Camp Confidential: Natalies Secret

Summer camp means lots of things new friends, roommates, bug bites, bathroom dutyBut it s also a chance to be on your own and to reinvent yourself A shy girl can become the belle of the ball, and ajock might find new competition Natalie, Jenna, Grace, and Alex have all found themselves at Camp Lakeview for different reasons And each is keeping a secret But if everySummer camp means lots of things new friends, roommates, bug bites, bathroom dutyBut it s also a chance to be on your own and to reinvent yourself A shy girl can become the belle of the ball, and ajock might find new competition Natalie, Jenna, Grace, and Alex have all found themselves at Camp Lakeview for different reasons And each is keeping a secret But if everyone is hiding something, how will they ever become friends Natalie Goode is a city girl way interested in fresh sushi than fresh air So she s bummed when her mother ships her off to Camp Lake puke to broaden her horizons But before long, Natalie notices there are some pretty cool girls are camp and even some cute boys, too If she can loosen up, she might even enjoy herself unless the secret she s been keeping gets in her way
Camp Confidential Natalies Secret Summer camp means lots of things new friends roommates bug bites bathroom dutyBut it s also a chance to be on your own and to reinvent yourself A shy girl can become the belle of the ball and ajoc

  • Title: Camp Confidential: Natalies Secret
  • Author: Melissa J. Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780448437378
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Not to be rude, but personally I've never cared much for this series. Camp Confidential bored me to hell when I was twelve years old, and today it's the same effect. Looking back on this book for nostalgia's sake, I can't believe how hokey and shallow the characters were. There's no personality to them. They might as well be cardboard cutouts.

    2. This book starts out with a girl named Natalie who is a complete girly city girl who is not used to the concept of camp like everyone else who going is. When she gets their she is not into anything dealing with wilderness. Natalie ends up working for the school newspaper and doing a nature activity. She makes a couple of friends and one really good one named Simon who she has a crush on. She doesn't like the nature thing at first but then she really starts liking it and people start liking her. [...]

    3. Natalie is not happy that she has to go to Camp Lakeview while her mother is out of the country-- she'd rather stay in New York City than to have to sleep on a thin mattress in a draft cabin, eat burnt French toast and shower in cold water every morning. There are some cute boys, and some of the girls in her cabin are okay, but basically the activities are all so juvenile, quaint and gross. Despite this, she has a decent time, getting into lots of scrapes with her new bunkmates. Natalie has a b [...]

    4. I remember obsessing over this series back when I started middle school. It made me wish I could go to sleep away camp for the summer so badly. Mainly so I could meet friends like the girls in these books. I adored the series so much that every Saturday, I made my way to Barnes and Noble just to buy the following book.I am sad to say that I am saying farewell to my complete set, needing more room on my shelves. Thinking about shipping the set out on eBay, but it seems they don't sell particularl [...]

    5. I like this book so much because I think its alot like real life. The main character, Natalie, is my favorite character in the whole series. Its really cool to pick up a book as good as this one because you cant put it down! It's almost like the book wants you to read it. After reading this book I had to get the rest in the series! I like Natalie beause she is a spoiled, new york, rich girl whos dad is mega-famous. In the book she is sent to an 8 week sleepaway camp with, pranks, boys, friends, [...]

    6. This book was GREAT! It was about a girl named Natalie. Her mom makes her go to overnight camp called Camp Lakeview. She hates it at first but then starts making some new friends and meets a cute boy she likes named Simon. She has a secret and she is trying to hide it. Then everybody figures out her secret and she has to fix the chaos and make sure her friends are not mad at her for not telling them her secret. This was super fun to read and figure out her secret. I can't wait to read more of Ca [...]

    7. Like, 2.5?I enjoyed it, it wasn't awful and it had a MAJOR nostalgia factor for me, but it was also incredibly unrealistic, and having worked as a camp counselor, there are so many glaring duty of care errors I feel sure that this camp should be closed. Also, the MC is supposed to be 11. 11yos don't act this way.

    8. a good book about girls who go to a camp together and it's about their lives and their friendship with eachother. I loved this series!

    9. Also, this series is really good too! If you go to Camp Wapo, this will sort of remind you of it! There are 20 books in the series so far so keep on reading!

    10. Another camp story to pass the time for the long wait to summer camp. :)It felt like to me the book didn't have as much stuff packed in as Sleepaway Girls or Summer State of Mind (which I feel is a disadvantage in some ways), and the same with the characters, I felt like.However, the lack of more substance also counts towards being more of a relaxing read, which can be good too.And this book is the first of 25(?!) in a series! Suspicious. I guess we'll see what happens with me reading the next b [...]

    11. Pictures are a great supportive detail to anything.I think every one should read the Camp Confidential book series because it is an amazing/wonderful book series Camp Confidential is an wonderful book series and if you like/love camping you would love this amazing and wonderful book series!!!!

    12. Reread this again cause someday I'd like to finish the series. I enjoy books about summer camp, its like living vicariously through them. It was cute and fun.

    13. This book was different from what I normally read. I normally read books like Matched or Divergent and I liked how i changed things up a bit with this book. I enjoyed this book but there were definitely parts I didn't enjoy. When the whole camp found out about Natalie's father being Tad Maxwell, a huge Hollywood celeb, I thought I would have enjoyed the part better. There were also really big clues in the book. At one part of the book, Natalie's bunkmate Alex had a picture of him hanging on the [...]

    14. This book is about a girl named Natalie who lives in New York. She hates the wilderness and is a total City girl. One day Natalie 19s mom say 19s she is going to camp for the whole summer. Natalie does not want to go at all, she hates the wilderness. When Natalie gets to camp she makes a new friend. The first morning at camp they got to pick their activities. Natalie picked the newspaper where she would get work on the camp newspaper, but was also assigned an activity which was Nature. She thoug [...]

    15. Natalie's Secret is about a girl named Natalie Goode. She is a city girl and after her mom tells her to go to a camp, she is forced to go. She is not so happy about this and she keeps telling herself that it's going to be okay. When she gets there, it wasn't like she was expecting, but she has no other choice. Natalie quickly makes two friends. After that, she joins two electives and quickly makes other friends. Natalie eventually starts to like it there but just when everything is going kind of [...]

    16. Natalie’s Secret By Melissa J. Morgan160 pagesRealistic Fiction/MysteryThis is the beginning of a series about one group of girls at “Camp Lake-puke.” Natalie came from the city and is not used to the chores, out doors, or anything else. She learned that there is this one cute boy, Simon that she really likes. All is well until her super star dad shows up. Then Simon thinks he can’t trust Natalie. Everything has been horrible. She has been forced to take a nature class and gets to go on [...]

    17. This book is recommended for people who love camps, young romance, and adventure.Clearly, I only read the first and second part of the series, I don't know if there are still books like these, it was published since 2005.Natalie Goode, is an ordinary girl who lives in the city. When summer came, her mother told her to participate the summer camp at camp lake-view. She really is not really fond of nature, camp and stuff. She visualizes the appearance of the bunks and cabin, which lead to her disa [...]

    18. Nat is an average girl who has to go to camp against her will. Well, not so normal because her dad is a superstar. The story is about a girl who goes to sleep away camp for the first time. Nat, the main character is from New York so she is not so excited about being in nature. When she gets to camp she gets put in nature and newspaper as her activities she is not so excited about this whole nature thing! Nat gets lost in many ways in this book, physically and mentally. I thought that this book w [...]

    19. This is a review both for Natalie's Secret and for all the books in this series I've read (the series in order up to Freaky Tuesday). Natalie's Secret:Natalie Goode is a city girl from New York. When her mother sends her off to camp, she is less than thrilled. But soon she makes some new friends and starts to enjoy herself; but she has a secret she's been keeping.My thoughts; Natalie's Secret is a pretty decent read, good for girls in 4th-6th grade. I enjoyed it when I was that age, but I'm sure [...]

    20. I thought this was a good book. If you adventure/romance/and pranks then you'll really like this book. Natalie's Secret is about a girl named Natalie who is forced to go to a summer camp. She isn't looking forward to it and once she gets there she absolutely HATES it. The bathrooms are gross and the bunk isn't in the best shape. During the first few weeks though she meets friends and she also meets a boy named Simon who she really likes. However, there is a secret that she has been hiding. Her d [...]

    21. This book was very well written. It's about a girl named Natalie from New York City who goes to sleep away camp for the first time. At first, it seems like a dirty bunk, mean people and gross food. But when she becomes friends with some girls and discovers that the country isn't that bad, it turns out that she enjoys camp. But Natalie has a huge secret, too big to hide. Can she keep her secret or will it get out? The first book to this series sets a good base to a 20 book series. I loved this b [...]

    22. This book is part of the Camp Confidentail series the athour of these books her name is Melissa J. Morgan the genre is fiction and there are 160 pages. I finish this book on the date of 9/23/12. Natalie is the main person in this book and this book is about how Natalie has to go to this summer camp called camp Lakeveiw over the summer but she doesnt want to but her mom is forcing her to go but Natalie wanted to go to an acting camp in New York where she lives and her mom wouldnt let her she has [...]

    23. I'm a sucker for a good summer story, and a story about summer camp is hard to resist. The story style was a big switch from what I had been reading before (although now a couple weeks later, I can't remember what that was at all). But Natalie's kind of hilarious. She's totally being over-dramatic about this camp thing, and by the time she gets off the bus she knows it. Which is I think why this gets four stars. The "secret" was kinda weird. Like, how could you be such a superficial person and k [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book but i think that certain parts of it were dry. It is about a girl named Natalie who is an NYC girl and has trouble hiding the secret about her dad when she is sent away to sleep away camp. One thing i really enjoyed about this book was that it was easy for me to relate to, since i go to camp. I thought the author was very creative in coming up with the plot and what happens towards the end. I would recommend this book to any girl who goes to camp and likes camp stories. It wa [...]

    25. As a girl, I was obsessed with books about camp, and I would read every one I could. Laura's Luck was the gold standard. I saw this large series while volunteering at my daughter's middle school library, and thought they looked fun. Shortly after, she brought the first one home and said she was going to read them all. I decided to revisit my old obsession and decided to read them along with her. I think it will be a nice series for her. She likes books about real girls with problems not too taxi [...]

    26. Summary of Camp Confidential Natalie’s Secret:Natalie Goode is a city girl and loves sushi way more than fresh air. Her mom sent Natalie to Camp Lake View which Natalie likes to call Camp Lake-puke. Natalie doesn’t want to be here with sticky benches in the mess hall and spiders in the stalls. Natalie holds a secret that she hopes will be a secret from the rest of the summer. Natalie hopes that when Visiting Day comes her mom will take her home. Once two weeks go by she changes her mind abou [...]

    27. I really like this book, even if it's a preteen novel. I freakin' love Simon! <3 But I have to admit that when Nat would talk about her father, I thought it was likee he died or something. So unexpected. And I'm not sure why everyone got to worked up because Nat kept the secret. Only Alyssa and Simon had a real reason to feel hurt because they were her true friends and maybe Marissa/Julie. I like 'em too. :) But they weren't madWow, it's been like 2, 3 years since I picked up this book!*Sigh* [...]

    28. this book is about this girl who lived in new york and her dad is Tad Maxwell and her mom and dad are divorced. This girls name is Natalie. She has to go to a summer camp for the summer, she meets a lot of new friends and a guy named Simon. Her friends really like her dad but they don't know that he is her dad because he is a celebrity. Until he comes and visits her there.Simon and her are dating. She never wanted to go to this camp. This is pretty much what this book is about.

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