Regulated for Murder

For ten years, an execution hid murder Then Michael Stoddard came to town.Bearing a dispatch from his commander in coastal Wilmington, North Carolina, redcoat Lieutenant Michael Stoddard arrives in Hillsborough in February 1781 in civilian garb He expects to hand a letter to a courier working for Lord Cornwallis, then ride back to Wilmington the next day Instead, MichaeFor ten years, an execution hid murder Then Michael Stoddard came to town.Bearing a dispatch from his commander in coastal Wilmington, North Carolina, redcoat Lieutenant Michael Stoddard arrives in Hillsborough in February 1781 in civilian garb He expects to hand a letter to a courier working for Lord Cornwallis, then ride back to Wilmington the next day Instead, Michael is greeted by the courier s freshly murdered corpse, a chilling trail of clues leading back to an execution ten years earlier, and a sheriff with a fondness for framing innocents and plans to deliver Michael up to his nemesis, a psychopathic British officer.
Regulated for Murder For ten years an execution hid murder Then Michael Stoddard came to town Bearing a dispatch from his commander in coastal Wilmington North Carolina redcoat Lieutenant Michael Stoddard arrives in Hi

  • Title: Regulated for Murder
  • Author: Suzanne Adair
  • ISBN: 9781470077785
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This mystery thriller is set in 1781 in North Carolina. Michael Stoddard is a lieutenant for the king who has been asked to investigate a questionable land deal in Wilmington, the city he is stationed in. He finds traps and a missing man, but is quickly pulled off the case to courier an urgent message inland to Lord Cornwallis. He heads for the town of Hillsborough dressed as a civilian to meet his contact, but he arrives on the doorstep just after said contact has been murdered, in time to see [...]

    2. Overall: 5 starsPlot/Storyline: 5 starsRegulated for Murder is historical fiction, taking place in North Carolina during the last months of the American Revolution. It was also a suspenseful action-filled murder mystery. Author Suzanne Adair has written a superb story set against a realistic backdrop of revolution and the complexities of wavering colonial loyalties.The book's title is based on the Regulator Movement, which was a North Carolina uprising, lasting from approximately 1765 to 1771, i [...]

    3. Regulated for Murder by Suzanne AdairIn 1781 the Carolinas are awash in deadly political intrigue as Lord Cornwallis’ army attempts to occupy the land and tamp out support for the revolution, now in its sixth year. In the small town of Hillsborough there’s an uneasy truce between the royalists and the colonialists with average townspeople caught in the middle and doing their best to survive.Into this tumult and turmoil one day rides Lt. Michael Stoddard of the 82nd Regiment, serving under Ma [...]

    4. Regulated for Murder (Suzanne Adair)Set in 1781 North Carolina at the end of the Revolutionary War, Michael Stoddard working for Lord Cornwallis is sent to Harrisburg to deliver a letter to a courier, then return promptly back to Wilmington.Once there Ezra Griggs ends up dead and Michael Stoddard becomes the number one suspect. With the aid of two women Kate Duncan and her Aunt Rachel, posing as Michael's cousin and Aunt they take him in, knowing the risks they face if his identity is uncovered. [...]

    5. Suzanne Adair has written a complicated, spell-binding mystery that could be set in any era, but she sets it in Hillsborough, North Carolina, as America’s rebellion against the Crown increases, some ten years after the collapse of the Regulator movement. Adair’s previous revolutionary era novels have featured strong women and there are several in this one, but the hero is Michael Stoddard, on detached duty from the King’s army to serve as a courier. When he discovers his contact murdered a [...]

    6. I'm not usually one to read about historical books, or ones that take place during wartime or things like that. *Although I loved “Gone With The Wind*. So I am the first to say that this type of book was a bit out of my comfort zone for reading. But I’ve been in a rut lately and thought I’d try something new…I read the opening pages and was hooked by the authors writing style and intrigued by the story, so I decided to give it a shot. Fast forward two hours later and I still haven’t st [...]

    7. Novels set during the American Revolutionary period are rare to find any more so finding a great one is a challenge. Thank goodness for writers like Suzanne Adair who not only keep that era alive, but accurate and intriguing thanks to skillful story-telling, period detail, clever plotting and well-drawn characters.In Regulated for Murder, Adair provides another great read (her 4th), this time in the form of a murder mystery that reintroduces the well-liked Lt. Michael Stoddard from her first nov [...]

    8. Every unpunished murder takes away something from the security of every man's life. - Daniel WebsterLieutenant Michael Stoddard of the 82nd Regiment is a redcoat and criminal investigator in Wilmington, North Carolina. under instructions from his superior Major James Craig, he leaves for Hillsborough to deliver a dispatch to Ezra Griggs who works for Lord Charles Cornwallis. working undercover as Michael Compton, the Lieutenant arrives to find the courier murdered in his home. Michael finds hims [...]

    9. Regulated for Murder by Suzanne Adair is a detective story set in the time of the Revolutionary War. Lt. Michael Stoddard is a British military investigator pursuing a shady land agent when he is pulled from the case and sent to deliver a message to Lord Cornwallis. Upon arriving in Hillsborough to meet his contact Stoddard discovers him brutally murdered. Originally a suspect he is cleared of the crime, but Schmidt the local sheriff forces him to help with the murder with threats of imprisonmen [...]

    10. Suzanne Adair's Revolutionary War historical thrillers are delightfully atypical and original. Instead of writing from the nearly ubiquitous Patriot perspective, her books are seen through the eyes of Loyalist, neutral, and British characters, unlike most novels taking place during this time. Her books are always a pleasure to read because it's obvious that the author has taken the time and effort to properly research and get the historical details right.In her fourth installation, she brings a [...]

    11. Regulated for Murder is historical murder mystery set in colonial North Carolina towards the end of the American Revolution. This whodunit has plenty of suspense, a thrillingly complicated plot, and a wonderful, flawed, but brilliant hero!Lieutenant Michael Stoddard has been ordered to carry a message to Lord Cornwallis through a contact named Ezra Griggs murdered. But when he arrives at Ezra’s cabin, Michael discovers the man’s brutal murder. Even worse, he soon finds himself as a suspect i [...]

    12. Red coat soldier and criminal investigator Michael Stoddard has landed himself in a pickle in the first American Revolutionary War Thriller installment, Regulated for Murder by Suzanne Adair. Stoddard must dress in plain clothes before making his way to Hillsborough, N.C to deliver a vital dispatch to Cornwallis, and he must not let on that he is a British soldier. He’s less than pleased by his new assignment as he was attempting to close in on Bowater, who is accused of defrauding two men. St [...]

    13. The Fourth of July was an appropriate day to finish reading this fine Revolutionary War historical mystery, so that's what I did! I now live in North Carolina and am a member of the DAR so was sort of aware of the Regulators and the Battle of Alamance. I now know about Hillsborough's pre Revolutionary War history and what might be the real build up to the War. The complicated politics of that time and place as well as a multi- layered crime scene made it into a thought provoking and engaging rea [...]

    14. There is nothing that bugs me more than reading a historical novel, whether it be a romance, drama, thriller, mystery, or what have you, where it is clear that the author either didn’t do her research, or was just misinformed. And it seems like I have been running across many of these types of novels as of late. So it is with great pleasure that I find myself singing the praises of “Regulated for Murder: A Michael Stoddard American Revolution Thriller” (quite a mouthful!) by Suzanne Adair. [...]

    15. This novel was amazing. I was pulled in by the author’s strong voice from the opening pages, and am happy to say it carried throughout the whole story. I liked how Ms. Adair writes, there is a real strength and authenticity there (very important for a historical novel!) and she made every word count. I won’t re-hash the plot (as it is in the book description already), but this is one of the most original and captivating historical mysteries I’ve read in a long time, if ever. I felt complet [...]

    16. I read this book in one night…it was that good! I admit I’ve been obsessed with reading about the south, and especially the wars there ever since I visited the Carolinas last spring. I’ve read a good many books in this genre but there was something about this one that really resonated with me. The characters, the dialogue, the scenery the atmosphere the author created…it all just felt so “alive” and “real”, as if I was really there being part of the action. I wasn’t bored for a [...]

    17. Somehow I read the second book in this series before this one. But they are each excellent stand-alones as well. Actually, Suzanne Adair has two series, this one with British officer Michael Stoddard during the run-up to our Revolution, and the other that starts with Paper Woman, a colonist during the same time. There are a few characters who run through both series, so it is almost like reading history. (None of them ruins the suspenseful mystery for another book.) Okay, that said, this is an e [...]

    18. Very engrossing - highly recommended cozy mystery, especially if you like this time period. The amount of historical research was impressive and it was deftly woven throughout the book so that it never detracted from the story.

    19. Enjoyable readEnjoyed the book very much. I liked the the setting and the characters. Can't wait till read the next one.

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