Swamp Thing, Volume 2: Family Tree

Alec Holland is back as the Swamp Thing, fully formed as the protector of The Green Immediately upon his return, he must battle his way through the Bone Kingdom and The Rot to free his ally and ex girlfriend Abigail Arcane But will the cost of freeing her be.ting her Nothing, not even this titanic battle, will prepare Swampy for what he has to face next a resAlec Holland is back as the Swamp Thing, fully formed as the protector of The Green Immediately upon his return, he must battle his way through the Bone Kingdom and The Rot to free his ally and ex girlfriend Abigail Arcane But will the cost of freeing her be.ting her Nothing, not even this titanic battle, will prepare Swampy for what he has to face next a resurrected and even dangerous Anton Arcane Collecting Swamp Thing 8 11, 0 Annual 1
Swamp Thing Volume Family Tree Alec Holland is back as the Swamp Thing fully formed as the protector of The Green Immediately upon his return he must battle his way through the Bone Kingdom and The Rot to free his ally and ex gir

  • Title: Swamp Thing, Volume 2: Family Tree
  • Author: Scott Snyder Yanick Paquette Marco Rudy Scott Tuft Francesco Francavilla Kano Becky Cloonan Andrew Belanger
  • ISBN: 9781401238438
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Swamp Thing Cover of Swamp Thing March April Art by Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing comic book The fictional character Swamp Thing has appeared in five American comic book series to date, including several specials, and has crossed over into other DC Comics titles The series found immense popularity upon its s debut and during the mid late s under Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, and John Totleben.These eras were met with high critical praise and numerous awards. Swamp Thing Vol Saga of the Swamp Thing Before WATCHMEN, Alan Moore made his debut in the U.S comic book industry with the revitalization of the horror comic book THE SWAMP THING His deconstruction of the classic monster stretched the creative boundaries of the medium and became one of the most spectacular series in Saga of the Swamp Thing, Book Alan Moore, Stephen Saga of the Swamp Thing, Book Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, John Totleben on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Before WATCHMEN, Alan Moore made his debut in the U.S comic book industry with the revitalization of the horror comic book THE SWAMP THING His deconstruction of the classic monster stretched the creative boundaries of the medium and became one of the most Swamp Industries Musical Equipment Audio Cables Pro i just received my sg portable amp in record delivery time and i am so impressed with the not only the quality of design and finish but what a great tone for such a small amp i play nylon string instruments so i can get lost in acoustic situations trying to compete with steel strung instruments which was my main reason for buying this amp it has far volume than i will ever need in Politics News Breaking Political News, Video Analysis ABC News is your trusted source on political news stories and videos Get the latest coverage and analysis on everything from the Trump presidency, Senate, House and Supreme Court. MacGuffinite Atomic Rockets The whole structure of Western society may well be unfitted for the effort that the conquest of space demands No nation can afford to divert its ablest men into such essentially non creative, and occasionally parasitic, occupations as law, advertising, and banking.

    1 thought on “Swamp Thing, Volume 2: Family Tree”

    1. The Swamp Thing takes on Anton Arcane and the Rot in this disjointed collection of somewhat unrelated issuesDespite thinking Scott Snyder is the alligator's Adam's apple, I did not enjoy this collection. There were several contributing factors.1. It's been years since I read Swamp Thing Volume 1.2. Some crossover with Animal Man throws a wrench into the flow of the storyline. The Animal Man issues were not included.3. Hasn't Old Swampy gone up against Anton Arcane enough over the years?4. Swamp [...]

    2. Epic battle between Rot and Green in Snyder's run, vol 2. We had all the preamble, now we've gotta see Abby take on the mantle of the Queen of Rot and perhaps even get her back out of it! :)Go Greenie!So, as a sidenote to just having read all of Moore's Swamp Thing, I was quite content with having a Greenie who was a plant who thought he was Alec, with very little of Alec left except what he accepted.In this one, it really is a resurrected Alec who *merged* with the Green instead of being *all* [...]

    3. Volume 2 starts out like gangbusters. In this corner, representing the “Green”, Alec Holland aka Swamp Thing. His opponent, representing “The Rot”, Sethe. Swamp Thing gives a cry of Yo, Adrian, “Abigail” and it’s on like Donkey Kong. The wonderfully creepy art from volume one is back as Swamp Thing and Sethe battle back and forth.Then, Mr. and Mrs. Animal Man and kid show up in their camper and say, “Hi, um, we’re here to help, but in order for us to do so, Mr./Mrs./Ms. Fanboy, [...]

    4. The second volume of Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing is a mish-mash of storylines collected together to form a fragmentary whole - there's the conclusion to the Sethe storyline from the first volume, Anton Arcane is introduced and attempts a kidnapping, we get the #0 issue showing the origins of Swamp Thing, there's Alec Holland and Abby Arcane's first meeting, and we get dropped right into the middle of the Rotworld Event. Lotta stuff, right?First off, the Sethe storyline from the first book was goo [...]

    5. Well, this was I don't know. The collection kicks off with the conclusion to the Sethe storyline, which is rushed to an almost criminal degree. It felt very much like Snyder wanted (needed?) to get that storyline out of the way to set up the next. Which is odd, because it's followed by several filler-type issues. Giving Animal Man time to catch up, maybe? And then there's the last issue (which was, I believe, the annual) which seems totally unconnected, chronologically, to the issue before it. I [...]

    6. I'm enjoying this series more I get in to it (same with animal man). Alec is now the Swamp thing, and this mofo ain't fucking around! He became a huge ass green creature of love and he's ready to wreck shit. His fight with the Rot was entertaining (though still don't like the structure of the panels for most part). I also thought the ending issues should have been integrated into flashbacks. Why were the background stories just stuck into this? It felt so oddly placed, even though they gave more [...]

    7. Well its definitely better then the last volume, has a more entertaining story, various different artists working on this book and all suit the tone well. But in the end this title is still not clicking with me, this volume is better, but I think the whole Swamp Thing mythos is just not for me.

    8. I couldn't wait to jump into this after the rather amazing first volume of the series. I tore through this in one sitting, I just couldn't wait to find out what was in store for Alec Holland.Volume two isn't quite as good as its predecessor; however, it is still very enjoyable if not because of the steadily building lead-up to the war against the Rot, then definitely because of the gross and gory artwork. There are some amazingly horrific images in these pages, so if horror is your thing, then t [...]

    9. Not quite the amazing experience of the first book, still not quite an average comic. This time around, the dread takes a back seat to action and fast-moving plot points. Nothing seems to linger too long - like Snyder is in a rush to get somewhere better, but what could be better than epic struggles between the most primordial forces of the world?We see death and ressurection (or last-minute comic book "saving throws") cycle through these issues so fast that it feels like a compressed version of [...]

    10. I love how, in this New 52 crossover event between Animal Man and Swamp Thing, Swamp Thing is distinctively written as a horror comic while Animal Man stands out as a book about a family man struggling with his superhero identity. In this way, both titles remain true to their origins and are self-aware of the things Grant Morrison and Alan Moore did in the '80s to make them great.Whereas the totems of The Red in Animal Man have consistently pointed out that there is nothing evil about The Rot, ( [...]

    11. Making my way, albeit slowly, through some of the DCNU launches/re-launches and I've mixed feelings on this one. In part, because taking Swamp Thing away from the Vertigo line and placing him in the DCNU seems to have little effect on the character. The horror might be more of a physical threat than a psychological one, but this remains a horror title for the most part and the lead character is unchanged. The significant changes are to Abigail Arcane and the introduction of the Rot.I wanted to l [...]

    12. As I mentioned on my review of the first Trade compilation of these comics,I read these as individual issues as they came out my first impression was that it had nice art, but that the story wasn't really going anywhere.I then re-read the entire first 12 issues in a single sitting.Yes, the story is slow, you can tell that they were intended more for a trade compilation than to be read as singles, but there IS a story.The art matches well with pretty much with the rest the new DC 52 which is to s [...]

    13. "I've got your hug right here"Strong words from a strong woman ;) really loving everythiing about this issue: the characters, so deep, so rich Abigail, Arcane, it all just feels good, connected, one good, brilliant story in fact.I'm definitely jumping straight into the next one!Oeh, yeah, right, almost forgot: just loving this ARTWORK!!!

    14. Ever since I read and was amazed by Alan Moore's magisterial run on Swamp Thing, I've managed to stumble across some modern takes on Swamp Thing. Most have been less than impressive, save for a Brain Vaughn volume that was quite good. Scott Snyder steps up to the plate and tries to do a "deep" Alan Moore like story. He fails. Though not miserably.The brilliant premise of Moore's Swamp Thing not being a man at all but rather a plant that had the thoughts of Alec Holland is turned on its head as t [...]

    15. I forgot that the first two volumes of most New 52 books were connected. At least, Scott Snyder's were. That means waiting six years to pick up the second volume was a mistake. But, aside from the resolution of the previous volume, the rest of this is messy. Mostly, it's preparing for volume three and it's missing an issue that must have been in Animal Man. And I HATED Animal Man's New 52. I'll finish Rotworld but I've been letdown.

    16. The first time I ever saw the Swamp Thing was when my dad showed me the movie on HBO very late one night, the one directed by Wes Craven that is super terrible but so good at the same time. Too bad Alan Moore's comics were not friendly reading for 7 year-olds.Vertigo titles were never really my thing until I hit about sophomore year in high school, or until the ass-end of Sandman, whichever came first. Black Orchid, Kid Eternity, stuff like that just seemed so severely and intentionally opaque a [...]

    17. I didn't enjoy this as much as Volume 1, but it was still very good.Swamp Thing looks badass here, with wings and antlers, and kicks some serious ass in his showdown with Sethe. Trying to free Abby from his clutches, but is it too late? Or is Abby even more powerful than ever known?The art is great for the horrific nature of the book. Also an old enemy returns, even stronger than ever, Swamp Thing's greatest enemy ever (as well as Alec Holland's).There's also some good work that tells how Hollan [...]

    18. I liked this one better than the first. I don't know if it's because it gives us some background on Alec and in particular how his fate became entangled with Abigail. The battle between the Green and the Rot feels epic. In this book, we see that the battle also involves the other vital force, the Red, which is the animal primal nature. I really like the concept of plantlife being powerful and sentient. I think it's because I love plants and I am a keen gardener. I feel like that part of me that [...]

    19. Meno potente del primo volume. Si vede che Snyder e Lemire avevano da far tornare le cose per arrivare a Rotworld. Il centro della storia (e la cosa più interessante) resta, comunque, l'amore di Alec Holland e Abigail Arcane e leggersi una storiellina illustrata da Becky Cloonan non fa mai male. Bello, al solito, il delirio organico del Rot anche se, per noi italiani cresciuti a Splatter e Dylan Dogghi, l'horror "mainstream" americano fa un po' un baffo. Tranne il cervello che strangola il bamb [...]

    20. A good tale well told that continues setting up Anton Arcane as the main antagonist of the current series, it falls short of the British wave writers that influenced it by not having any deeper intentions than to tell a good story: Moore, Morrison, Gaiman all told good stories but also had deeper intentions and used all their craft to marry form and function in ways that felt new, but here Snyder hits all the right notes, but none of them feel new.

    21. This started so strong! It was great! I really liked the continuation and the build up of the anticipated epic battle between the Rot and Swamp Thing.It was not to last long. Animal Man shows up for like 2 seconds and then the rest of the volume collected a flashback and some other aspects of the story that don't make any narrative sense to the collection as a whole. Again, great writing! Again, amazing art! But boy does the editoral work of complying this volume tank it! I'm glad I saw some oth [...]

    22. Artwork is nice (albeit overly gory in my opinion). The plot is confusing at times, and this really just seems like a slow buildup to Rotworld. Probably won't read anymore after volume 3.

    23. Alec has returned to the Swamp as the protector of the Green. However, he must battle a lot of dark forces in order to save his girlfriend, Abigail Arcane.

    24. Broadly speaking, Swamp Thing is an OK story beautifully told. The art is variable, largely because there are a number of different artists at work here, but it is all good - it's just that some is better. So, for example, the flashback story told in the Annual ("The Hidden") avoids the common use of either the Rot or foliage as an alternative panel boundary which is common in the main storyline (and in the "present"/"future" framing story of the Annual) except on the pages where Abby first appe [...]

    25. Reprints Swamp Thing (5) #0, 8-11, and Annual #1 (June 2012-December 2012). Swamp Thing is reborn and literally trying to find his roots as he adjusts to his new powers. Unfortunately, the threat of the Rot is growing, and it could turn Alec’s love Abigail Arcane against him. If Swamp Thing can stop Abigail from succumbing to the darkness inside of her, can he stop the return of his immortal enemy and emissary of the Rot Anton Arcane?Written by Scott Snyder (with help from Scott Tuft on Swamp [...]

    26. Although it's not as incredibly amazing as the previous book it's still a bloody solid volume. The thing I LOVE LOVE LOVED about the first volume was that it never felt rushed. The story moved forward at an excellent pace letting you get a feel for everyone. The book was a bit more incoherent making some sections feel a tad rushed, and some left me wandering "what the f**k did I just miss?". So we see the story of Sethe wrapped up, or is it? I have read a few reviews about how this story felt li [...]

    27. I loved the first volume of the New 52 Swamp Thing, and there are so many reasons for that love. One, it's written by Scott Snyder who in recent years has proved himself to be one of the better new talents in comic writing. Currently working on the main title for Batman, he's frequently proven capable of blending dark elements into super hero stories that make them beautiful on the page and in your mind. Also, Swamp Thing has been one of the better drawn titles of the New 52 behind only Batwoman [...]

    28. This wasn't quite as good as the first volume, but then again it might be "middle book syndrome".Swamp Thing goes more into straight action in this volume, and we get good scenes of both Swamp Thing and Abigail Arcane beating up the undead menace. Issue 0 is included here to fill in the scenes where Alec Holland first met Abby and his archenemy Anton Arcane, connecting the Rot storyline to the origin story. The arc ends with Animal Man locating Swamp Thing and both characters seeing a portal to [...]

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