This Is Our House

George has a house made from a big cardboard box and he says that no one else in the playground can come in not Lindy, because she s a girl not Freddie, because he s too small not Sophie, because she wears glasses But when George leaves his house for a moment, everyone piles in and, upon his return, George receives a taste of his own medicine Full color.
This Is Our House George has a house made from a big cardboard box and he says that no one else in the playground can come in not Lindy because she s a girl not Freddie because he s too small not Sophie because she

  • Title: This Is Our House
  • Author: Michael Rosen Bob Graham
  • ISBN: 9781564028709
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Didactic as they come, and I really didn’t like the text used in the last three pages of the story for that reason.Yet, this is still an appealing book. I read it because of Bob Graham’s illustrations, which I love. I enjoyed the ones in this book too. I think they’re earlier than many I’ve seen but they have that trademark look of this illustrator.This would be a good book for group discussions about sharing, exclusion, and discrimination. I did like the idea of it.And, the joy of havin [...]

    2. Perhaps one of the greatest joys of childhood is having the opportunity to play with an over-sized cardboard box. In "This Is Our House," a boy has transformed a box into a fabulous house, a house that only he is permitted to play in. As the other kids from the apartment complex attempt to play with the house, the boy is very aggressive and even becomes physical in his refusal to share the house with them. The boy pushes his peers and shouts: no girls, no twins, no glasses, no tunnels, etc. But [...]

    3. I really love the illustrations in this book - they make the story come alive. 'This Is Our House' tells a wonderful story of how a little boy named George eventually learns the lesson of sharing with his friends. The way the colours are used signify exhilaration, childhood excitement and discovery. On the first page, the way dark and bright colours are used is a perfect portrayal of George's character. Whilst George and his 'house' are surrounded by primary colours of blues, yellows and reds; t [...]

    4. This is a great story about sharing. It’s a story about a boy named ‘George’ who is stubborn and won’t allow any other children into his toy box house to play. George tries to keep girls, small children, twins, children with glasses, children who like tunnels and everyone else in the playground out of his cardboard house. When George leaves his box house to go to the bathroom, he returns to discover that all the children are now inside the box and he is alone outside. George finally lear [...]

    5. Miss 3 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library, sometimes around particular topics or themes. We try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new & favourite authors.This was a random picture book that I chose. I didn't particularly like the book (and neither did Miss 3). I could see what it was trying to achieve but I feel like we've read other picture books that did it better.

    6. This is a very fine children's book. It has a "message" without being saccharine-preachy. It is so evidently set in a multicultural, inner city area with the sort of kids my son mixes with at school everyday. Bob Graham is a terrific illustrator, and this one is not a let-down.The children who are originally excluded by the "bully" take action to reclaim their place, and then teach George his lesson, before showing him that their more inclusive way is better than his selfishness.

    7. “This is Our House” by Michael Rosen, is a very simple and enjoyable book about letting people into your community. Its story about a boy named George. He is very protective of his house and only sees his house as his and nobody else’s. He makes it very clear to the other characters in the story that nobody is allowed in his box house. The characters do not understand why but keep probing him and George’s excuse is because of a characteristic that the other characters may portray like [...]

    8. This is Our House by Michael Rosen is based on the childhood issue of sharing and teaches children the act of kindness and the need to share and not to discriminate.The story is about a little red-haired boy called George who finds a cardboard box to make his home, ‘this house is mine and no one else is coming in’ he says as he stands alone inside the box. The box soon provokes interest with the other children in the playground, and in turn they too want to play with the box. However George [...]

    9. George is a young boy full of attitude. Him and his friends are out on the playground for recess and George takes charge of box. George makes the box “his” box and no one else is allowed in. He continues to make excuses every time a new classmate would ask to join him in his box. George is asked by every person on the playground to enter the box until the point that they are all standing at the box. George eventually leaves to go to the restroom. When he returns to his box he is in for a sur [...]

    10. I like the end pages of the book. There are black and white sketched buildings and in the middle is a park that is colored. The perspective is bird's eye and your eye is drawn to the park. It's as if the park is the only thing that matters in a child's life and the buildings are just background space. I thought it was interesting that in the beginning, George was in color and the other kids were shaded in black. The only characters in color are the ones that are mentioned in the text at that tim [...]

    11. This is a story of one boy named George who declares that a house that is made from a cardboard box is “his” house and does not allow any other children from the playground to enter the house, but the other children want to be part of the house. George has to leave his house, and the other children take over and do not let George in and declare that he does not belong in the house. In the end George realizes how important it is to accept your friends, no matter how different. With this text [...]

    12. "This is Our House" by Michael Rosen is about a group of children who have a cardboard box house and little by little, the number of members allowed into the house is lowered. The detailed illustrations coincide with the story line, and the colors draw focus to which member is being discriminated against at that point in the story. In the end, the role is reversed (the person discriminating becomes the person discriminated against) and the main child discovers the importance of sharing, and the [...]

    13. This is about a little boy who with his friends turns a cardboard box into a house. The little boy then does not want to share the house with anyone or let anyone else into it. Each of his friends get mad at him. Eventually he needs to leave the house and he tells no one to go into the house. His friends all go into the house after he leaves and then tell him that he isn't welcome back. The little boy realizes that the house should be for everyone and that no one should be excluded.

    14. Beautiful book about inclusivity, justice, "the commons" (ie the idea that some things belong to the community not just the individual) and the power of combined and individual action to effect change.Idealistic, relatable, simple and beautiful. And although I am reading it politically- it's very accessbile and doesn't come across heavy handed.

    15. This can be used for:- Younger children to show how to play - show how to share - demonstrate emotions of being left out- demonstrate conversation text - Multiple examples of using quotation marks

    16. Great book about sharing, work perfectly for my students once when all hell broke loose over who sat where.

    17. 3.5 stars.I like the message of the book, though found it was a bit didactic. I also enjoyed the simple illustrations and that the children managed to find a solution amongst themselves.

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