1 thought on “A Bunch of Everlastings”

  1. A Bunch of Everlastings could just as well be titled A Bunch of Encouragements or A Bunch of Short History Lessons. I found Boreham's work to be one of the most encouraging, most interesting, and most profitable books I have read or listened to. His style is engaging and easy to follow. His subjects are well chosen and well represented in brief chapters. He draws application from and makes comparison to fictional and non-fictional characters alike. But each character, each story, each anecdote i [...]

  2. I really wanted to like this - a book of short accounts of people of faith and the Bible text that inspired them. And perhaps I could have done so if I was reading it rather than listening to an audiobook. But as it stands, I could not take the authors repetition any longer. Seems like he could have used 50% less words if he just stopped repeating himself. Saying the words "in no wise" three times in a row (and believe me it's something he did over and over) did not endear me to his writing. The [...]

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