The Museum of Atheism

The last 24 hours in the life of a six year old beauty queen.
The Museum of Atheism The last hours in the life of a six year old beauty queen

  • Title: The Museum of Atheism
  • Author: Laura Ellen Joyce
  • ISBN: 2370000070333
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Museum of Atheism”

    1. Very gripping and very dark. The whole book plays with your perceptions and leaves you guessing right until the end. In amongst all the lies and the oddities we get the voice of two children; these are the only innocent and genuine narrators we get, but of course they don't know the full picture. Well worth a read for those crime, horror and thriller fans out there and definitely intriguing and a little different.

    2. I haven't actually finished the book. In fact I barely got started. Was put off by the weird mushroomy stuff and, quite frankly, I wasn't in the mood.

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