The Past Never Ends

A simple task, Attorney Chester Morgan thinks Get a copy of a public record for a young man whose only friend has died in an unexplained accidental death Except The police file regarding the demise of sex worker Tanya Everly has been sealed by the order of the chief of police, and no one will talk Warned to drop the matter, Attorney Morgan knows that if he doesn t spA simple task, Attorney Chester Morgan thinks Get a copy of a public record for a young man whose only friend has died in an unexplained accidental death Except The police file regarding the demise of sex worker Tanya Everly has been sealed by the order of the chief of police, and no one will talk Warned to drop the matter, Attorney Morgan knows that if he doesn t speak for the dead young woman, no one will Haunted by his discovery of the body of a prominent local oilman, Morgan pursues a quest for justice that puts his reputation, career, and life at risk A journey that takes him into the dark shadows of the sex for sale business, into the marble courtrooms of Oklahoma, and into the aching loneliness of his own soul Set in the American Southwest in the days before 9 11, The Past Never Ends is both a complex murder mystery and a meditation on the self perpetuating nature of injustice and the ethereal nature of justice itself.
The Past Never Ends A simple task Attorney Chester Morgan thinks Get a copy of a public record for a young man whose only friend has died in an unexplained accidental death Except The police file regarding the demise of

  • Title: The Past Never Ends
  • Author: Jackson Burnett
  • ISBN: 9781620160039
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The Edgar AwardBURNETT; Jackson. Sits in-between BURKE; James Lee and BURNS; Rexin my home library. BURKE won the Edgar Award twice; - Best Novel of the year in 1990 for Black Cherry Blues. - Best Novel of the year in 1998 for Cimarron Rose.BURNS won the Edgar Award in 1976;- Best first novel, The Alvarez Journal.BURNETT’s The Past Never Ends was submitted for consideration for the Edgar Award in 2012; - Best first novel. We GR readers are aware that the Edgar Awards, named after Edgar Allan P [...]

    2. UPDATED REVIEW26 March 2013When browsing through some old reviews recently, I came across this review. I started reading the review and had to stop. I didn't read too far into the review because it sounded so stilted, not my style at all. I'm much more laid back than that. Not sure why I sounded so stilted, maybe I hadn't found 'my voice.' I have no excuse but it did tell the story and was an ok review when I did read it through. But I simply wasn't happy with it, that's all. With that said, I d [...]

    3. When Attorney Chester Morgan is hired to investigate the death of a young stripper, he runs into a brick wall. First, the police file is sealed. Or lost. Or maybe both. No one will talk. Not the medical examiner or the dead girl's landlady. Even her mother/pimp has nothing to say.It seems like this case may never be solved, but Morgan and his two plucky assistants are going to give it their all. There are plenty of likable characters, loads of suspects and an honest gentleman who seeks the truth [...]

    4. From Nash Black's five star review at : Jackson Burdett's legal whodoneit THE PAST NEVER ENDS with Chester Morgan in the office is a fine example of the family lawyer we remember, the one we paid with sweet corn when money was tight.Chester has his problems forgetting his ex-wife, but not enough to become maudlin. He takes a case from Alan Kinman to obtain the death records of a stripper/hooker Tanya Everly, but those records though marked closed are no where to be found. Someone does not want t [...]

    5. This is one of the most interesting books I have read this year. At first glance, Jack Burnett’s novel is crime fiction, no more, no less. However, it soon becomes apparent that this is so much more.Does the law serve itself or justice? Burnett uses a seemingly unrelated sequence of events to answer this.The plot is engaging and starts with a bang. Chester Morgan attorney-at-law, discovers the body of a wealthy philanthropist floating in the YMCA pool. The man presumably died of natural causes [...]

    6. Simply put, I had a great time reading this novel. Jackson Burnett has a truly enviable gift: He is a master storyteller. As I read, I could picture him sitting on his front porch, pipe in hand, spinning yarns about the locals and their scandals - and always, ending his stories with a point of wisdom. The characters are colorful and authentic, and the dialogue is natural and very entertaining (some of it is laugh-out-loud funny); however, I'm a huge fan of the narrative - and this book contains [...]

    7. From the opening scene to the closing sigh, the reader will be drawn into the intimate lives of charming as well as disturbing characters. This story while utilizing the theme of a legal mystery reveals the challenges of living authentically with a heart for justice and truth. I recommend that you read it like you would eat a box of chocolates; savor each life, each voice, each image, each interaction, each emotion, each fragrance, each tone. You may find yourself laughing, cringing, but mostly [...]

    8. Wonderfully crafted novel. The story is told slowly and eloquently. I loved the main character, Chester, and his staff, Marylin and Shawn. I could envision the people and places in each of the scenes. Maria was a great addition. Crooked cops and lawyers, a setting that reminds the reader of time past, but somehow current; this is a seriously good book!

    9. Brought to you by OBS reviewer LindsayThe main reason I like to read mystery books is to guess the ending and see if I’m right. A good mystery will prove you completely wrong at the end of the book. The Past Never Ends will keep you guessing up until the last page. Chester Morgan is an attorney in Vivia Oklahoma with a small practice that focuses on the clients. After losing his wife and finding a fellow lawyer and friend dead at the local YMCA pool, he falls into a bit of a rut. Until one day [...]

    10. I read this riveting book in one night/overnight because I couldn't stop, and that is not my habit (I love my sleep). Jackson Burnett has succeeded in capturing the smells, sights, sounds, dialogue and feelings of a great story. I felt as though I was living the mystery with each detail and character portrayal that emerged. He does an excellent job of presenting the many shades of grey within the plot, and with each new twist and turn, I was compelled to read on with rapt interest. How much bett [...]

    11. It has been many years since I have delved into a good mystery, or the genre for that matter. The Past Never Ends had all the right ingredients, intrigue, suspense, a good premise and colourful, bawdy characters. The prose could flow better perhaps by the culling of unnessary detail and descriptions, which caused me to jolt out of the story at times, but generally speaking a solid first novel by author Jackson Burnett.

    12. Excellent first book by Jackson Burnett! This is what a mystery novel should be, it will keep you guessing right until the end. Very realistic story and characters. I hope to see more from this author!

    13. While investigating a curious case for his client, Attorney Chester Morgan encounters more than the usual moribund bureaucracies, missing documents, and stale interpretations of the law. His investigation leads him to explore the seamy underbelly of an Oklahoma town uncovering a complex tale of corruption, debasement, and conspiracy. Along the way Chester confronts his own darker side with charming, self-deprecating humor while gaining a deeper respect for the nature of justice and of living its [...]

    14. I would like to have given this more stars but, in the end of the day, I can truthfully say only that I liked it. Good points: tight writing, attractive characters, very authentic feel, some excellent description, an early hook. I would have liked to have seen more action; one killing apart, you need dark glasses to find much noir; and the ending disappointed me.BUT this is an excellent first novel by someone who I am sure can do much, much better. If Jackson Burnett can become as good a story-t [...]

    15. An excellent first novel. I will anxiously await his next. Great pacing and characterizations. The plot is intricate but not confusing. I would highly recommend. Bonus, this was a reduced price book available for my Nook, nothing beats getting a great read for a buck!

    16. Fell in love with this book slowly and then could not put it down . The author has written a fabulous legal mystery , full of wonderfully believable characters . Would highly recommend ;-)

    17. THE PAST NEVER ENDSWhat a great story of true life. Not always the best way but things happen. I will certainly be buying more by this author. So glad I took a chance on one unfamiliar to me. Easy to read and understand.

    18. A very enjoyable bookThis book was well written, with believable characters and the storyline was interesting. I really enjoyed the characters in the book.

    19. An interesting story, but not very engaging.The author, instead of referring to his main character, Chester Morgan, consistently by one name (like Chester or Morgan), used every tag he could come up with. He called him Chester, Chest, Morgan, the lawyer, and several other things. He did this with all his characters which made it a little hard to keep track of them. It also gave the book an ‘old time’ feel, as that was they style a long time ago (never call the character the same thing over a [...]

    20. The Past Never Ends and for me, neither did this book. Seriously. Someone will have to tell me how it ends.

    21. DisjointedI found it hard to read this book. I found it disjointed with poor word choices making sentences hard to follow. It was very slow to build.

    22. Interesting story that tries too hardI liked quite a bit about this book, including the main storyline, but felt the author tried too hard to put in a lot of different subplots that ultimately bogged down the whole book. The main character's relationship with his ex-wife was not incorporated very well at all. My biggest complaint was the ending-I have no clue what the author really meant and it turned an okay/good book to a frustrating/poor book. I can't really recommend it.

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