Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on It.

The DNA of business has changed Forever You can blame technology, smartphones, social media, online shopping and everything else, but nothingchanges this reality we are in a moment of business purgatory So, what are you going to do about it Mitch Joel, one of the world s leading experts in new media, warns that the time has come to CTRL ALT DELETE To reboot and to stThe DNA of business has changed Forever You can blame technology, smartphones, social media, online shopping and everything else, but nothingchanges this reality we are in a moment of business purgatory So, what are you going to do about it Mitch Joel, one of the world s leading experts in new media, warns that the time has come to CTRL ALT DELETE To reboot and to start re building your business model If you don t, Joel warns, not only will your company begin to slide backwards, but you may find yourself unemployable within five years That s a very strong warning, but in his new book, CTRL ALT DELETE, Joel explains the convergence of five key movements that have changed business forever The movements have already taken place, but few businesses have acted on them He outlines what you need to know to adapt right now He also points to the seven triggers that will help you take advantage of these game changing factors to keep you employable as this new world of business unfolds Along the way, Joel introduces his novel concept of squiggle which explains how you can learn to adapt your personal approach to your career, as new technology becomes the norm In short, this is not a book about change management but rather a book about changing both you AND your business model.
Ctrl Alt Delete Reboot Your Business Reboot Your Life Your Future Depends on It The DNA of business has changed Forever You can blame technology smartphones social media online shopping and everything else but nothingchanges this reality we are in a moment of business purgato

  • Title: Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on It.
  • Author: Mitch Joel
  • ISBN: 9781455523306
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This book did have some good things in it, like adding value is the best way to engage the consumer; mobile is and should be first right now; use data to help your strategy; etc.However, for the most part this book is just a rah rah aren't we marketers great book. The author loves being a marketer and this is another book that trots out the same old examples of highly successful companies and completely fails to address any issues with those same companies, or any others. There's no mention of a [...]

    2. In the revolutionary 1999 movie, The Matrix, a character by the name of Morpheus gives the protagonist Neo a choice of either waking up and seeing the truth of the world around him, or remaining asleep and accepting what is. He tells Neo, "This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. [...]

    3. For the vast majority of reading that I do in non-fiction areas I do online: in forums, blogs, help systems and so forth. Digging out facts or procedures or ways of dealing with some fairly technical problem. Only once in a while do I pick up a published non-fiction book, and usually I only dip into them a bit, skimming for something useful. Mitch Joel's “Ctrl Alt Delete” is one that pulled me past dipping to skimming through the whole thing, pausing frequently to digest. I'm sure there are [...]

    4. Once again Mitch Joel takes his years of experience, mixes it with a healthy dose of future gazing and delivers a first class book that any business professional must read to be prepared for the world we live in today.The way business use to be done has been rebooted. It doesn't matter if you are just starting your career or a C-Suite executive. You must reboot as well.

    5. Ctrl Alt Delete immediately resonated. It's what you're forced to do when you're stuck and can't move forward or backward for that matter. You're trapped. Not necessarily looking to start over, but rather resume in a forward motion, preferably on stable ground. Then the aha, let's try a Ctrl Alt Delete.Change is rampant, specifically in the area of technology. Things are happening and morphing so fast, just trying to keep up can seem like a full time job, at least to me. I didn't need the book t [...]

    6. I first stumbled upon Mitch Joel during college. I only wish I found him sooner. Joel’s first book, “Six Pixels of Separation,” opened my mind and eyes to the world of marketing and all the creativity that resides within it. His passion for connectivity, technological advancement and ability to keep an open mind is inspiring. When he announced that he was in the midst of writing a second book, “CTRL ALT Delete- Reboot Your Business (and Yourself) in a Connected World” I knew it would b [...]

    7. As a marketing book, Ctrl Alt Delete takes the reader on wild ride. The metaphor about rebooting is a broad one, so the book opens up many possibilities for the reader to connect his or her life/career with where they are and where they want/hope to go.I saw it as a book about entrepreneurism, driven and almost threatened by technology. The threat isn't about the technology in place but the existing technology that should better understood and ultimately expanded then ultimately replaced. There' [...]

    8. In December I read the newest book by "Media Hacker" Mitch Joel. This was followed up by a live Q&A call I hosted with Mitch. Ctrl Alt Delete, despite its name is a positive book about opportunity in the new world of digital media. The book is seemingly split into two; first addressing businesses and organizations and then addressing individuals.The book really addresses the idea that media is changing so fast that we all have a need of starting afresh with a new strategy, new plan, and new [...]

    9. In Ctrl Alt Delete, Mitch draws upon his client experience, research, and network to synthesize a slew of environmental factors that will impact businesses and individuals over the next five years. He tackles business and individuals separately in the book, but there’s a mutual inclusivity that never really allows them to stand apart. In Reboot: Business, there’s (as expected) a focus on media, digital technologies, data science, and mobile. In Reboot: You, he expands the scope of the book t [...]

    10. The first half of this book was a bit difficult to read. It wasn't any of the concepts - on which the author seems to have a firm grasp - but rather the sentence structure. I could not get through a page without a parenthetical observation breaking the flow and my concentration. Many of these items could have been restructured slightly and therefore made part of the primary content.The second half was a bit easier to deal with, perhaps because by that time I had become familiar with the author's [...]

    11. Good reminder that you have to to give people what they actually want and need. A true utility. And the'll love you forever. Or until your competitor is giving more utility.

    12. Digital technology and the Internet have changed American business from top to bottom (what else is new?). What can you, or your company, do to survive in this new landscape? This book gives some answers.If your company doesn't already have a social media presence, forget about hiring some college kids to create one, while the rest of the company continues with its 20th century mentality. The entire company has to embrace social media, starting with the CEO. Most companies assume that they know [...]

    13. Another marketing book that I read while filtering all content through the eyes of an educator. Once again I have found a business/marketing books to be quite helpful when thinking about education. These people are cutting edge and Mitch Joel is right there among the best. Since reading this book I have been listening the podcasts he creates and learning so many new ways of thinking.As I read through all my notes in Evernote that I jotted down I think one of my biggest takeaway ideas was how we [...]

    14. Good, fast read for business people. You could hear Mitch Joel's voice resonating through --meaning it is not written in typical business argot. How do I know? I'm a big fan of Mitch Joel's podcast, TwistImage. In fact some of the insights in the book are drawn out from some of the interviews he does on his fascinating show.What I liked a lot is how Control Alt Delete makes the case for being 'Squiggly' in planning (or launching) your career. The 'squiggly' concept is very relevant today, especi [...]

    15. The search for books about re-positioning brands started with Brand Aid: An Easy Reference Guide to Solving Your Toughest Branding Problems and Strengthening Your Market Position, then Seth Godin's Free Prize Inside: The Next Big Marketing Idea, and now this one by Mitch Joel. What I like about this book is it really doesn't concentrate on the branding itself but the personas running the whole show. From changing how the people in marketing think to really looking at your own life goals, this bo [...]

    16. Marketing in purgatory! In our current state of social, technological and economic flux, we have to embrace change and change our approach to business as usual. Mitch Joel does a nice job of listing ideas, principles and strategies for success not only in product marketing, but life. As a forming marketing professional and teacher of young people who will someday have to live in this world, I like to get an update from time to time. This is the usual call to action with lots of current business [...]

    17. "You can do a whole lot with very little."I've been a fan of Mitch Joel's for years, because he says the things that I think, only better. He understands that marketing today, whether it's for a major brand or an individual artist or an out-of-work middle manager, is personal. You have to know who your audience is and share with them what they want, not what you want. And you can't outsource passionate, genuine relationships. This new book plays a lot of the same notes of Joel's message from Six [...]

    18. _Ctrl Alt Delete_ is a view of the new business future from Mitch Joel, who has authored the blog "Six Pixels of Separation" for years. Thanks to technology and especially social media, business is changing - fast. That means all of us must change how we manage our careers. The author has a number of suggestions for how to deal with this disruption:- Create direct relationships with customers- Provide something of utility to your customers- Don't broadcast - create content that touches customers [...]

    19. Just highlight the whole book?I think this is the book with the most notes compared to pages of the 200+ kindle titles I've completed. It is also the most "expensive" to read, as I ended up searching up and buying three of the books referenced. A cheap price for inspiration and energy of this caliber.Unlike Mitch's last book, this is not aimed primarily at the digitally curious, but at more or less anyone working today. that's a tall order, but the book pulls off the premise. It feels a bit disj [...]

    20. Mitch Joel does it again! His earlier Six Pixels caught the wave a few years back on the changing digital landscape. Ctrl Alt Delete is a splendid update. The book is in two parts; the first handles the changing perspective for marketers and business folks generally. Read it to understand what your new project is: to connect deeply with your customers in ways you haven't before, not by dumping your ads on them, but by having a real conversation. The second parts is addressed to individuals and t [...]

    21. A few interesting points in this book.er as squiggleelve easyish steps to starting a blog - both of these were good information. BUT the authors fan-boy attitude towards Apple got in the way. You can't go very many pages or often paragraphs without a mention of Apple, or Steve Jobs, or ipad, or iphone or etc etc. I have Apple products but after being bombarded with adoration of a single device, platform, I just got irritated. Surely there has to be other examples that could have served as well i [...]

    22. There were a few interesting ideas in this book. The author says that we have to accept that our careers are going to "squiggle" as opposed to the straight line of the past. He also reiterated what other contemporary authors are saying which is that we need to reach people on an individual, relational level when we are considering marketing our product. I felt like this book was just a string of the author's blog posts and could have been edited down to one long magazine article.

    23. This book focuses primarily on businesses and those working in the corporate world, but there is a great chunk of advice (most notably in the second section of the book) that applies to individual entrepreneurs.The information Mitch Joel provides is very much in line with what I believe the important factors will be in the future of employment and work in general. If you want to prepare yourself for the future of employment, especially as a young person, you should definitely read this book.

    24. This is a must read for anyone taking stock of their life, their career, or their business. The world is not changing HAS changed. If you want to be prepared for the new economy that we are a part of, and want to know where we are headed, I recommend this book. Mitch Joel breaks down the ways that you can reboot your skills for the jobs of the future. It's an exciting time that we are living in, and this is a great guide on how to take advantage of it.

    25. Aimed at business people rather than individual entrepreneurs, I really love Mitch Joel's podcast so I wanted to read this book. It's about how the world has changed and is changing so fast, the adaptations we need to make around mobile, squiggley careers (which i already have) and how creating and sharing are now mainstream modes of connection.

    26. This was an interesting book, offering insights into how the business world is undergoing a revolution, and thus individuals must as well. I would have liked more actionable items rather than just observations, but otherwise it's a good read, and timely.

    27. Excellent overview of the state of social media and technology generally, along with many of the personal and business implications. It will be quite dated a year or two from now, but that's why it's good today. Read it before it no longer applies.

    28. The book got right to the point. Not much fluff at all. Some good information. I do feel like the 2nd part of the book still focused on business though, more so you as an employee rather than you as an individual.

    29. I heard Mitch Joel speak at a conference last fall and he was my favourite speaker of the day. I also read his blog a few times a week. This book repeated a lot of the same ideas I'd already heard from him before. I would have rated it higher with more original content.

    30. I was given this book by Mitch himself, and must say that I've really enjoyed it. Not sure the notion of being in purgatory resonated with me, but just about everything else did.His book made me think, and feel inspired. I love books that do that. Thanks Mitch!

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