Following the Light of Christ Into His Presence

John M Pontius brings to light simple ways to recognize and implement personal revelation in your life Inside you ll find the grand keys that will help make receiving daily guidance, answers to prayers, and much , accessible to everyone With this book at your side, you ll be better prepared to prosper along your life s journey and accomplish the work the Lord has plJohn M Pontius brings to light simple ways to recognize and implement personal revelation in your life Inside you ll find the grand keys that will help make receiving daily guidance, answers to prayers, and much , accessible to everyone With this book at your side, you ll be better prepared to prosper along your life s journey and accomplish the work the Lord has planned for you.
Following the Light of Christ Into His Presence John M Pontius brings to light simple ways to recognize and implement personal revelation in your life Inside you ll find the grand keys that will help make receiving daily guidance answers to prayer

  • Title: Following the Light of Christ Into His Presence
  • Author: John Pontius
  • ISBN: 9781555176433
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Following the Light of Christ Into His Presence”

    1. I wanted to share this book with all because it is literally, LITERALLYTHE best spiritual book I have ever read. I have the entire thing marked up. I was in tears half the time. It is deep, but for those who are hungering and thirsting.

    2. The author starts off on the wrong foot with the title of the book. There is material in this book which is not correct although there many good quotes. These do not make the book good, however. I would not recommend anyone reading this book. The majority of the information which the author is trying to convey is better learned by studying the scriptures and by fasting and prayer. The author seems to feel that the "lowly" members of the church need a "do it yourself" guide to exaltation. That in [...]

    3. One of my favorite books! I do not love to read religious books written by people i haven't heard of. This book was recommended to me and I love it. I love the practical advice on hearing and recognizing the voice of the Spirit in your life. Pontius clearly describes 3 voices, the Spirit, your own thought, and temptations. I have never read anything like this and it rang true to me. This book was a spiritually based "how to". Love it.

    4. This was one of the most incredible books I have ever read. It probably helps that it was the last book my little brother recommended I read about a month before he passed away. I loved it! My brother told me that it changed his life. I certainly look at things so much differently. In a good different way. I would highly recommend it to the honest truth seeker.

    5. I just can't. Honestly, the other books this author has written turned me off in a major way to even being receptive to this book. But I still cannot seem to find any desire to pick it up again. Scriptures, fasting, faith, prophets and prayer is the way to go for learning truth.

    6. Pretty basic and rambles. Some good insights, but for a book about being directed the Spirit, I had a hard time believing some of the arguments and conclusions Pontius writes about (which made it hard for me to trust anything but quoted scripture).

    7. One of the most helpful and valuable gospel books I have ever read.In this book Brother Pontius expounded several vital gospel principles which I have struggled to understand for a long time and as I read and I understood his message about hearkening to the light of Christ and the voice of the spirit it felt like a missing puzzle piece FINALLY brought together a bunch of disparate pieces and put them together in plain order. I have pondered extensively as I read and it has been a very, very grea [...]

    8. A kind neighbor lent me this book almost a year ago and I finally finished it. I had to put it down because there is a lot to think about and then I got distracted by other reading and so forth. Incredible! I highly recommend reading this as it makes you want to do better, to try the things John suggests to have a true personal relationship with Christ. It rings so right and true. Things were brought to my attention that I didn't realize I was doing or wasn't doing that are keeping me from that [...]

    9. Synopsis: Just as the title describes, this book is about following the Light of Christ through personal revelation. Holding onto the iron rod and recognizing and acting upon the promptings of the Spirit are all keys for doing this.My Review: The content in the book is decent (although it felt like about 1/3 of the book was just quotes from Bruce R. McConkie), but something about the material presentation just felt a bit off-putting and often came across in a holier than thou style (Not to menti [...]

    10. Life-changing book that explains more clearly the importance of following the light of Christ we are each given when we are born. This book helped me understand so many things more clearly that you would think shouldn't be that hard to GET, but they just are. He helps to reveal the mysteries of God as found in the scriptures and has pushed me to want to be more strictly obedient to the promptings I receive and in my daily spiritual practices. I loved this My one critique - it was a bit circular [...]

    11. I can't say enough about this book! The way to receive all of the spiritual gifts, blessings and manifestations that I could ever hope for are clearly mapped out. John says the key is personal revelation and tells you how to discern what is of God and what isn't. He literally tells you the simple steps to making your calling and election made sure and to how to meet the Savior in this life. About halfway through the book it did become very repetitive and there are almost more scriptures quoted t [...]

    12. My favorite book to this day. I have read all of Brother Pontius's books, most of Denver Snuffers, most of Bruce R McConkie's books and others. It's not that this book had anything particularly NEW to add, but it put everything in such a plain way. I can say I finally understand essential doctrine. But one thing I love about Brother Pontius is that his whole mission to lead people to Christ by helping them recognize Jesus Christ, through the Light of Christ. You'll always have the Light of Chris [...]

    13. Suggested by Kelly Bingham. What a powerful book. It use makes you stop to think about the voices in you head and who are we really listening too. It also give more depth than anything I have read in a long time in listening to the spirit immediately and following through with those thoughts. Also the importance of strict obedience to everything especially the LAW. Civil or Spiritual. Wonderful Book. I loved the insight it gave me and the desire to live closer to the Lord. The Title says it all. [...]

    14. This book was recommended to me by a Branch President nearly ten years ago. The book was an enlightening discussion on learning to follow spiritual promptings in order to have a personal relationship with the Savior. My only critiques are that the language was a little flowery at times and the book contained a significant number of grammatical errors/typos, which was distracting. Granted, I was reading a very old edition, so I hope that's been corrected by now.

    15. If you ever wanted to make it back to Heaven but maybe gave up (or not) this book will show you HOW to actually do it.You will gain a personal testimony of Christ and learn to hear his voice guiding you to righteousness.This is not just a book, this is a manual. I read it three times back-to-back, and then have been loaning it to special friends (only) for them to "see the light" themselves.

    16. I downloaded this book on the recommendation of my brother. It took me FOREVER to read. It contains good information, but I thought it was overly-long, and I was forever distracted by the fact that the word "strait" was spelled "straight," which is apparently an error of an editor because I checked the author's website where it was spelled correctly. Anyway, it was good, but not the most compelling book I've ever read, so I'm not giving it high marks.

    17. My understanding of the temple endowment has completely changed after reading this book. Probably one of the most important reads for my life in understanding the Holy Ghost (spirit) on a day to day basis and in layman's terms. Everything the prophets about apostles have been teaching from the beginning but what has gone over our heads, this is the users guide to living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    18. This is an incredible book that must be read over and over. It's teachings will change your life. Mr Pontius humbly shares his testimony about the necessity of living in such a way as to be guided by the Holy Spirit in all aspects of one's life. A very powerful book! Find a copy and read it. You'll never be the same again.

    19. Incredible book. One of the best I've read giving simple explanations of deeply motivating principles. I wish I would have read this book before my mission. If you read his other stuff you will see how sincere and amazingly profound his explanations are. Highly recommended. Everything scripturally based.

    20. I love this book! The main idea is so simple and doable, and refreshing. It's this: spiritual growth comes from obedience to the still small voice of the conscience. Nothing startling, yet the way the author explains it and how to tell when your conscience is speaking to you is what's new to me. A beautiful book!

    21. Wow! I think every member needs to understand the content in this book, in conjunction with the scriptures as the foundation. Plainly teaching how to utilize the scriptures to teach us how to take full advantage of the Holy Spirit. That is how I would summarize this book. Read it, follow the precepts found in the scriptures, and move speedily forward into His presence.

    22. I just had a hard time getting through it. In fact I basically skimmed the last half. I felt like it was stuff I already knew -- basic doctrine, stuff I could get on my own by reading scripture and praying. I dog-eared many pages for the good quotes. I guess when I have so many books I want to read, this one just wasn't compelling enough to thoroughly finish it.

    23. This is one of those books that I should probably purchase and read a few times so that I can glean all the information from it. There are a lot of interesting insights to ponder. The edition I read had a lot of typos, which was distracting, but the book as a whole has inspired me to go back to the scriptures and do an in-depth study of Personal Revelation and Spiritual Birth.

    24. There were a lot of parts that j really liked in this book. But it was hard for me to get through. I think some books are easier to read at different points in your life and I wasn't at one of those points when I picked this book up. But I might re-read it at another time. I do have some good things to think about and to try to implement better.

    25. It is a rare book that can have such an impact that it changes your way of thinking and living. This was one of those books for me. John Pontius was a very powerful and inspired man and his writings and testimony have had and continue to have a deep impact upon my life. I thank him for his testimony of truth and I thank God for me being able to find it when I needed it most in my life.

    26. I have read several books authored by John Pontius, and I've found each one to be insightful and inspiring. The precepts he introduces in this book are not new, but they are presented in such a way that filled me with a desire to reach higher and to live closer to the Spirit.

    27. This book is a basic primer on learning to listen to the Spirit and following it's promptings. I gained a deeper understanding of the path of spiritual progression. I have read it once, but am ready to devour it again. I loved this book!

    28. Pontius gives his perspective on living the gospel. A highly recommended book, but one I had a hard time loving. Worth the read, but I was anxious to move on to other books (So many books, so little time, you know?). Maybe I will give it another chance down the road.

    29. Inspiring ReadRenewed desire to cling to the rod of iron. To have an awareness of the holy ghost . Follow and obey inspiration always. Understand my relationship with my savior and my desire to ever be embraced in the arms of his love.

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