Pablo's Tree

With simple text and bright cut paper art, Pablo s Tree captures the special relationship between grandparent and child.
Pablo s Tree With simple text and bright cut paper art Pablo s Tree captures the special relationship between grandparent and child

  • Title: Pablo's Tree
  • Author: Pat Mora Cecily Lang
  • ISBN: 9780027674019
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Cute book about a boy whose grandfather planted him a tree and decorates it for him every year.What I may have liked most about this was the fact that the boy was adopted is incidental to the story. He's a normal kid with family members who love him. So I thought it was cool that his adoption was secondary to the really lovely relationship with his mom and grandpa.

    2. Pablo's Tree is written by Pat Mora and illustrated by Cecily Lang. This book could be classified as realistic fiction. This book is about a boy named Pablo who celebrates his birthday every year with his grandpa under his tree. The grandpa recalls the story of waiting and waiting to get a call from the adoption agency, and when the mother finally got the call the grandfather went out and bought a tree to watch it grow as his grandson grew. Each year the grandfather decorated the tree for his gr [...]

    3. Wonderful book with wonderfully done illustrations. The illustrations show exactly what the text says. The story follows a family of a different culture that has a unique birthday tradition that is nothing like a birthday tradition that children in the US have. This could really draw the children's attention to the story. There are some phrases in Spanish, which would be interesting for students to hear the difference in the English and Spanish language. In the story, there is also a great relat [...]

    4. Pat Mora does a great job showing the culture throughout this book. You can tell that this family is very close, and Pablo is so very excited to go see his tree at Lito's every year! This would be a great book for a teacher to read to students. There are also Spanish words and phrases in this text that add another cool factor to the book!

    5. I love the adorable tradition featured in this book that may cause kids to consider their own traditions and compare and contrast. It's also a great idea for something to do as a parent or grandparent: plant a tree for a child and decorate it every year on their birthday.

    6. Pablo's Tree is a narrative about how an adopted Latino boy is celebrated every year on his birthday by his grandfather. Told from his perspective, Pablo is very excited to see how his Abuelito (or "Lito" for short) has decorated his birthday tree this year. The author, Pat Mora, does a great job in writing and creating an authentic Hispanic context as she weaves some Spanish effortlessly into the dialogue (ex. “Como esta mi nieto grande? How is my big grandson?”, “Cuidado. Be careful,” [...]

    7. Why this book? This adds to the collection of picture books that represent familiar elements of culture in the classroom. Written in English, there are also Spanish words which are not substituted or defined in English terms such Abuelito / Lito, Abuelita, Mama. This book also deals with important family issues not addressed in other areas of the family fiction section such as multigenerational families and adoption.Genre: Picture BooksTheme/Keywords: Multigenerational family, adoption, grandpar [...]

    8. Pablo’s Tree is an intergenerational story that follows young Pablo on his birthday. When Pablo was adopted, his abuelo planted a tree in the yard to commemorate the day. Each year on the anniversary of his adoption, Pablo is thrilled to see how his Lito has decorated the tree in his honor.One year, Pablo’s tree was covered in steamers. Another year, it was decked out in paper lanterns. What will be on the tree this year?Pablo’s Tree has a sweet message of familial love, belonging, traditi [...]

    9. Pablo's Tree tells the story of the relationship that has developed over the years between he and his grandfather. Pablo was adopted and every year since the first one, his grandfather has decorated a tree for Pablo's birthday. The tree was originally planted on the day that Pablo was brought home from the adoption agency. Every year Pablo spends his birthday at his Grandfather's house and he can't wait to see what surprise tree decorations await him this year! I loved this book. It shows that a [...]

    10. Pablo looks forward to enjoying his birthday tree, decorated by his grandfather as an annual tradition. The bright, cheerful artwork and simple text make this a good text for young students. As Pablo and his grandfather remember the story of Pablo's tree, we learn that Pablo's mother, a single woman, adopted him when he was a baby. With the simple text and layered messages, the story seems a little bit heavy handed. That being said, children will appreciate the love and celebration that Pablo en [...]

    11. This book is a great way to show diversity in your classroom. Pablo's Tree tells how a little boy was adopted and how his grandfather celebrates him. On the day his mother brought him home, his grandfather planted Pablo's tree. Every year, Pablo is very excited to see what his tree will be decorated like, it is something for him to look forward to each year. The author not only shows diversity with the fact that Pablo's mother adopted him, but with the Spanish used in the text.

    12. A grandfather named planted a tree for his grandon Pablo. Each year he decorated it for his birthday. This book shares the special relationship between Pablo and his grandfather. It is also beautifully depicted with cut-paper illustrations.

    13. What a DELIGHTFUL book! I bought this book as one of my birthday traditions--which is to give a book to someone, usually a child. This is the book I chose this year which I am going to give to my dear friend, Flavia McKnight, and her kindergarten class at Esperanza. :)

    14. This book is about a little boy who gets adopted by his mama. Every year for his birthday he goes and spends the night with his grandfather. His grandfather planted a tree when he was adopted. Every year he decorates the tree just for Pablo and they play with his toys underneath it

    15. A young Mexican-American boy waits for his birthday every year because his grandfather decorates something special on Pablo’s tree ever since Pablo was adopted.

    16. I really like the style of the illustrations. Maybe slightly long for a read aloud. It's a nice story about adoption and family life. Some Spanish words peppered in.

    17. Pablo is a little boy who just had his birthday. The best part of his birthday? Going to see how his Grandpa decorated his tree!

    18. This is a great book for adoptive parents and for single adoptive mothers since the mother is single in the story.

    19. We enjoyed the story and pictures, and I thought it a very nice celebration of families who grow by adoption.

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