1 thought on “Facades and Truth”

  1. I started this story and just couldn't get into it. I read a few other books in between, figuring I'd come back and finish it. I really tried but I just couldn't. It's not a horrible book, in fact, the plot should've made for a pretty good story. I think it was more the writing style that threw me. Anyway, life is too short to waste on something that couldn't keep my attention. My motto: Too many books, so little time

  2. I absolutely loved this book, it was full of funny moments and awkward situations for both of the main characters, not to mention the unique style of narration the author used. I think its one of my favorites. But the best part about it was that the main couple was bi-racial! How often does that happen!? Its about time authors start using other characters besides the typical blonde beauty or the dowdy brunette. Its nice to see-read-books about minorities without it being an "urban book".

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