George Orwell's 1984: A Play

George Orwell s prophetic, nightmarish vision of Negative Utopia is timelier than ever and its warnings powerful in this three act adaptation.
George Orwell s A Play George Orwell s prophetic nightmarish vision of Negative Utopia is timelier than ever and its warnings powerful in this three act adaptation

  • Title: George Orwell's 1984: A Play
  • Author: Robert Owens Wilton E. Hall William A. Miles George Orwell
  • ISBN: 9780871295422
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. George Orwell resultó para mí una luz, esos autores que consiguen maravillarte, a pesar de la dureza de la crítica que hace en 1984. Desde que leí ese libro no he vuelto a creer en los porcentajes que muestran en los telediarios ni en la tele ni en los periódicos, y soy periodista hihi. Es sin duda uno de los grandes autores, con una convicciones que hoy en día me cuesta ver en la literatura.

    2. 1984 by George Orwell(1950). Approx 328 pages. Fiction. Social theory. Five stars. 1984 is very much content in the plot where the USA takes over small countries which form oceania and Big brother a government system watches over all the people to make sure they don't rebel and uses a television screen to comuninicate with the people. Winstion the main character works for Big brother rewritting history so it says that Big brother invented almost everything while doing this he starts to want to k [...]

    3. Dystopian, but well written. Scary and inspiring all in the same novel. I still can't stand the thought of gin or veins on ankles. I'm not that into books that make me feel like life is pointless, so I wouldn't count it among my favorites. I recommend everyone read this book at least once because I feel the cultural references derived from this book are too important to miss.

    4. This book is not an easy read. I thought it was interesting that issues pertinent in the late 1940's are still pertinent today. I thought the ending was depressing. It reminded me of "Fahrenheit 451" except "451' had a hopeful ending. Orwell's ending is powerful. I am a secondary school teacher, I could never teach this is high school. I would recommend it to students though.

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