The Elf Queen Of Shannara

IN THE WESTLANDS, THE ELVES HAVE DISAPPEAREDWren Ohmsford, Scion of Shannara, came from the Westlands, where she lived the life of a Rover Now she, like Par and Walker Boh, has been called upon to help the shade of Allanon fight the totalitarian power of the Federation She must find the Elves, who disappeared from their strongholds than one hundred years agoNoIN THE WESTLANDS, THE ELVES HAVE DISAPPEAREDWren Ohmsford, Scion of Shannara, came from the Westlands, where she lived the life of a Rover Now she, like Par and Walker Boh, has been called upon to help the shade of Allanon fight the totalitarian power of the Federation She must find the Elves, who disappeared from their strongholds than one hundred years agoNo one knew where the Elves were no one except the Addershag, blind, wise woman of the West On her advice, Wren and her Rover companion, Garth, journeyed to the coast of the Blue Divide, where they built a fire and let it burn for three days With the unexpected help that their blaze attracted, they reached the isle of Morrowindl and found the Last Elves but they also discovered dangers such as they could not have imagined And Wren discovered the truth about her past.
The Elf Queen Of Shannara IN THE WESTLANDS THE ELVES HAVE DISAPPEAREDWren Ohmsford Scion of Shannara came from the Westlands where she lived the life of a Rover Now she like Par and Walker Boh has been called upon to hel

  • Title: The Elf Queen Of Shannara
  • Author: Terry Brooks
  • ISBN: 9780099201311
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. The Elf Queen of Shannara, book three of The Heritage of Shannara, is the story of Wren Ohmsford, and her journey to find the Elves and restore them to the Four Lands. This journey is a perilous one, and not just due to the physical dangers she must face to rescue the Elves. She is about to discover facts and truths about herself and the Elves. Truths that will temper her in such a way that either she will emerge stronger than ever before, or she will be emotionally and psychologically destroyed [...]

    2. As derivative as it was, I really enjoyed The Sword of Shannara, and its less clichéd sequel The Elfstones of Shannara was also great. Kind of kept me reading at that stage of my life. Maybe I had outgrown Brooks by the time I read this one as it didn't resonate nearly as strongly with me. The other reviews here are quite celebratory, I was more at the other end of the spectrum. I didn't loathe it, but I certainly felt it was just an 'OK' read.

    3. Terry Brooks's Shannara books are usually of the highest quality as far as fantasy novels are concerned, and the Elf Queen is no different. The third novel in the Heritage of Shannara series features Wren Ohmsford as the feature character. Wren has been tasked to return the elves back to the four lands after they fled for some time. She is aided by Stresa, the splinterscat and her companion Garth.The plot in this novel is very well developed and thought it. It moves at a strong pace and is fille [...]

    4. Having been given three separate quests from the The Heritage of Shannara 4-part story line divides the books up to a focus on each one of those parties. In The Elf Queen of Shannar (the 3rd book in The Heritage of Shannara) each quest is talked about, but Wren Ohmsford's trek to find the lost Elves of Arborlon is given the most space in this book. Throughout the story the reader will be introduced to interesting gains and losses where characters are concerned as well as the occasional interesti [...]

    5. I've been looking forward to Wren's story for awhile now. I love her character and I love elves - so it was a great combo. Her quest to find the long lost elves takes quite a few twists and turns until she finds her lucky break - the hag that finally has many of the answers she's looking for, but it only gets more dangerous and exciting from there. When she finds the island the elves have retreated to, it isn't anything she expected. Taken over by demons, she is forced to discover some very hard [...]

    6. This is the 3rd book in the second series set in Shannara! Wren Ohmsford has been tasked with finding the Elves, who disappeared generatiosn ago, and bringing them back to the present world. Although reluctant to do so, she finds the puzzle curious, and soon she is travelling to the coast on the words of an old Seer. With her friend, Garth, she makes the perrilous journey to the island of Morrowindl, which is a nightmare of deep jungle, barren wasteland and rocky shores. The whole is haunted by [...]

    7. SUMMARY:"Find the Elves and return them to the world of Men!" the shade of the Druid Allanon had ordered Wren.It was clearly an impossible task. The Elves had been gone from the Westland for more than a hundred years. There was not even a trace of their former city of Arborlon left to mark their passing. No one in the Esterland knew of them -- except, finally, the Addershag.The blind old woman had given instructions to find a place on the coast of the Blue Divide, build a fire, and keep it burni [...]

    8. Book #16/29 on my Epic Shannara Quest.This is one of those books that tells a similar story that has already been told (though to be fair, this one was published first). The story of the Loden Elfstone and how it once saved the Elves was also related in The Elves of Cintra, which was book #5 in my quest due to it's chronological placement in the Shannara series. For me, the best parts of this book dealt with Par Ohmsford and Walker Boh (and they came in the last quarter of the book.) The main st [...]

    9. Easily the best book of the second Shannara series, with Wren being sent on a journey to bring the elves back to Shannara, from wherever they vanished to. This contains a tight plot and some very harrowing scenes, the scariest since Elfstones. Unfortunately, it breaks off every now and then to tell the stories of the other characters on their separate quests. Unless you're reading the whole series, just skip those parts altogether. This would have made a very good stand-alone novel, instead of a [...]

    10. A refreshingly decent book in the series. The action turns to Wren and Garth, and their "charge" to bring the Elves back to the world of men. As in his previous books, things seem to happen a little too conveniently and quickly for my liking in this series, and at times it feels like I am reading an abridged version. This book also plays host to a plethora of characters, and it works. Even to the point of slowly killing them all off toward the end. Overall I enjoyed Wren's decent into the jaws o [...]

    11. I really wanted to like this one, since I liked the first three books very much. However, the second set started out weak and by the time I got to Elf Queen, I had the distinct impression that Terry Brooks was as eager to get it over with as I was. I saw none of the care he took in Sword, Elfstones, or Wishsong, and felt he took too much time with trivial details and not enough time in making me believe the characters. A huge disappointment for me.

    12. It looks like TB has something going on here as this book was full of captivating adventure and kept up the pace. I have to point out that characters are too insecure and book has same repeating patterns used previously in series, but plot twists compensated if quite nicely.

    13. Fun and interesting story. Great imagery and visualization. A bit predictable in many parts, but overall a fun read which is what the Shannara books are all about.

    14. Best in the cycle up to this point, probably my favorite Shannara book yet. Lots of continuous action, good dramatic tension, nice character development. And Wren is cool.

    15. I've been reading all of the Shannara books in order, and up until this one, they have been getting better and better. Not so with The Elf Queen of Shannara. For some reason that I can't quite put my finger on, this book just didn't pull me in the same way the others did. I think this mostly stems from the heroine's frustrating mental battles with her identity and purpose/fate. Wren Ohmsford just never really came to life for me as the other Shannara children have, with her constant self-pity an [...]

    16. La saga de Shannara ha ido evolucionando rápidamente. Nada tiene que ver el primer libro con el sexto, los personajes no son tan planos, las mujeres han cogido protagonismo y la historia tiene más profundidad. La reina elfa de Shannara es un claro ejemplo de cómo Terry Brooks ha mejorado con cada libro hasta llegar a este volumen. La historia es absorbente y carece de capítulos monótonos que quieres pasar cuanto antes para retomar la trama de Wren.Lo único que puede ser negativo en este li [...]

    17. Simplemente, genial. la saga toma forma, avanza de manera espectacular, ahora nos internamos en la sociedad de los Elfos escondidos, a través de Wren Ohmsford o debería decir, Wren Elessedil? hasta ahí llego, no les diré por qué ese apellido jaja.Descubriremos el origen real de lo que son los espectros y por qué se comportan de esa manera, qué ocurrió, estaremos más del lado de ella, observando todo lo que debe hacer y el camino a seguir para lograr su cometido; mientras tanto, a retazo [...]

    18. *4.5/5 Stars*I really enjoyed this one. It has you gripped from the moment Wren enters Morrowindl. I think I prefer this one to the others, but then that just might be because it's been months since I read the second book of this series. I also like how this one ties much better with the rest of the Heritage series - from what I remember, the second one had its own completely new story, whereas this one tied in with the Demons on Morrowindl and the Shadowen in the Four Lands.I've missed this wor [...]

    19. I really liked this installment from the Heritage of Shannara series. I really like the books that have the Elves in them. This book impressed me because I could actually read it all the way through, unlike some before it. The journey we take with Wren to find and bring back the Elves is a captivating, and sad adventure. It moves at a strong pace and is filled with surprising twists. However, I must say some things were a bit predictable. Can't wait to see what is next for the Elves!

    20. The best of the Heritage of Shannara series so far, and it is entirely to do with the main character. Wren is not as crushingly dull as Par, and she is far less whiny than Walker. Without the endless pages of repetitive angst (there is some, but nowhere near the same amount) the pace of Elf Queen is a lot zippier than its predecessors. There's more action and less complaining, and the book seems shorter and tighter because of it.

    21. A fun read and an interesting twist in this tale of the Heritage series. The Elf Queen keeps us abreast of what is happening to the other characters while focusing on Wren's adventures. A nice climax for many aspects of the series. The tale is also darker than the previous two. I found this a fun read.

    22. I always love these books. There tends to be errors in the tellings sometimes. As with all the Shannara book. Such as things are not always consistent. It doesn't seem to matter to much as the story line is quite creative. I am once again enjoying the series. If you want to be taken away into another world, this is a good set of books.

    23. finding the way home is not always where you want to befirst d the Elves and restore them. that is Wren Ohmford's task. but finding is impossible and bringing them back? that is the devil's choice.

    24. This is the best of the original seven Shannara books, imho. The island of the elves is so deliciously bizarrely scary, and the eco-catastrophe element— the hubris of the elves in letting their magic warp the world — feels very real.

    25. Brooks makes some pretty darn good monsters. And who ever heard of accusing the elves of having faults? Not just a copy of a tale already told.

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