Modern Wicked Fairy Tales: The Complete Collection

Get EIGHT STORIES NOVELLAS ALL seven naughty modern retellings of fairy tale classics in Selena Kitt s Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Complete Collection A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale Beauty A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale Briar Rose A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale Goldilocks A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale Rapunzel A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale Red A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale Alice A ModeGet EIGHT STORIES NOVELLAS ALL seven naughty modern retellings of fairy tale classics in Selena Kitt s Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Complete Collection A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale BeautyA Modern Wicked Fairy Tale Briar RoseA Modern Wicked Fairy Tale GoldilocksA Modern Wicked Fairy Tale RapunzelA Modern Wicked Fairy Tale RedA Modern Wicked Fairy Tale AliceA Modern Wicked Fairy Tale GretelFor one GREAT low price PLUS a BONUS STORY previously unreleased A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale Wendy, a modern take on Peter Pan Total of approx 143,900 words
Modern Wicked Fairy Tales The Complete Collection Get EIGHT STORIES NOVELLAS ALL seven naughty modern retellings of fairy tale classics in Selena Kitt s Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Complete Collection A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale Beauty A Modern Wicked F

  • Title: Modern Wicked Fairy Tales: The Complete Collection
  • Author: Selena Kitt
  • ISBN: 9781468158816
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Modern Wicked Fairy Tales: The Complete Collection”

    1. Enjoyed these stories on two counts the fairytale rewrites, with the familiarity of main character representations from favourite childhood stories, but now in adult life stories and some quite erotic ones too. Loved the romance of Red and the setting of New York 1920's recession time. Some longer than others and some are three star and others four so overall just four from me. Nice to read without all the advertising Selena adds in at the latter quarter or half of her individual stories!

    2. I was hoping for a collection of naughty fairy tales, but other than Alice, most of these are quite tame. They're also not so much retellings as they are recycling character names and very loose plot points, or very literal retellings with a sex scene thrown in. There are a couple of good, imaginative stories here, but for the most part it was disappointing.Beauty: ★★☆☆☆This one was quite awkward. Of course, being a modern retelling, the hero is badly scarred and hides his face and bod [...]

    3. Just finished Beauty and it wasn't what I expected, but it was a dam good story! Goldilocks was also a good story. Briar Rose was another excellent story. OK, Rapunzel was a very beautiful story and I am secure enough in my manhood to admit that I had a tear in my eye when I finished reading it. I just finished Red and unfortunately I didn't really enjoy that story. Alice was a bit too bizarre for me, but it was still entertaining. Gretel was a fun story. Wendy was an excellent way to finish the [...]

    4. I can say for a fact I liked this collection of stories by Selena Kitt more than any other story she has written. Most of her literature seems to lean very heavily on the taboo and I’m not so much into that. I felt like this collection of stories had just the right amount of story and sex to make them interesting. I definitely liked some more than others so I’ve listed them below in the order of my most favorite to least, along with a little blurb about how I felt about each one.Rapunzel-Thi [...]

    5. Adored Beauty, Red and Rapunzel's story. The other ones were more of a "BELH, this is just another porn scene." There's a lot of steamy sex scenes (which Kitt is known for), but I was pleasantly surprise to find that those three I adore actually involve characters I enjoyed reading about and a plot that had me on the edge of my seat. I wanted more! But sadly it all ended too soon due to it being short stories. Oh, and there's actually a fell to the stories that had me thinking "this can actually [...]

    6. This modern telling of classic fairy tales is wholly unique and interesting. Each story has it's own love gone wrong tale of woe that finds redemption in the end as in all fairy tales. I was surprised to find how quickly I read thorough the whole book. I've read other books by Ms. Kitt that has given me much food for fantasy thoughts and this one did too

    7. Here we have a rewritten book of a lot of the most well known fairy tales, BUT here they are VERY HOT AND SEXUAL. I'm afraid I can only give it a 3 , as they are all an alright read but with pretty good HEA 😘😘😘

    8. Twisted Tales with a modern makeover! So much variety! That's all I can think with this one!Beauty & The Beast gets a hitman-style makeover while Goldilocks isn't some lost little girl looking for shelter, oh no, she's a world-class safe-cracker, grifter and thief who happens to be kinky on top of all that awesomeness.Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) wakes up to her own worth after a suicide attempt; this was honestly my favorite piece in the whole set as I loved the premise, the character evolu [...]

    9. About a week ago (Oct 9th 2015) I found “Modern Wicked Fairy Tales: Complete Collection “ from Selena Kitt as a Freebie on . I have 2 children and I still like to read or watch fairy tales with my children. I was curious about this bundle with a naughty version of them.1 – BeautyBeauty and the Beast is one of my favourite fairy tales! In this version Jolee is supposed to be killed by her husband’s men. They get a car accident and Silas finds her and takes care of her. Silas has lost his [...]

    10. "Beauty"Classic tale of "Beauty and the Beast", with a modern twist. Full of unconditional love and companionable hate for the bad guy."Goldilocks"A safe cracking beauty, with the accomplice of her heart. Goldie is passionate, beautiful, charming, and smart. Richard is smart and charming and loves her unconditionally. The plan is to avenge a Holocaust victim. it's clever and fun."Briar Rose"Expected love nearly turned tragic. Yet the Prince saves the damsel in distress. Happily ever after with a [...]

    11. Really refreshing! First read by this author, but loved the ultra modern take on the classics.

    12. Interesting theme, but not that greatWhile some parts of some stories were creative and/or hot, I felt it could have been written a lot better.For example, the writer used the same speech lines for nearly every sex scene which was unnecessary, repetitive, and unrealistic. Why does every woman say that line during nearly every story? Why does the guy in some stories say another line that others said before him in other stories? It made me laugh (not the reaction the writer intended). It felt kind [...]

    13. I meandered my way through this collection over the space of a number of days and now that I am finished I would have to say that I have enjoyed it on the whole.They are definitely the kinds of stories that I enjoy reading at the end of the day to wind down to and relax. Nothing complicated, nothing deep and meaningful just a collection of decent, quick reads. There was only one that I didn't enjoy and that was Briar Rose because the sex doctor/ patient thing creeped me out a bit. But all the ot [...]

    14. Some fairy tales modern retellings are better than others. These I've found the worst of the lot. The fairy tale premises are used exclusively as a background for sex that is repetitive in language, misogynistic at times, and porny in a cheesy way porn for men is. And when a plot attempts to crop up in some stories, it's either incongruous or highly ethically questionable or both.I listened to the audiobook and it's badly narrated as well. The narrator pauses in strange places and pronounces som [...]

    15. Meh. This book was not my favorite, unfortunately. I was really excited to read this collection, but it was average at best. The sex scenes were actually pretty decent, but it didn't make up for the cheesy writing and overall bad storylines. I really wanted to like this, and I thought that I would! I went into the stories knowing they would be short and seemingly rushed. But I feel like the stories just progressively got worse as I got to each one. I'd like to try another of Kitt's full length b [...]

    16. BeautyBasing the rating for "Beauty" alone, 3 stars is the best I could offer. After reading "Beauty," I couldn't see myself wanting to read more of Selena's work. It took a lot for me to get hooked, I discovered interruptions were graciously welcomed from the choppy plot, horrendous grammatical errors, and lack of description.I will allow kudos for a somewhat original, albeit not well thought out, story.

    17. 3.5 stars. (Mostly) Modern re-tellings of fairy tales, with a kinky twist. Some of the stories were great parodies and I would love to read them as full-blown books ("Rapunzel" and "Red" (Riding Hood) were GREAT!) while some were cheesy and not fully enjoyable for me ("Peter Pann" and "Alice in Wonderland"). Overall the stories were pretty light and had easy, happily ever after endings, which was refreshing. Pretty good bang for the buck.

    18. Hm. Not what I was expecting, to be honest. With "Fairy Tales" in the title, I was hoping for some fantasy elements. Not much of a guilty pleasure either--the whole thing was pretty cheesy/cringeworthy.Didn't find the female protagonists very appealing either (they weren't very smart. probably a device to move the plot along).

    19. Not your ordinary fairy taleThis is a delightful erotic modern fairy tale boxed set made over for mostly modern times. Totally enjoyed the re-written stories with recognizable characters. The bonus book The Blood of Angels is a pleasant surprise and would like more of those characters as well. Thank you Selena Kitt for providing us with your wonderful writing.

    20. EntertainingWasn't sure what to think when I got this book, love fairy tales so figured what the heck :). So while these stories were not the best I've ever read, I found them entertaining. While sometimes far stretched, I thought the authors imagination for modernizing and twisting these characters stories was interesting.

    21. Was a very good steamy bookI enjoyed this book very much the only one out of the bunch that didn't grab me was the last one but the rest of the book was a very good and steamy book.

    22. 3.5 starI liked little over half the stories, the where steamy and intense and romantic. however I didn't like the other half and didn't finished those, but that is the good part of short story collection isn't it? if there is a story that isn't for you, you just skip it.

    23. Well written, interesting take on the fairy tales I grew up with albeit with an erotic twist. I didn't particularly like the Alice in Wonderland story but the others were all pretty good. I liked Wendy and I liked Beauty, both were really good.

    24. A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Beauty A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Briar Rose A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Goldilocks A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Rapunzel A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Red A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Alice A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Gretel

    25. Sizzling hot and imaginative! Sexy, adult versions of fairy tales by a truly gifted author! No typos or grammatical errors either! I love how each story evolved yet stayed within the original tale. So glad I read them.

    26. I have never returned a book back to until now. The stories had nothing to do with the fairy tales. The sex was the same in every short story. There wasn't enough to keep me from asking for my money back.

    27. This was an interesting attempt at turning fairy tales into romance stories. Some of the stories related back t the original in very clear ways, others did not. None of the stories were great, they were mostly just ok.

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