High Rising

Successful lady novelist Laura Morland and her boisterous young son Tony set off to spend Christmas at her country home in the sleepy surrounds of High Rising But Laura s wealthy friend and neighbour George Knox has taken on a scheming secretary whose designs on marriage to her employer threaten the delicate social fabric of the village Can clever, practical Laura rescueSuccessful lady novelist Laura Morland and her boisterous young son Tony set off to spend Christmas at her country home in the sleepy surrounds of High Rising But Laura s wealthy friend and neighbour George Knox has taken on a scheming secretary whose designs on marriage to her employer threaten the delicate social fabric of the village Can clever, practical Laura rescue George from Miss Grey s clutches and, what s , help his daughter Miss Sibyl Knox to secure her longed for engagement Utterly charming and very funny, High Rising is irresistible comic entertainment.
High Rising Successful lady novelist Laura Morland and her boisterous young son Tony set off to spend Christmas at her country home in the sleepy surrounds of High Rising But Laura s wealthy friend and neighbour

  • Title: High Rising
  • Author: Angela Thirkell
  • ISBN: 9781844088836
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This first novel in the Barsetshire series was definitely entertaining and full of mundane intrigues, but it wasn't as engrossing as I had been hoping for. I found the characters to be somewhat dull, and while I did see the humour in the characters and the situations they found themselves in, I did not find the story that hilarious. This is one of those books that didn't really leave me with much feeling or thought. I just feel like it was "okay" and have no strong emotions about it. Therefore, [...]

    2. High Rising is about as substantial as a soufflé, but who doesn’t enjoy a soufflé when the mood is right? Angela Thirkell (1890-1961) wrote many works of fiction and non-fiction. Her fictional books, which include 29 novels set in the fictional county of Barsetshire, were very popular in their day. High Rising is the first of the Barsetshire novels and was originally published in 1933. It was republished as a Virago Modern Classic in 2012.Successful novelist Laura Morland, and her boisterous [...]

    3. I think I enjoyed it even more the second time around. Delightfully fun book. A story in which nothing much happens to a small group of people living in the English countryside. In other words, a book that is just up my alley.

    4. Wonderful! I'd saved this book to read over Christmas this year and it was such a treat. I immediately became engrossed in the day-to-day lives of all the characters, particularly Laura Morland, the writer and mother that the story revolves around. As an avid reader of vintage detective fiction, this book had some of the same elements as the cosy crime books I enjoy - the village setting, interaction between characters and the warm feeling of becoming intimately involved in their lives. But rath [...]

    5. Purely entertaining, sometimes overly dramatic and stupid, but overall good old-fashioned fun that you either love or don't enjoy. I personally enjoy this type of book every now and again. Just for fun, and the enjoyment of reading a book that is really just entertaining. You know, just like you watch a movie that you know is stupid but its just so fun to watch it that you watch it anyways! I know that EVERYONE has that type of movie they love. This is that type of book for me!I know it will be [...]

    6. Mlle Alice, pouvez-vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec High Rising ? "Je ne me rappelle plus vraiment comment j'ai découvert ce livre mais ce devait sûrement être grâce à Emjy, de Whoopsy Daisy, qui est ma référence en matière d'auteurs britanniques ! Toujours est-il que je trouvais cette édition très belle et que j'ai eu la joie de la trouver au pied du sapin."Dites-nous en un peu plus sur son histoire "Laura Morlan, auteur à succès de livres qu'elle juge médiocre, passe Noël [...]

    7. Wow! How did I not know about Angela Thirkell before now??? I so enjoyed this book and am getting as much of the newly reprinted Barsetshire series as possible. It is like having Oscar Wilde run headlong into Agatha Christie. Right away, the characters went to my heart. Laura and her country house in High Rising set the scene perfectly for me. I found she had a real voice as I read the book as did the others. Her son Tony and his upstoppable talking mostly about his model railway, Stoker the mai [...]

    8. Absolute froth and bubble. If you are looking for a light read before bedtime and are not in favour of books with titles such as Buckets of Blood (as is the book's heroine, Laura Morland) then this is just the ticket. I had lots of fun googling words and phrases such as "pard" and "lazar-house" and "ichor" which were unfamiliar to me, being an ignoramus of grand proportions. Written in 1933 it is somewhat quaint but enchanting. It won't change your life but it will entertain.

    9. 2.5 stars. Lightly amusing tale of life in an English village in the interwar period, centring on a few families and shenanigans as to whether a neighbour of the lady novelist protagonist will or won't marry his scheming secretary. Pretty enjoyable, but my mind wandered a bit, and like many other English novels of this era there are some casually anti-Semitic slurs that are off-putting.

    10. 3.5 starsI liked this book; it didn't rock my world, and I suspect some of the satire went completely over my head, but I found myself deeply involved with the characters themselves and interested in what happened and how it all worked outnnoklikes/post/130463

    11. I've been wanting to read this series for ages. When I saw recently that the first book was finally available on Kindle, I snapped it up at once. I read the whole thing in one afternoon and absolutely loved it. I haven't laughed so hard at a book in a long time. Now I'm just trying to figure out how I can get hold of the rest in the series

    12. A cosy novel of upper middle class 1930s life in the English countryside, with the required writer, vicar, doctor, spinster lady, designing secretary, and cute train-obsessed child. Agatha Christie without the murder, if that appeals! It does to me :)

    13. Glad to finally finish this! I started it last summer and put it down for other books. This slightly comedic, English country style story isn't for everyone. Written in the 1930's, the story isn't anything complicated and feels very dated when it comes to women and marriage (although, the main character is a widowed mother of four with a writing career, who likes being unmarried and avoids it), but I was initially attracted because my grandmother would have been in her 20's at this time and for [...]

    14. A buttered crumpet of a book, very much of its time - so occasionally a comment jars on present sensibilities - but entertaining and amusing for all that. The central character, Laura, is an author of "good bad novels" - is that how Angela Thirkell saw herself, I wonder? She too wrote to support herself and found life "very peaceful without husbands".In a caricature of a 1930s English village, peopled by a cast of stereotypical characters, good friends support one another, the social round carri [...]

    15. Hilarious :DI started High Rising at about midnight and only meant to read a chapter or two but I just couldn't stop reading!The setting and characters are a pleasure to read about, and there were so many moments that had me in hysterics.Here are a few quotes:'At this moment the headmaster found Master Wesendonck's tall pile of books slipping from his grasp. He juggled frantically with them for a moment and then, to the infinite joy of the boarders and day boys, they crashed to the ground in all [...]

    16. I enjoyed this; it's a silly bit of fun full of sparkling wit, funny characters, and entertaining dialogue. Thirkell is no Barbara Pym or Jane Austen -- it's a comedy of manners, but with no hint of darker elements. As Alexander McCall Smith says in his introduction, Thirkell does not address the great questions of fiction -- it's about entertainment. No doubt some will argue for her depiction of English class divisions and the difficult position of the middle-class Miss Grey, alone and "without [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this - it suited my current inter-war phase (lots of classic crime, Mitfords and Phryne Fisher in my recent reading) and am now trying to resist the urge to buy another one in the series!I do love books about authors - there's something so fun about the meta-ness of it all. And the dialogue is funny, the characters appealing - and you somehow know that it'll all turn out alright in the end - the baddies will be vanquished and the right people paired off. Such good fun.

    18. Funny and interesting story from an era which is long gone; the blurb suggests it is Barbara Pym-like, but I think Thirkell has more interesting characters and stories, and so far (I've only read two books) doesn't limit herself to a few obessive motifs like Pym. Enjoyable and not very taxing fare.

    19. Such a great read, especially for the holidays. A love the relationships between the characters and the satrical look at middle class life during the 30s.

    20. Really enjoyed this one. Funny, witty and well written. Full of charm and character. I loved everyone, especially the cheeky Tony and his enthusiasm for railways

    21. Actual rating: 2.5.Too much dialogue stuffed with too many witticisms and not much story. What story there was apparently served only as backdrop for the “clever” repartee; did not flow well.

    22. My favourite Thirkell so far. Found the train obsessed son more annoying than precocious, but the rest of the novel was fun. Good book to curl up with on a cold day.

    23. It must have been exhausting in the 30s, one had to be so witty all the time. It was just as well there so many staff to attend one's needs. This was a book to race through with a smile. Not captivating enough to make me a regular visitor, but intruiging enough to pick up another one day.

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