Who is my father That s the difficult question faced by Harley Columba, the feisty 14 year old narrator of Cat Bauer s debut novel.Harley lives in a suburb less than an hour from New York City, but it might as well be four zillion light years away She s sure she s adopted, since there s no way those two psychos as she calls her abusive father and bitter mother Who is my father That s the difficult question faced by Harley Columba, the feisty 14 year old narrator of Cat Bauer s debut novel.Harley lives in a suburb less than an hour from New York City, but it might as well be four zillion light years away She s sure she s adopted, since there s no way those two psychos as she calls her abusive father and bitter mother could be her parents Harley tabulates the differences her eyes blue, their eyes brown her interest in poetry and painting, their dog eared stacks of romance novels and Popular Mechanics.Harley s life changes radically after she finds a note signed Papa loves you forever and a day As things deteriorate at home, Harley s grades slide and she starts hanging with a wild crowd As life closes in on her, Harley s search for her real father takes her to New York City and the truth at last.Tough, funny, and refreshingly honest, Harley like a person is a compelling story of mothers, fathers, daughters, and the healing power of living authentically.
Harley Who is my father That s the difficult question faced by Harley Columba the feisty year old narrator of Cat Bauer s debut novel Harley lives in a suburb less than an hour from New York City but it

  • Title: Harley
  • Author: Cat Bauer
  • ISBN: 9781890817497
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The protagonist is not an android or alien or anything else weird. I realize this is not the author's fault. I misunderstood somehow. Possibly I was thinking of When Harlie Was One.

    2. Harley, like a person is a very captivating book. It captures the essence of teenage angst at its very worst and shows it relentlessly through the unfortunate heroine, Harley. In a nutshell, she has parental issues, knows she’s adopted, has a major crush, hates her major crush’s crush, gets into an argument with friends and doesn’t have a spring ball partner. From my perspective she possess very stereotypical problems a teenage girl has in this media centered society. I could understand he [...]

    3. This is a book about a 14 year old girl named Harley Columba who think's she's adopted. She goes through a lot to find proof that she's adopted. She has an abusive father and a mean mother. She find a doll in this attic place in her room that she's not suppose to be in and it had a little letter attached to it that was from her father (real father). Through the book she experiences relationships w/ this crazy boy she was dating, hardships w/ her parents and best friend, and drugs/alcohol. Toward [...]

    4. I like the subject of the novel a lot; a teen trying to find who she is is an interesting read. However, I didnt really like Harley sometimes. Yes, she's funny. But she's also a little too dramatic and angsty. I found her annoying as a character. There were also a lot of cliches in the novel. Harley's home life is the ultimate cliche of an unhappy teen, which can work in some cases, but didnt in this case.

    5. I guess I'm over the YA problem novel. Harley is 14. Her father is an alcoholic, she's drinking, smoking, smoking pot, sneaking out, fighting with her best friend, skipping class, quitting band, getting bad grades, dating a drug dealer, and to top it all off, she's pretty sure she's adopted but is having a hard time proving it.Is it bad I don't feel any compassion for her? Honestly, I just felt bored.

    6. this was one of the first young adult novels I ever read even I was about14. I instantly fell in love with it and still remember falling in love with "strawberry fields forever" by the Beatles because of that part of the book. awesome! I can't wait to read it again after do many years.

    7. Harley is positive that the people she lives with aren't her real parents. She refers to them as that "drunken dragon and his fire-breathing wife." One day, she finds a doll with a note pinned to it a note NOT in the dragon's handwriting. It says "Papa loves you forever and a day." That couldn't possibly be something the dragon would write. And she becomes obsessed with finding the mysterious note writer. Suddenly, academics don't mean much to her and grades drop dramatically. She alienates her [...]

    8. I just sat here for an hour writing a damn review and my computer deleted it all. So you know what?! I'm not even going to type up all the points I made about how fucking horrible this damn book was. Excuse my language I'm extremely frustrated right now. This book is a piece of shit.I wish I could give this thing 0 stars.It's the worst book I ever read in my entire life. And that is being compared to Twilight and the House of the Night series and every book I thought was horrible until I read th [...]

    9. in a sentence: 14 year old Harley Columba is your average well-liked, smart, and charismatic teen. Until she realizes she is probably adopted, starts drinking and doing drugs, and loses her best friend. Did I mention her home life sucks too?Harley faces some real struggles in this novel. While some of them might not reach all teens (feeling adopted, physical abuse, etc.), I feel that the emotions and the way she deals with them are very true to the young adult experience. As the adult reader, I [...]

    10. A somewhat unlikable narrator who continues to make mistake after mistake while trying to figure out her identity and struggling with her "good-girl" reputation. Partially in response to a verbally abusive father and a typically compliant mother, Harley struggles with her gut feeling that she is not really her father's daughter. Alternatingly strict and too permissive, her parents seem unable to control her as she spirals out of control. A page-turner, but lacking truly believable characters and [...]

    11. The first time I read this, I thought it was a really unique story. Harley is viewed as a "troubled kid" who's passionate about art but not-so-good at regular subjects in school. Later on, when she finds out that her father isn't really her father, she finds her biological father and discovers who her half-sister is (her ex-best friend). I continued to read it, I realized that this was a book about her "growing up" and discovering herself. She's made a lot of mistakes, but in the end she realize [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read it while I was a teen because my best friend recommended it and I really enjoyed it then. I enjoyed it reading it again because it reminded me of my high school years and Harley is definitely a relate-able girl and could easily be a girl I went to school with. She goes through a journey of figuring our if she is adopted or not and on her way goes through typical things of an adolescent such as liking boys, fighting with siblings/parents and the ups and down [...]

    13. I was afraid that this was going to be more of a book for younger teens and such but I actually enjoyed it. It pretty much was exactly what I went through in highschool. Thinking I loved a boy, the next week loved someone else. Basically all that she went through, was me. Except the silly dance 'cause I never went to one of those unless you count prom. I guess also the fact that Im not adopted but I sure felt like it sometimes! Overall it was a good book that I would recommend to others.

    14. It's been a while since I listened to this. I liked that she was an artist. I loved the part where she goes to the John Lennon memorial in Central Park. I've never gotten to visit it and would like to.

    15. I read this when I was 13 years old. I don't remember much except that I enjoyed it enough to name my cat Harley after this book. It also was a cute name I thought. I'm 24 years old and Harley the cat is still alive, and this book name still sticks in my mind.

    16. This book talks aobut self-confidence and whatever self something there is. I could really connect with Harley, in a way. Just read it. You may feel what she is/was. JUST READ IT! PLEEAASSEEEEE? (yay!)☺ Look, just read it, becuase, one daywell, who knows what might happen?

    17. I like the way the author explores identify issues and the sense of not really being part of your family. It's pretty cool the way Harley uncovers the mystery of her past. It gets a little overwrought with a lot of other drama added to the central issue, but that's teendom for ya.

    18. Harley is fourteen and a very talented artist. She lives with her alcoholic father and hot tempered mother and is convinced that she is adopted. After finding a harlequin doll with a note from "Papa," she heads to New York City in search of her biological father.

    19. Thid book is about a girl who feels she is adopted, but her parents are not talking. She searches until she finds the real truth. It has a surprize twist to it. I loved it a nd feel the junior high kids will as well.

    20. well this book is tense. it talks mainly bout a teenager emotional life. A teenager struggling with love and frustation. Its good to the last drop.

    21. this book is very interesting. It is about a girl who learns that she had another father than the one she has now.

    22. Real, without being too dark. A good complex story about discovering the complexities of life, and about understanding and forgiveness.

    23. Other than the fact the book is set in a fictionalized version of my hometown, it's not that great of a book.

    24. Have you ever thought you were adopted? What if you found out that was true? This is a story, written truly for the YA audience, who feel out of place.

    25. I forgot all about this book! And, I shouldn't have. It was fantastic! Such a great book for teenage girls trying to find their way. It's funny, sweet and sarcastic. I highly recommend!

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