Truth Stained Lies

Cathy Cramer is a former lawyer and investigative blogger who writes commentary on local homicides When she finds a threatening note warning her that she s about to experience the same kind of judgment and speculation that she dishes out in her blog, Cathy writes it off as mischief until her brother is caught in the middle of a murder investigation the victim is hisCathy Cramer is a former lawyer and investigative blogger who writes commentary on local homicides When she finds a threatening note warning her that she s about to experience the same kind of judgment and speculation that she dishes out in her blog, Cathy writes it off as mischief until her brother is caught in the middle of a murder investigation the victim is his ex wife As her brother is tried and convicted in the media, and bloggers and commentators like her have a field day, Cathy wonders if she should have taken the threat seriously Cathy and her two sisters, Holly and Juliet, moonlight as part time private investigators, working to solve their brother s ex wife s murder Juliet, a stay at home mom of two boys, and Holly, a scattered ne er do well who drives a taxi, put aside their fear and lack of confidence to learn the art of investigation But will it be too late to save their brother from a murder conviction, or his five year old son who s the killer s next target
Truth Stained Lies Cathy Cramer is a former lawyer and investigative blogger who writes commentary on local homicides When she finds a threatening note warning her that she s about to experience the same kind of judgmen

  • Title: Truth Stained Lies
  • Author: Terri Blackstock
  • ISBN: 9780310283133
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Until reading the author's note, I was teetering between three and four stars. Three seemed tartly stingy on my part. Four - well - seemed fancifully generous comparing apples to apples.The writing is considerably simplistic, though clean - no F-bombs or expletives or gory hoopla . The protagonists - three sisters and a brother - are diverse, interesting, and realistically flawed. However, I thought they were a bit underdeveloped. Or perhaps more to the point, as individuals they came across as [...]

    2. Not quite five stars because I spotted whodunnit almost right off the bat, but otherwise I really enjoyed this story of three sisters—lawyer-turned-blogger, housewife, and taxi driver—who become PIs to help prove their brother didn't kill his wife. I also really appreciated that the story is ultra low on the romantic side! Barely any at all.Note: looking back on yesterday's reaction I liked that Christianity is spoken of a lotbut, in retrospect, it makes me uncomfortable how many times the c [...]

    3. Truth Stained Lies offers up a wonderful blend of nail-biting suspense and strong characterization, making for a thoroughly entertaining read! I literally read through the novel in one sitting because I couldn't wait to see how everything would resolve. Would Jay's innocence be proven? Would his son Jackson be reunited with him? Would Cathy, Holly, and Juliet be able to find the killer? Terri Blackstock did a fantastic job of leading me from scene to scene, unfolding the truth one step at a time [...]

    4. This description captivated my attention. I was really looking forward to this read – what I thought to be a good crime fiction, a riveting read. I was wrong.I found the plot formulaic, the characters weak and predicable and worst of all I guessed the villain quite early on in the piece. I was very disappointed, more so because my expectations were so high. I took the synopsis provided by the publisher at face value, I read comments other readers made about the author on the web, they said thi [...]

    5. Three sisters Cathy, Juliet and Holly, just find out their sister-in-law was shot and killed, and their brother, Jay (estranged husband to murder victim) is the prime suspect. Cathy's fiancé, Joe, was killed not long ago. Joe's brother, Michael, who was a cop at the time, is now her friend and go-to person. She received a threatening note, which instantly had Michael at her side, along with her sisters, but their brother being arrested threw them all in a tail spin of action to find out who was [...]

    6. This was a really fast read and very enjoyable. Truth Stained Lies is the first book in Terri Blackstock's new Moonlighters series, and she gets things going with a bang or rather, a murder. The reader very quickly becomes involved in the Cramer family's drama when a veiled threat is left for ex-lawyer turned crime blogger Cathy Cramer at almost exactly the same time as her brother, Jay, is about to walk into his worst nightmare. From that point on, the family (Juliet, Cathy, Jay and Holly) com [...]

    7. Haven’t read a cosy mystery in a long time and this book was a nice one to start with after my break.This story is one of the simplest mysteries I’ve ever read. It wasn’t so much about the twist and turns, and the complexities attributed to a typical mystery weren’t present. This however didn’t stop the story from being engaging and interesting to follow.The character with the strongest and best developed personality was Holly. Her brokenness and need for redemption was so well illustr [...]

    8. When a man is framed for killing his estranged wife, his three sisters and a friend join forces to find the real killer before it is too late. This book has many of the trademark elements of a Terri Blackstock book, including characters you care about, some good action and suspense, and a little romance (though not as much romance as some of her other books). There are also some ethical dilemmas as lead character Cathy Cramer starts to wonder whether she has put her family in danger by pointing [...]

    9. The novel got off to a start in such a way that I thought I had missed a previous one. Finally, on page 168 the back story is told and the rest of the novel was a pleasure to read. Having that information at the beginning of the novel certainly would have made reading the first half of the book more enjoyable. There is lots of action and the suspense intensifies as we get near the end. This is not Blackstock's best but it is still a pretty good novel. See my full review at bit/17alvFa.

    10. Another great series start. I had to place a hold on the next book so of course, I am going to move on to another of Blackstock's series. I can tell you I really did enjoy this book. It was a little sad and happy and touched on some real issues. It was well written and honestly, gives you something to ponder. I mean many hurt Christians struggle with real issues like Holly has in this book. I love how Blackstock shows how actions can wound and even destroy another's walk, BUT God is always there [...]

    11. Zeker geen slecht verhaal maar ook geen echte topper wat mij betreft. Vlot geschreven maar net iets te voorspelbaar.

    12. The audiobook was bad, the story itself was okay, but only just okay. I wasn't extremely impressed.

    13. There are several things that I look forward to each year. Hopefully getting a tax refund (didn’t this year, though), hopefully getting a bonus (we’ll see in June!) and getting my hands on the latest Terri Blackstock thriller (nailed it!)As divorces go, Jay’s divorce is the hardest of all. Not only is he fighting over custody of his 5-year old son with his cheating ex-wife, now she’s alleging child abuse allegations against him. If only he could get her to sit down and talk to him, sans [...]

    14. Starting a new series by Terri Blackstock is definitely on my favorite things list. The story for this installment centers around four siblings that collectively have a difficult background. They are preacher’s kids that had to endure the backlash of their father’s affair with his secretary. They also each have a difficult individual story and that is what we learn most about. Cathy has lost a fiancé to a senseless murder in which the murderer got off on a technicality. Jay is going through [...]

    15. Cathy Cramer is a former lawyer and an investigative blogger who has frequently convicted people in her blog by drawing conclusions. A note left on the windshield of her car warns her that she will experience the same sort of judgement that she dishes out on her blog. She thinks it's a joke until she gets word that her sister-in-law has been murdered and her brother is the prime suspect. Cathy and her sisters know their brother is innocent. They just have to prove it. With the police feeling tha [...]

    16. Truth Stained Lies by Terry Blackstock is a Christian suspense with a little tiny bit of romance. I listened to an audiobook. I think I would have enjoyed it even more if I read it. Cathy appears extremely whiny in the first part of the book. However I think it is the audiobook and not the actual story. I encourage you to hold on and not get discouraged with her. The storyline involves three sisters and a brother who is accused of killing his estranged wife. No one is believing him when he says [...]

    17. Murder, blogging, threats, and family come together in this new crime novel by Terri Blackstock. Will you be able to solve the crime before the end of the book?Cathy Cramer is a blogger who loves to write about local crimes, especially homicides. As a former lawyer, she has contacts that aid in her investigation and help her blogs be as truth filled as possible. But, as with many other investigative reporters, Cathy begins to get threats. While she doesn't really worry about them at first, the s [...]

    18. This is one of the best books I've read in a very long time. It's not actually supposed to be out until March 12th, but I found it at my Christian bookstore on the evening of March 8th. They may have accidentally put it out early. It grabs your attention from the very beginning with an unusual plot, and it keeps you riveted until the end. Don't begin this one when you don't have much time; you'll probably find it very hard to put down, as I did. I am so glad it is the first book in a new series; [...]

    19. This is a well-written mystery about brothers and sisters who come together to find out who killed their sister-in-law. They need to clear their brother's name and reunite him with a 5-year-old son he has lost in a custody battle. The stakes are high and the resolution is satisfying. It's a great mystery in its own right, but I especially like it because it deals with forgiveness and serving others. It has a strong Christian message without being preachy. I'm adding this to my cozy mystery shelf [...]

    20. This i rate as a 3.5. There was nothing particularly wrong with the book, i just felt like the author could have made the story more suspenseful or at least kept the reader guessing longer. There were so many opportunities to have put some more twists or turns into the plot, but there just wasn't any. Over all, a quick, simple read and i was pleased with the outcome! And, as always, i really appreciate the christian ties and a "clean" read.

    21. I felt the resolution was a little far-fetched.It also felt like we were dropped in the middle of a story that had started a book earlier than what Terri was actually writing. There were many details about characters and their (prior to this book) relationships that Terri alluded to, with the tone that made the reader feel like we should have known about it. I didn't like that.

    22. Another great read from Teri Blackstock. Three sisters become amateur detectives who find the real killer after their brother is accused of murdering his estranged wife. The characters are well-developed, the dialogue and action crisp, and the plot keeps you turning pages and staying up late.

    23. I really liked this book. I like all her books. She keeps your interest and doesn't feel it necessary to have curse words and stuff in them. She is a wonderful Christian fiction author.

    24. I absolutely loved this book! It kept me on the edge of my seat. I read it in one sitting!I couldn't put it down. Blackstock does a great job of incorporating Christian values into the story.

    25. Truth Stained Lies had enough suspense that I read the whole book in just a few hours. The story centers on Cathy Cramer, who gave up her attorney position to blog on homicide cases. She comes out of court one day to find a threatening note on her car. The same day, her brother Jay receives an email from his estranged wife asking him to come to her home to talk about his visitation rights for their 5 year old son, Jackson. He goes, sees a clown coming out the front door, and finds Annalee in the [...]

    26. This is the first novel I've read by Terri Blackstock and I was pleasantly surprised. The story involves three families connected by birth, marriage, and death. Three sisters and a brother, three brothers with one dead, and a dead wife, sick mother, and brother. That makes for a complicated plot, but Blackstock handles it well. She leaves small clues of the back story until she is ready to reveal the whole thing and that gives more mystery to the story. She weaves the plot line well, giving us a [...]

    27. In this first book of the trilogy, we are introduced to the Cramer family: Cathy, Juliet, Holly, and Jay. Jay's ex-wife has been murdered, and he's set up to take the fall. The Cramer sisters, along with family friend Michael, are determined to prove Jay's innocence.This was a decent, quick read. Each of the characters is definitely a bit cookie cutter, and the story is plot driven. The characters don't grow or change much - at least not past what a reader can predict. Also, there were several t [...]

    28. This is a Christian book, which put me off. I was also a bit dismayed by the plethora of names thrown at readers at the beginning. But I have to admit that the basic plot/character configuration was interesting. Three sisters and a brother, who live in the same community but have very different lives, collaborate to clear the brother of trumped-up charges of murdering his wife (with the help of one sister's murdered fiance's ex-cop brother). A significant part of the book is multi-character dial [...]

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