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The latest from New York Times bestselling author, Douglas E Richards, Out of This World is a wildly entertaining science fiction fantasy adventure for kids and adults alike.Ages 9 to adultTo save their parents they will have to travel to unknown worlds Too bad the natives on each world all seem to want them dead .Zachary and Jenna Lane are a brother and sister pairThe latest from New York Times bestselling author, Douglas E Richards, Out of This World is a wildly entertaining science fiction fantasy adventure for kids and adults alike.Ages 9 to adultTo save their parents they will have to travel to unknown worlds Too bad the natives on each world all seem to want them dead .Zachary and Jenna Lane are a brother and sister pair who would much rather tease and trick each other than work together But when their parents vanish before their eyes through a mysterious shimmering portal, the two kids join forces and adventure through a series of fantastic worlds in an effort to rescue them.But each world is treacherous than the last, and staying alive for even a day will prove to be the ultimate test of their wits, courage, and determination And when they finally puzzle out what is happening to them and why, the impossible happens things get even worse Because far is at stake than just their lives And the odds against them could not be any greater .Out of This World is a fast paced adventure sure to delight young and old alike, packed with breakneck action, brilliant escapes, thrilling cliffhangers, and plenty of heart.For a simple list of all novels by Douglas E Richards, see About the Author below.
Out of This World The latest from New York Times bestselling author Douglas E Richards Out of This World is a wildly entertaining science fiction fantasy adventure for kids and adults alike Ages to adultTo save the

  • Title: Out of This World
  • Author: Douglas E. Richards
  • ISBN: 9780985350338
  • Page: 443
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I don't typically read middle grade books, but I am so glad I read this one. Just. Wow. Out of This World is incredible! It's chock-full of adventure, creatures, different worlds, portals, teleportation, action, and, best of all, two children learning life's lessons along the way.The positive messages in this book are very well-written, without being after-school-special-ish. Not only do Zachary and Jenna learn not to judge based on appearances or assumptions, but they also learn to appreciate e [...]

    2. Out of This World is an awesome book. Zachary and Jenna are both bright kids who after witnessing their parents fall into a giant hole in the middle of their kitchen, decide to go in after them. Trying to find their parents, Zachary and Jenna go through portals exploring many diverse worlds all varying significantly in some way. They learn to work together to help themselves in any danger that appears. Towards the end of their journey Zachary sees an important lesson and helps Jenna realize it f [...]

    3. What a fun book! Suspense, thrills, and 10 riddles (as well as countless other clever solutions to "out of this world" problems) are in store for you when you pick up and read this gem by Douglas E. Richards. My 11-year old son and I both thought this book was great fun for both adults and kids. Similar to The Prometheus Project, Book 1: Trapped and the rest of the Prometheus Project series, the two main characters face alien technology and problems in this off-world adventure.

    4. This book was amazing! I'm not usually a fan of science fiction, but I won a copy of this book as an author giveaway over at LibraryThing and thought I'd give it a go.First, the author has an incredible imagination and gift of being able to show the reader exactly what he's seeing. Every chapter had a twist or turn, and I could picture in my mind everything from the landscape to the new life forms as the plot progressed. Second, the ending was totally unpredictable, at least for someone who isn' [...]

    5. Hi, this really isn't a review, it's just me alerting anyone who is following me that I have a new book out (there is probably a better way to do this, but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff). Anyway, the book is called Out of This World, and I'd like to think both kids and adults will really get a kick out of it.Doug

    6. I won this book through a Librarything giveaway.I loved this book. I read it in a day. I think my 9 yr old nephew is going to love it too. I can't wait for him to read it. It made me chuckle a few times and it brought back memories of my brother and I. Great book with great lessons.

    7. Fast, easy and exciting readingGreat 'youth' reading. My youth is 50 years ago. But this quality story is what I'd prefer to read as opposed to the last three book I deleted off my Kindle without completing them. In truth, I almost cancelled my Kindle Unlimited subscription. Glad I found Mr. Richard's works.

    8. Out of This World is a middle-grade adventure story about a brother and sister who must travel to other worlds to save their parents. In order to succeed they must be clever, kind and brave, and perhaps figure out why all of this is happening in the first place!I received Out of This World for review and didn’t actually realize it was a middle-grade novel before starting it. It became fairly obvious as I read through, but it’s definitely one of those books that you have to keep pushing throu [...]

    9. Zachary & Jenna are having breakfast when suddenly there is a shimmering in the air and their parents disappear. What are two bright middle school kids to do but jump through after them? Well.It’s certainly noble but they are just kids, so they don’t even pack a lunch, a change of clothes, a flashlight, or even a toothbrush (which made me wonder how bright they really were).They find themselves transported to another world and almost run over by a pair of transparent (literally) people w [...]

    10. This is a perfect read for someone who appreciates witty humor and wants a quick, fun read. This book is suited for 9 year olds and adults (so not totally restricted to young adults).The Good:-I liked the sibling rivalry between Zachary and Jenna. At their age, there is no way you have siblings that don't fight or at least tease each other. I fight with my sis and bros everyday (in good fun of course). The teasing and rivalry made this book more realistic, more grounded.-They have a brain! I am [...]

    11. Out of This World follows the tradition of young adult classics such as "A Wrinkle in Time" and "The Chronicles of Narnia." While not as laden with symbolism or complex narrative structure as these well-loved gems, "Out of This World" evokes the same wonderment of worlds familiar and far, and of characters for whom it is who are easy to cheer and with whom it is easy to sympathize. The pacing of the story encourages the reader to continue on into the next chapter and leaves one waiting for the n [...]

    12. Zachery and Jenna are having their usual morning breakfast when out of no where, shimmering appears in the air and their parents are gone. They've disappeared into thin shimmery air. Of course, just being young middle school children, they jump in after their parents. Suddenly they find themselves in another world run by transparent people who don't seem to happy that they are there and try to convince them to leave their world. This is where the adventure begins, by jumping through portals to f [...]

    13. Right away you can tell there is some between tension siblings Zachary and Jenna. Zachary comes off as a know it all, trickster. And Jenna comes of as younger, naive and ready to finally outsmart him.When their parents disappear into a portal that appears in their house. Zachary and Jenna end up going on a mission out of this world and having to rely on each other to rescue their parents.There were just a few moments in the story that I felt things were moving way to fast. The reader doesn't hav [...]

    14. Fun readThis was a fun read, though not the most exciting I have read recently.The plot starts out like a Wizard of Oz book but twists into something unique about 70% through the book. The author spends too much time explaining the obvious. The last few pages is just a summary of what each character felt they learned from the adventure and is totally unnecessary.The book ends before it even develops the characters' discoveries of their own powers. Just a quick incident is devoted to it and nothi [...]

    15. Not what I have come to expect from this authorHaving read Amped, Wired and the Prometheus Project by Douglas E Richards, I was expecting quality of the same level. Sadly I was disappointedThe storyline was interesting and there was lot of imagination but the narration and dialogue didn't flow as smoothly as in the author's other works. While I was tempted to stop reading halfway through, I am glad that I stuck to it as the story improved. The book those have some positive for a young adult and [...]

    16. Good book to get young readers hooked on science fiction. Great read for the entire family. Consider reading it to your middle age kids to have some thought provoking discussions. Limitless imagination used to create the different worlds and challenges. Good demonstration for needed teamwork. Enjoy.

    17. Wonderful Adventure, Out of This WorldWow, double Wow. What a fantastic Mid-grade adventure, never misses,a beat action packed on almost every page. Zac and his,sister take you through many worlds with life threatening danger on every one!

    18. This book is fantastic for kids it is a great story that I as an adult enjoyed reading. But it also teaches wonderful lessons about teamwork and how your words can effect others. I look forward to reading it to my little girl in a couple of years.

    19. Puns and Riddles!Quick and fun read. Enjoyable world-play although as a "duller" sibling I personally did not enjoy the teasing and disparagement dished out. Entertaining overall.

    20. Book was ok, but not what I expected. It was more of a children's book, more fantasy then sci-fi, something like Alice in Wonderland. It's a story of siblings looking for their parents going through portals to other worlds making friends, enemies, solving problems.

    21. Such a quick read. Loved the story. But the ending left me wanting more. Was looking for more of a climax.

    22. This book has a lot of different stories and view points of science fiction. I recommend this book to readers who like adventure.

    23. Amazing read!I love how he makes the kids so smart and witty. The plot kept me entertained and engaged. I would recommend this book to all my friends.

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