and excellent pace.

    20. Read as a child, a teen and a adult. These books are my comfort blanket and I will always come back to them. Couldn’t recommend highly enough xxx

    21. It was a great book with an interesting plot which shows you the harsh reality in life and taught me to accept it the way it is.

    22. April Showers is such a departure from the other books I have read by Jacqueline Wilson. It deals with much darker issues but it retains her amazing ability to keep the story alive and quick as we don’t know where we will go next. April Showers focuses on April a.k.a the ‘dustbin baby’. We meet April on April fool’s day which also happens to be her fourteenth birthday. After she is given a pair of earrings rather than a mobile phone (much to her disgust!) we travel back through her past. [...]

    23. Due to the political disparity going on in my country right now, I have a feeling I'll be trying to escape it all via many, many, many books. This is a reread of one from many, many years ago, though I can't pinpoint specifically when. Wilson has a talent for weaving the adult world into her children's books in these tiny yet resonating sentences that keep older readers gripped with that extra layer - even if the situations are a little hard to believe. The willingness of total strangers to comp [...]

    24. "They’ve both started sighing whenever I say sorry. `It’s kind of creepy,’ said Cathy. `You don’t have to keep saying sorry to us.’ `We’re your friends,’ said Hannah. They are my friends and I badly want them to stay my friends. They’re the first nice normal friends I’ve ever had. They think I’m nice and normal too, give or take a few slightly strange ways. I’m going to do my best to keep it like that. I’m never going to tell them about me. I’d die if they found out. I [...]

    25. We meet April on her 14th birthday which is April Fools day. She was found in the bins behind a pizza place with no clothes, no nappy and no note. Just abandoned.This book would be good for 12 years old onwards however at times April does seem quite childish for her age even with what she has been through.The first half of the book is mainly reminiscing back to the days before she was about 5. How she was found abandoned and by who, how she was adopted but things didn't end up going very well. I [...]

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