Title Rapscallion Binding Hardcover Author James McGee Publisher HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS
Rapscallion Title Rapscallion Binding Hardcover Author James McGee Publisher HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS

  • Title: Rapscallion
  • Author: James McGee
  • ISBN: 9780007212729
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. James McGee is another author I discovered by picking up a book in a charity shop. In that case it was the first book in his 'Hawkwood' series "Ratcatcher". Since then I've read all the Hawkwood books and have found them to be hugely entertaining. Rapscallion, the third in the series, is no exception.Each of the Hawkwood books have been slightly different in tone. Ratcatcher was a police mystery where our hero had to prevent a bomb being set off in London - strangely topical, Resurrectionist was [...]

    2. ***4.5***From the historical notes in the book: "Over the course of the Napoleonic Wars, Britain incarcerated thousands of prisoners of war in both mainland gaols and hulks; former men-of-war of British and foreign origin that were considered too old and too unseaworthy for active service. By 1814, the population of the prison ships had reached its peak of 72,000 souls." In Rapscallion you get a very well researched and vivid picture of the hulks, the life on the prison ships. It is more than di [...]

    3. The third book in James McGee's Hawkwood series of novels, this see Matthew Hawkwood sent undercover to the prison Hulks to investigate both the escape of several prisoners, and the disappearance of those sent previously to track them down.Again taking factual history as its starting point (life on the prison Hulks, and the activities of the Free Traders (i.e. Smugglers)), the plot builds up to include those afore-mentioned smuggling rings, and a little bit of sea battle (a first in the series). [...]

    4. The third book in this outstanding historical mystery series takes Bow Street Runner Matthew Hawkwood out of his accustomed London surroundings and straight into circumstances that can only be described as hellish. Deep undercover on the British prison hulk "Rapacious", he poses as an American POW in order to find the truth behind numerous prisoner escapes and the respective murder and disappearance of the two navy officers previously sent to investigate. To improve his chances of blending in, H [...]

    5. Love the name, the cover, those two things alone drew me, but I was not disappointed by the contents either. From life aboard a prison hulk, to the smuggling world, and behind the scenes of the Napoleanic War, there was plenty of action, and the writing was not over-labored or anachronistic (I really hate when modern attitudes are brought into historical novels). I also loved that the author gave the historical facts in his notes at the end of the novel (-as crazy and dark as the hulks sound in [...]

    6. Another Matthew Hawkwood story that I enjoyed greatly. I read this at times thinking that the historical basis of the story Mr McGee had written this time was far-fetched - not the locations or prison hulks but other aspects (view spoiler)[ relating to free trading, smuggling, guinea boats (gold bullion) and Napoleon's opening of the harbour of Gravelines during the wars(hide spoiler)] yet on completing this most enjoyable tale the notes on the historical points at the book's end were all true a [...]

    7. Great period piece, thriller, mystery, chase. Satisfying ending.The language of sailors and soldiers is never a pretty thing. If language is an issue, and you want to own a physical copy, carry whiteout so you can reread it more than once.

    8. I should add adventure as a catagory to my books if I persist in reading books like James MCGee's, because he is a master of adventure.Hawkwood is dark haired, long haired for the most part, an exmilitary marksman, and now a Bow Street Runner. Te books are beautifully written, often laced with technical vocabulary from the period, demonstrating the authe attention to detail and research. I particularly enjoyed his explorarion of the prison hulks, also current in Turn, the series about revolution [...]

    9. Rapscallion is the third in this series featuring Matthew Hawkwood, but I have not read the previous two. Hawkwood, a Bow Street Runner, has received an undercover assignment to the British Navy. Two Navy lieutenants have gone missing while investigating a smuggling ring aiding the escape of French prisoners of war.Hawkwood is given the identity of a captured American who has joined Napoleon's army. As he speaks French, he will be able to discover more information about the escapes and the missi [...]

    10. RAPSCALLION (Hist/Pol. Proc-Matthew Hawkwood-Georgian) – VG+McGee, James – 3rd in seriesHarper Collins, 2008, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9780007212729First Sentence: Sark stopped, sank to his knees and listened, but the only sounds he could hear were the pounding of his own heartbeat and the rasping wheeze at the back of his throat as he fought desperately to draw air into his burning lungs.The Navy sent two officers out to investigate reports of a smuggling operation and the increase in the num [...]

    11. Rapscallion sees the return of Matthew Hawkwood, former British army rifleman and current Bow Street runner, in an adventure which sees him impersonate an American prisoner of war, infiltrate a gang of smugglers, and escape a prison hulk. I've written in reviews of the previous novels in this series, Ratcatcher and Resurrectionist, that the weakest element of this historical mystery series is its protagonist, Matthew Hawkwood. Rapscallion is a welcome change. Whether because McGee is more famili [...]

    12. It’s the early 1800s and espionage is alive and well in jolly old England.“Rapscallion” by James McGee is the third adventure for Bow Street Runner Matthew Hawkwood and in this installment, without giving too much away, he is to go undercover as a prisoner of war to discover how prisoners are escaping from a floating penitentiary. Posing as an American mercenary fighting for the French, Hawkwood soon learns his assignment is a fate worse than death as he finds himself on a former man-o-war [...]

    13. Another entertaining read from McGee! Less grisly than the previous book, Resurrectionists, this book had all the elements and pacing of a blockbuster action movie (maybe if I say that often enough, someone in Hollywood will notice and magically, there will be a kick ass Hawkwood movie on my screen next summer?). Whereas the previous book was more along the lines of a blockbuster psychological/horror thriller movie, this book was more about the fighting and the hiding and the chasing and racing [...]

    14. Matthew Hawkwood's latest assignment is to go undercover to find two naval officers who have gone missing from a prison hulk they were investigating. We have a fascination with prison hulks, so this book really appealed to us. And it didn't let us down. Life on a prison hulk is resurrected in realistic detail that makes you feel like you're there. It's cramped, it reeks, prisoners resort to selling their own clothes for gambling money, and most die from disease. It's a horrible world yet the mos [...]

    15. Rapscallion is the third in a series of books featuring Matthew Hawkwood, Bow Street Runner and Man With A Secret Past, following on from Resurrectionist.What I really liked about Rapscallion is the efforts the author made to set the story in a completely unique setting - historical detective stories are now a dime a dozen, but this is very much the first where I've come across such good use of background detail. The majority of the story is set on a prison bark, where Hawkwood is sent to infilt [...]

    16. Hawkwood is in trouble again. This time he has been sent undercover to investigate escapes from the prison hulks used to hold French POWs. He speaks French well but is tagged as an American. He befriends a privateer Lasseur, and after some shipboard adventures they escape together. Lasseur pays Hawkwood’s way. He has his own sense of justice and imperilled them both enforcing that; Lasseur owes Hawkwood and, as they say, a beautiful friendship is born.Like all McGee novels the historical detai [...]

    17. This is the third book about Bow Street Runner Matthew Hawkwood, and I still love him as much as I did in the first book!In this outing, Hawkwook is sent undercover on a prison ship to discover what happened to two previous agents who've disappeared.The book includes all the kinds of suspense, intrigue, danger, humour and excitement you'd expect from a book called "Rapscallion" (I just LOVE that title!) and it will keep you on tenterhooks right to the end to see if the good guys best the bad guy [...]

    18. Hawkwood is back and in fine form. He seems to have a talent for survival against all odds and this time, the odds are truly against him. French prisoners are leaking from the prison ships (the Hulks) and two investigating officers already have disappeared. Hawkwood is sent incognito to find out how the escapes are planned and to bring the criminal mastermind to book. It all sounds pretty hackneyed, doesn't it? It is and there are two many dei ex machinae to make this a great read. However, no o [...]

    19. Well, James McGee has certainly hit his stride. This, the third in the Matthew Hawkwood series, is certainly his best so far. Again, Hawkwood is assigned to a serious case. This time he is sent undercover to figure out how French prisoners of war are escaping from the prison hulks (retired Navy vessels anchored in harbors where prisoners were warehoused in deplorable conditions).Prisoners, smugglers, sailors, criminal organizations -- they all combine to make this a first rate adventure tale. I [...]

    20. Gritty and fast-paced, Rapscallion is in-your-face historical fiction. Whewie. This one ought to come with a disclaimer like they have on heart-stopping amusement park rides: read at your own risk. Hero Matthew Hawkwood is as determined to perform his assigned duty no matter what. And believe me, there's a whole lot of 'matter' for him to deal with, especially when he goes undercover as a criminal aboard a prison hulk. There's lots of intrigue and witty dialogue, but there's also a lot of violen [...]

    21. I would actually give it 3½. It was a good read, well written with plenty of historical information contained within the story. It just wasn't as fast-paced as his previous two books. Set intially on prison hulks (which I'd never heard of before reading this - they are old ships, no longer sea-worthy used to keep prisoners in appalling conditions), it leads into a story of smuggling during the Anglo-French war in the early 1800s. The characters are engaging, the locations feel realistic, and th [...]

    22. I wasn't until the last few pages that I finally guessed what was going to happen. McGee is so good at describing the dark and gruesome life in this book. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but in some places eeuuugh!It's very cinematic and because of that I'm wracking my brains as to who could play him. Right now my current favourite is Richard Armitage with Nathaniel Jago played by Ray Winstone (as long as he can do the accent)

    23. I read and really enjoyed the first two books in the Hawkwood series a few years ago. I noticed book 4 in the series coming up on my reading list so I hastily acquired Rapscallions (book 3) on my kindle so a snot to lose the sequence. This was an excellent decision on my part.The series is well written, well plotted and meticulously researched, dealing this time with prison ships and smuggling. I heartily recommend this book, the predecessors and, I expect, the successors.

    24. Historical fiction, England early 1800's. This was good! A bit grim at times, but that was the point. Matthew Hawkwood is an agent of the British government. He's sent on to a prison ship for captives from the Napoleonic War. The ships are called "hulks", and the British had as many as 75,000 men on them. That part sounded really bad. Hawkwood is to investigate a series of escapes and find the fate of previous two agents who have disappeared before him.

    25. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, although my wife gave up on this book as she found the first part a bit too dark and claustraphobic.As with all three of the novels in the series, the era is brought back to life in a very vivid fashion.Hoping that there will be further adventures for our Master Hawkwood

    26. Another excellent Hawkwood tale. Taking us away from streets of London to the French prisoner of war ships. Hawkwood is working undercover to discover the whereabouts of two missing naval officers. As the story progresses Hawkwood uncovers a plot to threaten the progress of the war with France. A great read although I didn't think this was quite as good as Resurrectionist.

    27. This proved another thrilling instalment in this series. I was a little concerned about the theme of Hawkwood's assignment on the prison ship, given the horrific conditions on board. Still McGee used this effectively and soon moved the action to land as Hawkwood followed the route taken by other escaped prisoners. The action sequences were excellent as was the historical detail.

    28. claustrophobic conditions and the prospect of death at every turn, Matthew Hawkwood is thrown into the most dire of circumstances aboard a prison hulk ship. will he survive long enough to complete his mission? what do you think!?Another cracking instalment in what is becoming a must have series for me.

    29. Excellent historical novel by James McGee, fast-paced, excellent historical research and good character development. McGee really captures the smells, grim & reality of life in London in the time of the Resurrectionists.

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