The Lady of Stonewycke

Book three in The Stonewycke Trilogy continues the sweeping, panoramic saga of three generations in the lives of an aristocratic Scottish family Book Two, FLIGHT FROM STONEWYCKE, left Maggie still seperated from her beloved Scotland and her beloved Ian More than time and oceans seem to have conspired to keep them apart.
The Lady of Stonewycke Book three in The Stonewycke Trilogy continues the sweeping panoramic saga of three generations in the lives of an aristocratic Scottish family Book Two FLIGHT FROM STONEWYCKE left Maggie still sep

  • Title: The Lady of Stonewycke
  • Author: Michael R. Phillips Judith Pella
  • ISBN: 9780871238566
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. A thrilling end to this trilogy. When I read the Stonewycke Trilogy as a teenager, I remember being disappointed that the story did not strictly follow the path that I wanted - boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married, have children and live 'happily ever after'. Now, as an adult, I know that life is not one happy ending after another - there are good times but also difficult times. I can also better understand the big message that these 3 books were sending about the character of God. At [...]

    2. I read this book many years ago as either a middle schooler or underclassman in high school. I adored the book and entire series then. This remembered adoration helped me make the decision to skip these books when reading through my collection four years ago. I read many books by both of these authors since then and gradually became aware of the glaringly obvious shortcomings of their authorship. These shortcomings infected every book I read by them. I had no hope that these books would survive [...]

    3. Improbable plots, one dimensional minor characters and shallow main characters continue to abound. And yet, the resolution of Maggie & Ian's story is rather satisfying.What is NOT satisfying is the discombobulated almost ridiculous route by which Joanna gets to Scotland. There is nothing objectionable here, and a love for Scotland and for trusting in God's plan are both apparent. The ending ties up rather nicely. But there's not much laudable beyond that. A wholesome read for middle schooler [...]

    4. Joanna goes on a quest to find her heritage. She is very hostile to Alec at first, and then, ends up falling in love with him. It was really nice to see Maggie and Ian at the end of the book. Joanna got the estate in the end. That was a great ending!

    5. Loved this book and to think I almost didn't continue reading it after the first couple short chapters. So glad I did not because I became so interested in the characters and fell in love with Scotland. When Joanna sails to Scotland at the request of her grandmother in the early 1900's, little did she know the danger she would be in as she searched for the true reason for her trip. Mystery, intrique, murder,faith in God and even romance fill the pages and makes this book a real pageturner. I cou [...]

    6. It took me forever to get through this series. I think this is for the most part due to clunky paragraphs of description throughout. It isn't a nail biter for sure. I think it took me the span of five years to read them. The romance was disappointing. The first book was the best one in my opinion, but of course I made it to this one because by this time I am connected to the characters. The source of my main annoyance comes from the plot. The authors could have taken this so many places, but ins [...]

    7. Haven't read the first two books, but the describing and the 'memories from the past' enabled me to know the 'base' . Characters are realistic and the story follows the life of a young woman who wants to find her roots - everything true and something that may happen in real.

    8. Sometimes a "who's who" among generations of grandmothers as a little confusing since the new character is a granddaughter. Nonetheless, I was satisfied reading a good portion of scripture in this book, as handed down the generations.

    9. I'd send this back, but Talking Books is being stingy with their books & this is all I have. The CD/tape recorder is broken so I can't get books from the library, sigh. This took a long time to "read."

    10. Anyone and everyone who enjoyed the first two Stonewycke novels should definitely read this fitting, uplifting conclusion. A bit slow in parts, but otherwise amazing.

    11. A very satisfying end to this series, with all the loose ends neatly tied up. Probably my favorite book by this author so far . . .

    12. no fairy tale ending, strong characters, shows God's plan in tragedy, not what I expected-very realistic

    13. Slightly better than the second but still found the Christian theme a tad too strong. Otherwise I enjoyed the way everything tied together neatly.

    14. Not bad, a little cheesy, but I'm glad everythin tied together! This series really leaves you hanging for what seems like years!

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