Penny and Her Marble

In the third easy to read book about Penny the mouse, written by Caldecott Medalist and bestselling author Kevin Henkes, Penny finds a beautiful marble on her neighbor s lawn and must decide whether or not to keep it With age appropriate vocabulary, compelling characters, and a memorable storyline, Penny and her Marble is just right for beginning readers and was named a 2In the third easy to read book about Penny the mouse, written by Caldecott Medalist and bestselling author Kevin Henkes, Penny finds a beautiful marble on her neighbor s lawn and must decide whether or not to keep it With age appropriate vocabulary, compelling characters, and a memorable storyline, Penny and her Marble is just right for beginning readers and was named a 2014 Geisel Honor book by the American Library Association This annual award, given to the most distinguished books for beginning readers, is named for the world renowned children s author Theodor Geisel, also known as Dr Seuss.Kevin Henkes is known for his mouse characters, including Lilly, Owen, Chrysanthemum, Wemberly, and now Penny In Penny and her Marble, the third book in the Penny series, Penny finds a marble on Mrs Goodwin s yard and takes it home But does the marble really belong to Penny Kevin Henkes is a master at creating beautifully illustrated books that resonate with young children The Penny books are new classics for beginning readers and will appeal to fans of Frog and Toad, Little Bear, and Henry and Mudge.
Penny and Her Marble In the third easy to read book about Penny the mouse written by Caldecott Medalist and bestselling author Kevin Henkes Penny finds a beautiful marble on her neighbor s lawn and must decide whether o

  • Title: Penny and Her Marble
  • Author: Kevin Henkes
  • ISBN: 9780062082039
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Penny is back for a third easy-reader episode, and her doll, Rose, is with her. Penny and Her Marble starts with Penny pushing Rose in a baby stroller around the neighborhood, though she's not to go any farther than Mrs. Goodwin's house. Penny imagines herself promenading through large, elegant cities, thick forests, and flying through sunlit clouds in an airplane, but something she spots on the lawn outside Mrs. Goodwin's house draws her back to reality. It's a marble, blue as a piece of fallen [...]

    2. This is sort of a junior version of "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe. Penny takes a marble she find in the grass and then feels sick with guilt that she may have stolen it. The ending isn't quite as cute as Penny and Her Doll, but this book is definitely another shining example of Henkes' gift for writing great stories for very young readers where every word counts.

    3. The book I thought that should be nominated for the 2013 Caldecott Medal was Penny and Her Marble by Kevin Henkes. This book is about Penny, a small mouse, who one day finds a marble on the ground in a neighbors yard. After picking it home and taking it home she finds the guilt of taking the marble was too much and returns the marble back to its spot. I felt that this was a good story for children to learn about asking before you take something. You don't know what could belong to who and if the [...]

    4. Ah, the power of guilt. As Edgar Allen Poe fans know, there's no escaping it. Penny, the mouse heroine of Henke's easy-reader series, learns this the hard way when she spots a marble on her neighbor's lawn. The marble, big, shiny and as blue as the sky, proves irresistible. It seemed to say to Penny: "Take me home." And so she does.Guilt soon plants itself in Penny's heart, and she hides the marble in her dresser drawer. At dinner she loses her appetite when she notices how the oranges look like [...]

    5. This afternoon I got my hands on an ARC of Penny and Her Marble and I am delighted and cannot wait to add a real copy to my shelves in the new year. Kevin Henkes books are awesome and the Penny books are just plain fabulous. As very early chapter books I have yet to find anything just quite as excellent and the Penny books are excellent. Lyrical and full of a great moral lesson, Penny finds a marble and as a reader one must decide if it really is her marble for the keeps. Henkes tells a story th [...]

    6. This is a sweet early-reader chapter book that helps children learn a lesson without being overly preachy. The narrative is short and there are a lot of pages, so younger children won't be intimidated by the length of the book. The watercolor illustrations are terrific, just as I've come to expect from Mr. Henkes. The characters are expressive and adorable. Overall, it's a fun, fast read that I would recommend for younger school-age children.

    7. VERY CUTE! Kevin Henkes does a fantastic job once again at showing the feelings and behaviors of young children. In this book he wonderfully illustrates (in words and pictures) the guilt/shame of taking something that might not be yours to take. Penny's feelings are crystal clear, and Henkes helps the reader feel for her as well.

    8. Summary and Critique: In the story Penny and Her Marble penny was an innocent girl just taking a walk around the block when she found a marble in Mrs. Goodwin’s lawn. She was discreetly trying to pick the marble up, which automatically showed that she knew what she was doing was wrong. She then proceeded to take the marble to her house, but had a sick feeling for taking something that wasn't hers. Penny hid the marble in her room and tried to forget about what she did. Her parents later notice [...]

    9. Summary and Critique:This Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book artfully teaches the lesson that many children struggle with, wanting something that is not theirs. In Henkes novel, Penny finds a beautiful blue marble in a neighbor's yard and immediately takes it home. That evening, Penny realizes that the Marble was not hers to take, but does not know how to undo what she did. I especially enjoyed the passage on page 35 where Penny wakes up happy and then suddenly remembers the marble with a sense of [...]

    10. This was a short picture book but a very good one. This book was about a mouse named Penny who found a blue marble in her neighbor, Mrs. Goodwin’s yard. She went for a walk and saw it laying on the ground. She picked it up, took it home and played with it for a while. Penny thought she saw her neighbor out in her yard so she hid and put the marble in her dresser. Everything Penny saw reminded her of this marble. Her mom thought she was acting funny but Penny suggested she was ok. All night Pen [...]

    11. Summary/Critique:Penny and Her Marble is a light hearted children’s picture book. Penny, the main character, takes her doll Rose for a walk in a stroller outside of her house. While walking with her doll, she ponders and imagines various different scenes outside such as a forest, or a sea. She suddenly spots a shiny marble outside of Mrs. Goodwin’s house and takes it home with her. She plays with the marble in her room and worries that Mrs. Goodwin will wonder where the marble went. Penny fe [...]

    12. One day Penny was walking with her doll and she come upon a beautiful blue marble lying on the grass of her neighbor’s yard. Penny, mesmerized by the beautiful marble, put it in her pocket and brought it back home with her. After playing with her shiny, blue marble, she noticed her neighbor, Mrs. Goodwin, looking on the lawn where the marble used to be. Thinking she had taken Mrs. Goodwin’s, Penny began to feel very guilty. After a sleepless night, she went back to Mrs. Goodwin’s house and [...]

    13. Penny and her Marble is about a young girl named Penny who finds a marble in her neighbors backyard. She takes the marble, but then immediately regrets the decision because she feels as if she stole from her neighbor Ms. Goodwin. She pretends to be sick when her mother asks her whats wrong because she can't tell her mother that she stole from someone. She ends up returning the marble, only to have Ms. Goodwin let her keep it. She is so thrilled when she gets to keep the marble because she loves [...]

    14. Penny and her Marble by Kevin Henkes, tells the story of a young mouse, Penny, who finds a marble in her neighbor’s yard. She takes the blue marble back to her home, but begins to feel guilty when she sees her neighbor looking in the yard where the marble once sat. Penny returns the marble only to find out that her neighbor Mrs. Goodwin had placed the marble in her yard for someone to find.This book is a great way to introduce kids into the structure of chapter books, and allows them to get us [...]

    15. Penny and her Marble by Kevin Henkes is about Penny, a young, female mouse, and her guilt after taking a marble that isn't hers out of her neighbor's front yard. Penny finds the marble while she is walking her doll around her neighborhood. She later sees her neighbor looking in the yard and Penny feels guilty for taking the marble. All day long after that, Penny finds it difficult to enjoy the things she normally enjoys, such as baking sugar cookies and playing outside. Her parents sense that so [...]

    16. It starts when Penny stumbles across a blue marble in Mrs. Goodwin’s yard. It was so beautiful and shiny she just could not resist from taking it. She loved it at first, but she quickly began to feel guilty about taking it without permission. She can’t eat dinner because she sees everything as a marble and her guilty continues to grow. Penny then decides to return the marble to Mrs. Goodwin because she simply could not keep it. After Penny put the marble back where she found it she heard Mrs [...]

    17. This is the first "reader" I've seen by Kevin Henkes. It is broken down into little chapters, so the child can feel more like a big kid reading a chapter book. As with all of the Henkes mouse books, 'Penny and Her Marble' deals with a very real childhood topic-- this time, the very real guilt a child might feel after inadvertantly "stealing" something. I think all kids go through this, so it's a nice topic to cover for readers who will encounter the confusion (and sometimes guilt) that ensue. Ch [...]

    18. Penny and her Marble Summary:One day, Penny, who is a young mouse decided to take a walk with her and her baby doll down the street. As she passed her neighbors house, Mrs. Goodwin, she saw a beautiful blue marble that she couldn’t resist but to take. After she had taken the blue marble, she started having regret and she felt really bad because she thought that it was Mrs. Goodwin’s marble. Her guilt affected her throughout the night and the next day she decided to take the marble back. When [...]

    19. Penny loves exploring her neighborhood with her doll Rose. One day, she spots a blue marble on Mrs. Goodwin's lawn, and takes it. But even though she is glad to have the pretty glass ball, she is plagued by guilt all the rest of the day and night. Her parents worry about her when she doesn't want to eat her food or dessert, but she claims that there's nothing wrong. After a restless night, she realizes she must return it. But when she does, it turns out that all her worry was for nothing. Still, [...]

    20. ‘Penny and Her Marble’ written by Kevin Henkes has all of the components needed for beginner readers who are just stepping foot into the chapter book world. With its large bold text and colorful pictures on every page this story attracts its readers. Penny and Her Marble is an easy read with four short chapters giving its new readers the perfect amount of confidence while reading and completing the book. However there is an underlying message to this story that I did not feel children would [...]

    21. Penny and Her Marble is the perfect story for young readers to teach them not to take things that don't belong to them. In the story Penny and her bunny Rose discover a marble on their daily walk. Penny brings it home with her but starts to feel guilty about taking the marble out of her neighbors yard. In order to get the marble off her mind the next day Penny does what she thinks is right.This would work well in younger grades if your students are having a hard time sharing or start the "finder [...]

    22. In this easy reader chapter book, Penny the mouse finds a shiny blue marble in her neighbor's yard and takes it without asking. Filled with worry and regret, Penny hides the marble and feels sick with guilt all night long. The next day, Penny returns the marble, clearing her conscience, only to find that her neighbor placed the marble there hoping somebody would find it and enjoy it. This revelation makes Penny's marble all the more special and beautiful in her eyes.Great topic, well written, wi [...]

    23. Penny and Her Marble / Kevin Henkes / 2013Genre: fictionFormat: easy readerPlot summary: Penny feels guilty after taking a beautiful blue marble that she sees in Mrs. Goodwin's grass, but gets a pleasant surprise when she goes to return it the next day. Considerations: noneReview citation: School Library Journal, vol 59, issue 2"Readers will empathize with Penny and her conflicted emotions. The short sentences with plenty of repetition and superb pacing make this title perfect for beginning read [...]

    24. Kevin Henkes has a gift. Well, he has several gifts, actually. First, the guy can draw facial expressions on animals better than anyone else. He's the Kadir Nelson of animals (there's no higher praise I can give than that). Then there's his ability to write characters that are highly appealing while also remaining highly realistic. And how about the fact that he's mastered this in three different formats - picture books, chapter books, and now with the Penny books, early readers. I've yet to be [...]

    25. This is a cute story of Penny who found a marble that was so blue is was bluer than the sky itself. the marble texture was soft and smooth so it was able to roll very fast but the one problem was that the marble did not belong to her. This book teaches the reader of ownership and possession along with not taking something that is not yours. Henkes, K. (2013). Penny and her marble. New York: Greenwillow Books.

    26. Penny feels guilty about taking something that is not hers and does the right thing. Henkes gets it just right. I love Penny's imagination.

    27. No one captures the emotional highs and lows of childhood quite like Kevin Henkes. This one tackles the ethics of found objects beautifully.

    28. I have a feeling I'll be writing a full review of this later in the year as we consider it for our Mock Newbery shortlist.

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