STOP : Bandit-Bandit di Hotel Istana

STOP Bandit Bandit di Hotel Istana None

  • Title: STOP : Bandit-Bandit di Hotel Istana
  • Author: Stefan Wolf
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I Always love this 4 kids stories :)Well, the original title is not STOP, but "TKKG"I'm kinda confuse when i read STOP, then I found out the real version TKKG.'sT : Tim (Peter Timotheus Carsten, A.k.a Tarzan) --> Known as Sporty in STOP. K : Karl Vierstein A.K.A Computer --> he's named as Thomas in STOP.K : Klößchen (German for Dumpling) His real name is Willi Sauerlich --> named as Oscar in STOPG : Gaby, with real name Gabriele Glockner A.K.A "Pfote" (Paw) --> named Petra in STOPt [...]

    2. This is the series that I really loved to read when I was in junior high school. After that, I wish book publisher will republish it again, but until now, they haven't. So I really glad when I found some of it in used book store. This is the first title that i've just finished reading it. Come to think of it, the story is not very suitable for children, because the case, sometimes involving real violence and adult problem, let's say something like cheating on husband and used him to get an insur [...]

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