Fighting for Birds: 25 Years in Nature Conservation

A personal, philosophical and political history of 25 years of bird conservation, this book provides an instructive and amusing read for all those who would like a glimpse into the birds and wildlife conservation world what the issues are, what must be done, how it can be done, and the challenges, highs and lows involved.
Fighting for Birds Years in Nature Conservation A personal philosophical and political history of years of bird conservation this book provides an instructive and amusing read for all those who would like a glimpse into the birds and wildlife

  • Title: Fighting for Birds: 25 Years in Nature Conservation
  • Author: Mark Avery
  • ISBN: 9781907807299
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Fighting for Birds: 25 Years in Nature Conservation”

    1. An important book dealing with many nature conservation issues (not just birds by any means) packed with insider information and insights plus a sprinkling of gossip written by someone who spent 25 years working for the RSPB starting out as a scientist and working his way up through the organisation to Conservation Director. I think the editor should have put a big red pen through the disjointed, at times irrelevant, and mainly anecdotal chapter entitled Snippets, but apart from that I highly re [...]

    2. No photos and horrible small print with not enough margins. Not a proper autobiography when I like to know exactly how people with passions make their family lives work (or how their partners do) A weighty subject when I was in need of light relief. And yet even though I tried to read other books, I kept coming back to this one until I had finished because I found it engaging and compelling and thought provoking.Mark Avery attended a school I viewed with some animosity growing up, and with good [...]

    3. This is a terrific book, and a great read – an account of Mark’s years working with the RSPB but more than just the tale of one man’s work and interests. This is a clear appraisal of many of the conservation issues of recent years and will be invaluable for anyone interested in wildlife, ecology or conservation. Mark is an engaging writer and tells many amusing anecdotes along the way – as a regular reader of his excellent blog I knew that I would enjoy his book, but I was genuinely and [...]

    4. Fighting for Birds is a really great and entertaining read for anyone interested in wildlife in the UK, twitcher, RSPB member or neither. Mark Avery talks candidly about his interesting life and career at a vitally important NGO that has undergone many changes over the years and likely will many more as we head into a future that will rely increasingly on organisations and people lobbying government to make sure it protects our fragile, declining bird and other wildlife populations. A holistic v [...]

    5. Thank you Mark for a compelling, thought provoking and entertaining book. I am of the same age as you and added to the early stimulus of interest in the natural world by a country upbringing and a motivational village school headteacher. The extra push came from the bird club at QEH in Bristol (just down the hill from your BGS! ). I know that this early life has established a pattern for my life and that of my children (and I expect my soon to arrive grandchildren as the family values are establ [...]

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