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  1. When she was in third grade, Marabel Morgan's parents went through a divorce. By the time she was an adult, Marabel was looking forward to her own marriage and she felt determined that divorce would never happen to herself or her husband. After all, Charlie was her best friend and they loved each other dearly. Sure, there were certain tiny details - things that could be made better about Charlie - but as his wife, Marabel felt confident that she was up for such a challenge. It was a personal pro [...]

  2. initially I was really skeptical of the jist of thisfemale-submisive take on the role of the woman in arelationship, but I believe it's basic preises ultimately can turn a struggling situationn into a sacred union

  3. I found this book to be a bit of a wash out as a feminist, ideallic if it was 1950, but today it was just to male supremiest for me.

  4. به همهی دختر خانم ها و خانم های محترم پیشنهاد میکنم بخونند برای داشتن یک زندگی زناشویی فوقالعادهاز نظر من اون کتاب چیزایی داره که همهی خانم ها باید بدانند

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