Mulligan Stew

Widowed mother Bridget Mulligan has set off to live in Ireland with her in laws At the family castle, she and her brother in law fall into a spine tingling mystery and into a strange relationship, somewhere between love and hate.
Mulligan Stew Widowed mother Bridget Mulligan has set off to live in Ireland with her in laws At the family castle she and her brother in law fall into a spine tingling mystery and into a strange relationship som

  • Title: Mulligan Stew
  • Author: Deb Stover
  • ISBN: 9780515133097
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Mulligan Stew by Deb Stover is a great romance, I loved it the first time I read it and set it on my keeper shelf to reread. Now I've got a copy on my kindle too.With the mysterious Castle Black, the sizzling romance between Bridget and Riley, the charm of of Mulligan's and Ballybronagh, the story takes on the flavor of a rich stew to enjoy.

    2. Bridget Frye Lost Her Parents As A Young Girl And Was Raised By Her Grandparents In Reedville Tennessee Until Culley Mulligan Stole Her Heart. After A Quick City Hall Wedding And A Night Filled With Bliss, Culley Left Her After 72 Hours, Culley Left To Never Return. Bridget Found Herself Pregnant And Returned To Reedvile With Her Hope Of Being A Country Chef Dashed To Pieces, She Worked For The Only Lawyer In Town And He Helped Her Obtain A Divorce. Seven Years Later She Learned That Culley Had [...]

    3. I've read this book and its sequel, MULLIGAN MAGIC, several times. Deb's love for Ireland is almost tangible, filling each page with a real sense of "being there". I could just about smell the Irish wind and the sourdough bread. Beautiful love story and wonderful author.

    4. I was really quite drawn too it because of the Irish theme! It was a quick read and interesting going from an Irish brogue to Tennessee twang!! Nice little love story.

    5. Great book about an Irish curse with some Gothic elements. The main characters had good chemistry and were sweet and believable.

    6. WhispersI didn't expect that. What a great story by a great author. Bridgette struggled to make ends meet raising her little man (her son Jacob). She finds out that her dear old grandma had put her trailer up on a bid, and lost everything. Now she has no where to go except deeper into poverty. She is sent to Ireland to meet her ex-husbands family, on a plea from the mother-in-law. What she doesn't expect is having a hot looking man by the name of Riley to be so hateful, yes her brother-in-law. A [...]

    7. FANTASSSSSSSSTIC READ!!!This is the first book by Deb Stover that I have read and I CANNOT wait to read more! The plot is multi-dimensional in that there are two love stories intertwined throughout the book. Ms. Stover weaves a tale rich in emotion that grabs you from the first page and does not let you go until the last. Be prepared for smiles, tears, lust and love. She fills the story with love- love of family, love of the one who is truly your soul mate, love strong enough to forgive and righ [...]

    8. A light romance with a nice Irish flavour - a black castle with a curse was a fun setting. I enjoyed it, although it was a bit slow to get started - maybe the beginning tried to set the stage too much. But once the story moved over to Ireland, it picked up nicely. I really enjoyed the paranormal element, as well as the elements of family drama. A solid 3-star read.

    9. Nice story, and I enjoyed reading it.That said, one thing really bugged me. I know many people from Tennessee, and I've never heard all of them combined say "reckon" as many times as the main character does in this book. That fact makes me wonder about Irish elements to the story. Reckon they are authentic?

    10. castles and romance. how do you go wrong? This was different than any book that I have read. There is an added story here that you don't know if you should be a little creeped out or in love with. In the end romance wins and in a very big way

    11. I say it was a 3 and a half star. While I enjoyed parts of it, I didn't love it. I felt it took too long for Riley to warm up to Bridget. He definitely let his preconceived notions dictate his behavior. Once he let go of those, I enjoyed the book more.

    12. Poor Character developmentSex too soon for Bridget. Bailey's respect not believable. Need more interaction before lusty fantasies start. Need more plot, less graphic details repeated throughout book.

    13. A rather obvious bodice buster, perfect for reading on the each. A love story set in Ireland, more of the comfort food angle woven through the ghostly story would've been welcome.

    14. Good storyI enjoyed this story, but felt that the story dragged in the beginning. I did enjoy the characters and the story.

    15. This was a fun but predictable book. A very easy read for someone who just wants a quick book that you can leave and come back to.

    16. Mulligan Stew is a delicious read with an Irish back drop and spirited and charming characters. Definitely on my keeper shelf.Will begin Mulligan Magic tomorrow.

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