Grace's Twist

Funny and talented, Grace Matthews is everyone s friend But when the girlsin bunk 3C pair off, Grace realizes she s the only one without a best friend Soon, Grace starts hanging out with Kerri, a girl from a rival bunk, who starts bullying Grace and those around her Will Grace have the courage to stand up for herself even if it means standing on her own
Grace s Twist Funny and talented Grace Matthews is everyone s friend But when the girlsin bunk C pair off Grace realizes she s the only one without a best friend Soon Grace starts hanging out with Kerri a girl

  • Title: Grace's Twist
  • Author: Melissa J. Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780448438757
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Grace is a girl who LOVES FRIENDS! Once she goes to camp she meets new people and becomes their friend. Grace may be at camp but her parents still have high expectations for her. Just imagine having to READ for your whole summer! That is how she ended up if she wanted to stay at camp!

    2. Grace’s Twist By Melissa J. Morgan160 pagesRealistic Fiction/MysteryThe third book to the Camp Confidential series is Grace’s Twist. This is one of those sad stories about bullying. Grace is a sweet, kind girl that everyone should try to be like. She figures out that she has friends, but everyone else at camp has one best friend. This way, she is usually the third wheel or left alone. Grace decided to try to fix this problem. She suddenly became really good friends with a girl from their riv [...]

    3. I kinda like this series but this one I didn't care for. This is where Grace wants to befriend the bully from the opposite bunk and afterwards has to reject her when she gets to be "too much." Now think about it: we are taught to love all people regardless of the situation, so what is this teaching us? That we "should not" reach out to different people? Where's the part whgerein the bully has a human side? It doesn't show!!! There has to be a better way to talk to kids about friendship thanTHIS! [...]

    4. I liked this one more then I did the last. Maybe because I could relate to Gracie somehow. I don't know why. Anyway still love the camp idea, I am going through these pretty quick. These are good for kids maybe 12 ish. But overall not too bad. I will continued with the others.3/5 for meMJ_Lover xx

    5. This is the easiest book i've ever read! literally. it was decent. if you have some spare time read it, but don't read it instead of books like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or The Princess Bride. Its more for tweens than teens, so note that. Its not at all like Potter, Hunger, ect. its only about 120 pages and straight to the point.

    6. 3rd in the "Camp Confidential" series. This one features Grace and how she must learn to deal with a bully from another bunk. On top of that, she's afraid to let her friends know the reason why she can't audition for the play, nor go with them to the water park. Nothing here to stand out above other books, but those that liked the first two in the series will probably enjoy.

    7. Out of the first four this was the best! It got to be almost suspenceful! It was filled with drama and actual acting drama. Grace got the lead part in the play when no other third division girl has ever done! She played as a wonderful Wendey in Peter Pan.

    8. Grace is my current favorite girl in bunk 3C! I love her kindness and spunk. I think the author could have better served the audience by attributing Grace's difficulty reading to a learning disability and showing how she works through it, but the story was still fun and interesting.

    9. this book was realy good but gabby was mean first she wants to be friends and then she does not(mood swings)but in the end Grace finds her real bffs

    10. This book was awesome! Grace has some problems with her parents and stuff, but Grace is a lot like me! Always trying to be funny and energetic, Grace is the best camper at Camp Lakeview!

    11. I forgot what this is about because I read this in the third grade! Can anyone remind me???? I don't have my own copyyyyy=(

    12. i can't believe she failed reading classso that girl gaby she's a fake.i bet she's not even grace's friend.i like how every book in the series is about a different girl in the bunk.

    13. i think this book tells kids that its ok if girls arent the best at reading but you can still have fun and improve on reading

    14. Poor Grace. She was all alone in this book. stuck without a best friend to pair up with and every other girl's got her firend by her side.

    15. aaarrrggghhh! i love the series camp confedential.t ppl took out half da books! i only got da 1st 2nd, 4t n dats it! aaarrrhhhhggg!!!! but i hope 2 read them all soon!

    16. Very good. I enjoyed every bit of it. I would definitely feel bad if I failed a reading exam and then read during the summer as punishment. It has taught me alot so I am always reading.

    17. -i think this book is called grace's twistt grace's testbut i dont remeber. so ima go along with it.but anywho this book is a good one too

    18. It was good! But I thought there would be more action and more something else but I still love the series!

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