Flower & Devil 01

Seit der D mon Vivi seine Heimat verlassen und in die Welt der Menschen gekommen ist, f hrt er dort das Leben eines Herzogs Er hat Hana, die als Baby ausgesetzt wurde, bei sich aufgenommen, doch was er sich damit eingebrockt hat, merkt Vivi erst 14 Jahre sp ter Denn einen Teenager zu b ndigen, ist kein Kinderspiel Vor allem, weil Hana Vivi verg ttert und ihn unbedingt vSeit der D mon Vivi seine Heimat verlassen und in die Welt der Menschen gekommen ist, f hrt er dort das Leben eines Herzogs Er hat Hana, die als Baby ausgesetzt wurde, bei sich aufgenommen, doch was er sich damit eingebrockt hat, merkt Vivi erst 14 Jahre sp ter Denn einen Teenager zu b ndigen, ist kein Kinderspiel Vor allem, weil Hana Vivi verg ttert und ihn unbedingt von ihrem Blut trinken lassen m chte Wird Vivi Hanas s em L cheln widerstehen k nnen
Flower Devil Seit der D mon Vivi seine Heimat verlassen und in die Welt der Menschen gekommen ist f hrt er dort das Leben eines Herzogs Er hat Hana die als Baby ausgesetzt wurde bei sich aufgenommen doch was e

  • Title: Flower & Devil 01
  • Author: Hisamu Oto
  • ISBN: 9783842000117
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I loved the ending (view spoiler)[they got married and had kids and lived happily after that but I just felt really sad when hana died I know it was inevitable but stillI cried alot when she died T_T *sob*That moment on Hana's death bed. When she once again expressed her love for Vivi, and how she told him that the years they had spent together had made her so happy. That was just beautiful and painful at the same time. And then their children, being 'more demon than human' yet also being able t [...]

    2. I’ve finished Hana to Akuma today, and all I can say is that it was perfect. The character build up, the development of the story line. Everything. Even the absolutely heartbreaking ending, which we all knew was inevitable.The way it had ended was nothing short of absolute perfection. The sorrow brought about by Hana’s death together with the joys of the gifts she left behind, their children, were heartbreakingly beautiful. It was a perfect tragedy, since the whole story basically revolved a [...]

    3. Ah, I hate reading slumps! I read 4 chapters of this manga and while I'm pretty certain that I would've loved it under other circumstances, it didn't intrigue me in the slightest and to be frank, the age difference threw me even more off of reading it. What on earth does a 200-year-old see in a 14-year-old girl he has raised himself? I remain unimpressed and I'm sorry about that because a good friend of mine even recommended the manga to me.

    4. The story is a typical YA Paranormal plot: a handsome demon attached to a human girl. Bibi, who is a 200-year-old demon, finds Hana when she is a baby, and raises her. The plot develops when she is 14 years old, but in reality, looks more like a 9-year-old girl. She loves Bibi very much, but he, as a demon, avoids to touch her because demons destroy flowers and Hana means flower.I cannot like Hana. Or she is smiling like an idiot, or she keeps crying like a baby. The whole issue 'I can't touch y [...]

    5. [The rating and review refer to the whole series.]This is the story of Vivi, the demon, who decided to leave the demon realm and come to the human world. There he found an abandoned baby, and on a whim, decided to keep it.It's also the story of Hana, a human, who was raised by a demon but grew up to become a caring and gentle girl.Hana to Akuma is one of the most adorable stories I've ever read. It's endearing, both funny and sad, and ultimately very realistic (for a manga with demons). 3.5 star [...]

    6. It's been a really long time since I read this but I thought that this was a very sweet manga at first. Watching a demon just pick up a baby and start raising it, realizing he has an attachment for a human (this may be a huge difference between the idea of demons between two cultures but manga demons always seem more humane) was one thing but as she got older and he realized and his feeling grew deeper I don't know. I mean it's a bit off to me that someone who assumes a father role with someone [...]

    7. 14 years old Hana was raised by a demon called Vivi whom She falls in love with(although she is still too young ).

    8. Okay, first the drawing did not attract me much because i'm used to a well drawn manga but i'm going to give this a chance.

    9. This isn't the best of shoujo manga. But it's far from the worst. I really detest mangas that start off with boy-meets-girl and jump to they-fall-in-love after a chapter. Hana to Akuma was different. The relationship between Hana and Bibi was explored (maybe not as fully as I would've liked it, but still) and you could feel the depths of their love for each other. The love triangles weren't really love triangles, just the way I like them, but enough to provoke jealousy. And the side characters w [...]

    10. Aggg, no puedo, esto me supera. Esta fui yo todo el rato que duré:Sé que es una cosa que hacen los japoneses pero a mi las historias de una niña que aparenta menos de lo que es y un ser sobrenatural que la tiene en su casa y se enamoran así porque sí pues no me convence para nada e incluso me parece pederastia. A ver: Hana, 14 años, edad mental de 7. Una niña que fueraptada cuando era pequeña por un demonio y desde pequeña ha vivido con él. Le lleva flores, le sonríe todo el rato y se [...]

    11. This book, this series was fantastic. It was so sweet, you could make a cake with it. I loved it, loved it! It did have one of my biggest pet peeves though, the inability to do math where the passage of time meets with age correctly. How does a baby age 14 years in just ten? Riddle me this Batman! Geez! No 4yr old can be bundled and that small at the beginning. Nice art, cute, cute story though; I really could not have asked for more (outside of the age/time deal that is). Well, I did. I wished [...]

    12. The Duke of Demons name Vivi got bored of his home and went to Earth. That's where he met 4 year old Hana, a baby girl left for abortion. That's when Vivi took care of her. As the years passed and Hana was at the age of 14 and turning 15. Hana and Vivi have gotten closer. At first, Vivi didn't want to touch Hana because she might wilt as a flower and that scared him.Vivi gets jealous quite easily, even when Hana starts hanging around or playing with other guys in the mansion like Toni or Felton. [...]

    13. This is a must read!! It's one of my absolute FAVE-MANGAS-OF-ALL-TIMEZ!!! It has everything from a laidback, yet charming demon to love triangles, to complications, a absolutely perfect plot, and involvement from Lucifer too! With great female characters! The story is so good and well organized and the ending was perfect. I love it a lot. I laugh, cried and sad while I read it but I the end I was satisfy and keep reading it over and over again.

    14. I absolutely adored this manga. Most people might think its the kind where the 14-yr old girl stumbles upon the demon and ends up in a strange and awkward relationship. This has a nice twist to it in which the demon has been raising the child so it has a nice, easy, light atmosphere to the plot. I read the whole series already and one thing you need to know above anything else is that you should have tissues on hand. This story will make you cry and not just during the ending but the whole serie [...]

    15. Bibi (or Vivi) is a demon from Hell who because of boredom in his eternal life moves to Earth to pass his time along with his staff and house. He is Duke in the demon hierarchy. Once when he was coming back from a ride he found a bundle outside his Mansion gate. He finds an infant in there abandoned at his door and he brings the baby inside.Turns out its a baby girl who is named Hana (i.e. a flower) due to her angelic smile which she gives to Bibi. Bibi knowing that demons and humans can not mix [...]

    16. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! It had me hooked by the first page and I just couldn't keep my hands off it for more than a second! I loved everything in this manga except maybe the ending. It was a nice ending but I was hoping that they had found a way to make Hana immortal or at least let Livi age and die with her. I just felt like crying knowing that Livi was gonna be all alone. This manga was beautiful and I am thankful that it was one of the first manga's that I had read and the first that I had actually [...]

    17. leí este tomo en una hora, incluso menos ya que sólo son cinco capítulos. Me gusta mucho como se está desarrollando la historia, lentamente (bueno, dentro de lo que cabe). A lo que voy es que los sentimientos de ambos se van mostrando cada día más y no de un sopetón como otros mangas del mismo género.

    18. For light reading, this is actually a good manga. You'll enjoy the foolishness of the characters and also the weird yet cute pairing of Vivi and Hana. You want to read something silly and humorous? Look no further because this manga is the one you are looking for!

    19. I want to reread this series so bad, but FUCK YOU ENDING! I guess we all can't have nice thing then. It's so beautiful, funny, and a bit (okay a lot) freaky if you think bout it

    20. Favorite! Awesome! A must to have!My love!This series ended and all I have to say is the ending is woah, I like it. It wasn't the typical HEA ending but the ending suit Hana to Akuma. I'm glad. There are moments when I laugh, blushed, cringe and 'aww-ed'. I really enjoyed reading this and I can't find any part of the manga that disappoint me. For starter, I think this is a very interesting plot. It was rare for a demon to hang out with a human and this story shows their strength of love and the [...]

    21. Hana to Akuma (literally: The Flower and the Demon, Demon With Flower, the Demon's Flower) is a story following the young Hana and her trials growing up in a house of demons. I read the first volume before realizing the story is listed as a romance, which did draw some concern for me as I recalled another series.To start off, the artwork is certainly not terrible, but it does leave something to be desired. Certain character angles come across as awkward, stiff, and give an entirely different moo [...]

    22. I REALLY LOVE THIS MANGA This manga really have so much filling, i feel like i being dragged in the story world.(view spoiler)[For first i feel like this is just same like other manga supranatural stories when human fall in love withd emon and bla bla bla bla.But i wrong, 1. vivi just adopt her (well if we can say that adopt) and raise her under her care.In the meaning they have long time to know each other.2. Hana just a child but really have adult think, and have a pure child feeling and thats [...]

    23. see full review @ Katie's CornerMini manga review here and today I have a sweet story for you. To say the truth I dropped it once, because of something, but then I took it up again.I really thought that it would end a bit differently. I mean, we didn’t really see the after marriage life of Hana and Bibi. I mean 10 volumes were as if just an introduction, though there were a lot of moments of Hana and Bibi, but I really wanted to see those two as a couple more. I really cried at the end. I didn [...]

    24. Hana is a girl of 14. She was left at the gates of a mansion in the forest when she was a baby. The mansion though, belonged to the demon Vivi. On impulse he decides to keep the baby. As Hana grows up she becomes attached to Vivi and does not like to be away from him. Their relationship is that of guardian and ward at first, but as Hana continues to grow so do her feelings for Vivi. But they are not left alone for very long. Vivi is a demon of high rank, and soon demons come to take him back to [...]

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