Just Listen

This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN10 0142410977.To find the truth, you ve got to be willing to hear it.When she s modeling, Annabel is the picture of perfection.But her real life is far from perfect.Fortunately, she s got Owen He s intense, music obsessed, and dedicated to always telling the truth.And most of all, he s determined to make Annabel happy
Just Listen This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN To find the truth you ve got to be willing to hear it When she s modeling Annabel is the picture of perfection But her real life is far from

  • Title: Just Listen
  • Author: Sarah Dessen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. "The best way out is always through."This book kept me thinkingHow many times did you answer to the question "how are you" with just "fine", or "I’m ok"?How many times did you feel like your heart was breaking but you couldn't make it right?How many of your dark, inside secrets have made your heart break a little bit more every day?How many times did you need help but you didn't know how to ask for it?How many people tried to be part of your life, but you kept them in dark?How many times when [...]

    2. Am I the only person who is tired of Sarah Dessen?I loved the first book of hers I read, Someone Like You, but unfortunately it seems like the more books of hers I read, the more formulaic her writing becomes.It seems like every novel she writes follows this structure:1) Girl (with very uncommon name) is unhappy about something in her life2) Girl with very uncommon name meets Boy with very uncommon name3) Girl and Boy decide to date4) Big major conflict in story happens that causes girl and boy [...]

    3. This is going to sound stupid but I'm hyperventilating writing this review. I hardly ever buy books but I bought this one as a present for my sister (she introduced me to Dessen) and of course I just happened to read it too. I've read this book four times (the most I've re-read any book) and I know it inside and out, but I don'tthinkknow I won't be able to do it justice. Here goes nothingFirst of all I could probably write a whole dissertation on Owen. He's is just soAWESOMEreally that word does [...]

    4. 4.5 stars I really, really liked this book. I definitely feel for Annabel and her family I loved how big a part music had in this story as well as friendship. This book shows the importance of family and friends, speaking up for yourself, and of course listening to those around you. This was my first Sarah Dessen book and I'd definitely love to read another!

    5. "There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you'd better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you'll never understand what it's saying."This was spectacular. After the disappointment that was Saint Anything I wasn't motivated to try another Sarah Dessen novel for a while. However I was looking for a nice summer read and Just Listen popped into my head. Many of my friends told me that it was their favourite Dessen book (mine is The Truth About Forever) [...]

    6. Annabel Green lives in a glass house - literally. But even inside of the glass house that her father built, she realizes that it is easy to hide secrets. It is easy to hide the fact that her mother has become a different person since her grandmother’s death. That her oldest sister has moved away, leaving a gaping hole in the family.It is easy to hide the fact that her other sister is suffering from an eating disorder that her parents choose to dismiss until it’s almost too late. Like her fam [...]

    7. Just Listen now replaces This Lullaby as my favorite by Sarah Dessen and has earned a well deserved place among my favorite YAs of all time. This is one of the most beautifully written novels I’ve ever read and I’m still a bit sniffling as I’m writing this review. The story is mainly about Annabel, who despite her beauty and popularity just wants to keep to herself and opts to hide her true feelings and problems being the youngest daughter of three girls in her family. Seeing her parents a [...]

    8. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooUp until now, THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER has always been my favorite Sarah Dessen book. Now that I've read JUST LISTEN, however, I think there's a tie! The characters of this latest release are so honestly real, their dialogue perfectly placed, that you can't help but be pulled into the life and times of Annabel Greene. Of course everyone thinks that Annabel has the perfect life. She's a model who has been in television commercials, in print ads, and in fashion shows [...]

    9. Half way trough this book, I realized that I was scared. Scared because it took me back to the place in my mind which I don't have any dessire to go back - ever again! I used to have a "friend" like Sophie, I had a eating disorder when I was senior, there was "owen" who helped me to wake up (but, he was just a friend). It took me two years to recover completely and it was awful. I used to stop eating when things in my life were out of my control and it gave me false sense of some kind od meaning [...]

    10. I'd seen so much about Sarah Dessen and her books but I never got around to reading one of her books until a friend gave me Just Listen. I started it right away and finished it within a couple days. It's save to say I'll be read another Sarah Dessen book soon.This book is so well written and emotional. I quickly became invested in not just Annabel but her whole family has well. Just Listen deals with many difficult issues and I felt like everything was handled in a very powerful way. I love how [...]

    11. Don't think or judge, just listen.These words are screaming in my head right now and lord, are they inspiring. Annabel, just your average girl used to be popular, had one really popular friend and had everything right. She keeps to herself about what happened during summer, where everything turned upside down.The story starts off with her and gets even better once she meets Owen. He is most definitely music obsessed, always telling the truth and has anger management issues.I loved Owen! He takes [...]

    12. Friend: How was your day?Me: Fine.Friend: What did you do?Me: Nothing.That's kinda how I felt about this book. It was "fine". I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. And, for most of it, I felt like "nothing" was going on. And I really don't feel like talking about the banality."Why this book?" you might be asking. Well, I chose this book to fulfill a challenge—read a book tagged "family" at least 10 times. This one was tagged 63 times as family and it was by the Sarah Dessen. I was feeling go [...]

    13. this was - when i used to read a lot of sarah dessen - my favorite sarah dessen book. to the best of my recollection. (even the best of my recollection is not a very good recollection.)anyway. that's why it seemed a good place to start on the Massive Sarah Dessen-Centered Reread Bonanza of 2018. which was supposed to happen in 2017. but life, you know? i do not keep my promisesis was exactly what i wanted, and also a lot more than i'd bargained for??? i am the worst ever, so i'd forgotten that s [...]

    14. Review posted on Fafa's Book Corner !Beware spoilers ahead!Last year I read my very first Sarah Dessen book Saint Anything. I loved it and continued to look for more book by Sarah Dessen! Out of all her books the synopsis of Just Listen appealed to me the most. Which is why I decided to read this before the rest of my Sarah Dessen books. I am happy to say that I enjoyed it!The book begins with Annabel watching a commercial she was in. She turns off the tv and mentally prepares herself for school [...]

    15. *New Mommy Review #1* (Meaning: Not great, but at least I'm getting some thoughts out there)In all honesty, this book started out so great. I was comparing to one of my all time favorites, Some Girls Are, almost immediately. But where SGA got more intense as it went along, JL fell apart, for me, as it continued. I lost interest in our main character, was beyond annoyed at her childish reasoning for each situation where she simply only had to say 'just give me a minute', and, ultimately, I just g [...]

    16. Annabelle has spent her entire summer sequestered after an incident at a end-of-school party in which she was humiliated in front of all her friends. Her best friend is no longer speaking to her, and we find out in progressive flashblack clips what exactly happened. Before Annabelle can get too lonely, she meets fellow social outcast Owen who teaches her the virtues of honesty and gives her the confidence to come clean about her secrets. If this storyline sounds familiar, it's because "Just List [...]

    17. Wow. It's so, so, so, so good. I loved this book. It's so hard to read about such a sad story though, it hurt me more than any book did in a while, if not ever. I was sobbing at some point and there were other times all of my body hurt, even though I couldn't cry. It's incredibly sad, but I'm glad it gets better.Having read two or three of Dessen's novels, I was expecting this one to be fluffy, with romance and one or two small issues. Well, let me tell you, the issue mentionned in this book is [...]

    18. 2018 ReviewOh my gosh, whaaaaat. How did I not like this when I read it as a teenager? Okay, we all know Sarah Dessen's not perfect. She has a schtick. Pretty, All-American teenager that goes to great lengths to make everyone believe that her life is perfect. In reality she keeps secrets, and always, always has trouble telling people how she really feels (this is one aspect I desperately wish Sarah would change as I find it nearly impossible to relate since I'm incredibly emotional and tell ever [...]

    19. The first thing I thought after finishing this was Why haven't I heard more about Sarah Dessen? I'd heard her name around before but always associated it with cheesy, romantic chick lits from the blindingly bright, pink, girly covers. Her books seemed like the kind I wanted to stay as far away from as possible.But in reality Just Listen shocked me - it was a deeply meaningful contemporary with a poignant, realistic romance. It was pretty much the opposite of what I'd expected.Right off the bat I [...]

    20. Desi m-am lungit cu cititul acestei carti destul de mult asta nu pentru ca nu mi-ar fi placut cartea, ci pentru ca nu prea am avut chef de citit Vreau sa va spun ca este o carte frumoasa, plina de trairi intense! Ceea ce poate fi ca o concluzie este casa de sticlaunde din afara vezi o familie normala, unita si fericita; dar daca esti in interior, realizezi ca fiecare are problemele si secretele sale, si încearcă sa le faca fata in felul propriu!Recenzia mea completa o găsiți aici:justreading [...]

    21. “Don't think or judge, just listen.” Another one of my favorites from Sarah Dessen, I love her books. My goal is to finish reading all her books and catch up on this train. I know I'm behind in Throne of Glass but I'll catch up ASAP! Anyway, I really enjoyed this book. The other book I read from Sarah Dessen is Saint Anything and I just loved that book so much. “I mean, to me, freaking out is different. More of a running away, not telling anyone what's wrong, slowly simmering until you bur [...]

    22. “No matter how much time has passed, these things still affect us and the world we live in. If you don't pay attention to the past, you'll never understand the future. It's all linked together.”I'm so in my feelings about finally writing a review for this book! This has been my favorite Sarah Dessen title since the first time I picked it up, waaaay back in 2006. Her books introduced me to the YA contemporary genre, and this one has been dear to my heart for so long that I was a little bit af [...]

    23. Just Listen is a beautiful coming of age story. It follows Annabel Green, a girl who, at first glance, appears to have everything: looks, popularity, friends. All that changes during the summer before junior year. Something happened at the beginning of that summer, that left Annabel lonely, friendless and despised by her former best friend. Contrary to what you might think at first glance, this is not a love story. At least, the love story is not the central part of the plot. This is a story abo [...]

    24. Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen changed me. Now just to be clear--those words do not come easy for me. My head has been emerged in one literary world after another my whole life, but those words have only come out of my mouth a hand full of times about a novel. This story just wrapped itself around by head, heart, and everything I am and held on for dear life. Do you consider yourself an honest person? Do you always tell the truth about how you feel? For me, communication and the importance of hone [...]

    25. There’s a conversation somewhere in the middle of the book that struck me,"Interesting," he said, "is not a word.""Since when?""It's a placeholder. Something you use when you don't want to say something else." He leaned a little closer to me. "Look, if you're worried about my feelings, don't be. You can say whatever you want. I won't be offended." This snippet could very well describe what I was planning to say about JUST LISTEN. So, in lieu of 'interesting,' I will say that the first half jus [...]

    26. 4.5 stars~This book was SO GOOD. I have to say guys, I'm falling in love with Sarah Dessen. I'm probably going to read every book I find written by her.I think the characters were realistic and I absolutely love the way delicate issues were managed. I also thoroughly enjoy the romance, I was falling in love at the same time Annabel did ♥ The secondary characters were really good, too! I particularly enjoy Owen's little sister :) I have to say, I was really frustrated with Annabel's mom, but th [...]

    27. I wouldn't say I loved it but it was par my expectations! What I expected was some cheesy romance novel, a damsel in distress and a guy that comes in her life and put things in order, well of course if you outline the story it is kind of that but not really. There is so much more depth, a bigger message, ah! Will discuss more it in my review which will come soon :P BRBI AM BACK, read my review here - storypals/reviewjustlisten/

    28. Annabel avoids conflict. A difficult task when your mother suffers from depression and your sister is anorexic. And your best friend, your ex best friend, and everyone else in the school hates you.With the possible exception of Owen Armstrong—who lives in his I-pod . . . and punches out classmates that annoy him.Life is safer if you don’t talk. Don’t have an opinion.But when Mom begs Annabel to hitch a ride home with a “friend,” Owen is the closest person to a possibility. And it turns [...]

    29. This book. Seriously, I have some major lovin’ for.This story is about Annabel – she has lost her old friends, her old life and especially, herself. Her whole world is falling apart. Because of one specific thing that happened she isn’t able to function because she has kept quiet about it and it’s tearing her and her life apart. She lies to herself and everyone around her in order to avoid the truth and not face it. And it’s destroying her.Then we meet Owen, a boy she avoided or ignore [...]

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