Katharine of Aragon: The Wives of Henry VIII

For the first time in paperback all three of Jean Plaidy s Katharine of Aragon novels in one volume Legendary historical novelist Jean Plaidy begins her tales of Henry VIII s queens with the story of his first wife, the Spanish princess Katharine of Aragon As a teenager, Katharine leaves her beloved Spain, land of olive groves and soaring cathedrals, for the drab, raiFor the first time in paperback all three of Jean Plaidy s Katharine of Aragon novels in one volume Legendary historical novelist Jean Plaidy begins her tales of Henry VIII s queens with the story of his first wife, the Spanish princess Katharine of Aragon As a teenager, Katharine leaves her beloved Spain, land of olive groves and soaring cathedrals, for the drab, rainy island of England There she is married to the king s eldest son, Arthur, a sickly boy who dies six months after the wedding Katharine is left a widow who was never truly a wife, lonely in a strange land, with a very bleak future Her only hope of escape is to marry the king s second son, Prince Henry, now heir to the throne Tall, athletic, handsome, a lover of poetry and music, Henry is all that Katharine could want in a husband But their first son dies and, after many pregnancies, only one child survives, a daughter Disappointed by his lack of an heir, Henry s eye wanders, and he becomes enad of another woman a country nobleman s daughter named Anne Boleyn When Henry begins searching for ways to put aside his loyal first wife, Katharine must fight to remain Queen of England and to keep the husband she once loved so dearly.
Katharine of Aragon The Wives of Henry VIII For the first time in paperback all three of Jean Plaidy s Katharine of Aragon novels in one volume Legendary historical novelist Jean Plaidy begins her tales of Henry VIII s queens with the story of

  • Title: Katharine of Aragon: The Wives of Henry VIII
  • Author: Jean Plaidy
  • ISBN: 9780609810255
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This title actually encompasses a trilogy originally published as 3 separate works: “Katharine the Virgin Widow,” “The Shadow of the Pomegranate,” and “The King’s Secret Matter.” Katharine was the first (and longest) wife of Henry VIII, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella (rulers of Spain).Without dwelling on the fascinating story of Queen Katharine who was undoubtedly the purest and most deserving of Henry’s wives, I’d rather speak of the author, Jean Plaidy. With the discovery [...]

    2. Whew! This is a big, long book (it's really three books in one). I enjoyed it overall, even if it seemed a bit familiar. The characters are well developed (if a bit familiar in their portrayal) and the plot moves along nicely throughout. I will continue reading the series

    3. Very good book about the life of Henry VIII's first wife. This book is really 3 books in 1, with the first book beginning with Katherine's coming to England to marry Arthur, who will one day be king when his father, Henry VII, dies. The book continues with Katherine marry Henry when Arthur dies, though it is several years later. Katherine is kept waiting for years in England until Henry finally decides he wants to marry her, basically because all of his advisors warn him not to do so. The marria [...]

    4. Katherine of Aragon is actually a trilogy of books that were originally published separately, but have now been combined into one volume, with each book representing a separate part. As I read it, I thanked God that it had been combined like it was.At times I really loved this book, at times I really hated it. The first part was incredibly slow for me. The period between Katherine arriving in England and marrying Arthur, the period between Arthurs death and Katherine marrying Henry - both dragge [...]

    5. What I really enjoy about Plaidy's work is her respect for the known or documented history of the time that she writes about she faithfully depicts the era in this novel. I enjoyed reading about events that have been documented in nonfiction sources. I found Katherine to be an interesting and sympathetic subject. I felt sorry for what she was made to suffer but I also was able to see her as an admirable woman who would not easily be victimized. She stood up for herself, as much as she could, aga [...]

    6. 2.5 starsI've heard a lot of good stuff about Jean Plaidy's books, and to be honest I was disappointed. I think historical fiction is a very hard genre to write about; you've got to keep the story interesting, but also stay true to the facts. I think Plaidy did a lot more of the latter than the former.I'm not one of those people who are obsessed with everything in a historical novel being totally accurate; I like it to be more or less true, with more emphasis on the story than the history. That' [...]

    7. I'm not sure if it was the translation issue or something else, but this is seriously boring. I did gave it a try, quite a few times and it was really annoying, so I honestly give up on reading it further.

    8. Katharine of Aragon, by Jean Plaidy"Katharine of Aragon," by Jean Plaidy, is actually an omnibus of the author's three previous novels about Henry VIII's first queen. The books are: "Katharine, the Virgin Widow," "The Shadow of the Pomegranate," and "The King's Secret Matter." So this volume is a great deal, as you're really getting three books for the price of one.Plaidy is an excellent historical fiction writer. I'd seen her recommended several times, and was eager to read something of hers. K [...]

    9. God knows I hate to give Plaidy a bad review. She's my role model. At the same time, I have to point out what I big disappointment this book was for me. The main reason is that it focuses very little on Catherine herself. Far too much of it is about her sister, Joan. Joan is a fascinating woman, and C. W. Gornter covered her in a masterful book. But if you title a book about Catherine, give the poor woman her due. Henry VIII passed over her and Plaidy committed the same sin by relegating her to [...]

    10. I have to admit I didn't finish this one. The first section, which would have been book 2 of the series had I gotten them separately, basically just retold the last half of book 1 from a different point of view, and had I known this I would've skipped it altogether. So far my impression of this author is that she tells a good story, but takes a lot longer than necessary to tell it. I just couldn't get through this one.

    11. I really enjoyed this book. It is actually 3 novels in one. They are all about Katherine of Aragon and are about her life from a young girl to her death. It paints Katherine of Aragon as a very strong if not stubborn woman. Filled with historical facts as well as speculations as to how these people really were when alive makes this book well worth reading.

    12. Since I'm a big fan of historical novels and especially when writer/author brings in genuine true historical figures like King Henry VIII & his first wife Katharine of Aragon this is a winner. Jean Plaidy brought Katharine to life for me and also evoked much sympathy for her position and her difficult struggles with her husband King.

    13. I love all of Jean Plaidy's books I have read up to this point. I feel she brings historical characters to life and makes you feel as though these could be anyone or that any person could go through the same pitfalls and triumphs as the historical figures featured in each book. Worth reading.

    14. Though written more than fifty years ago this trilogy of novels about Katharine of Aragon is still a highly enjoyable read. I found Jean Plaidy’s telling of the related stories of Katharine’s father, sister and nephew added an interesting European political dimension to this tragic tale, popularised in recent television historical dramas such as “The Tudors” and ”Wolf Hall”. I am very tempted to go on and read the prequels and sequels to this story in Jean Plaidy’s prolific output, [...]

    15. Quite a long book to get through! But it did provide a detailed look into Katharine of Aragon's rise and fall as Henry VIII's first Queen. I felt this did a good job portraying the main characters in this drama- Henry came across as a petulant, self-centered man while Katharine seemed to be stubbornly loyal and virtuous. A good overview of the King's first marriage while providing some insight into the Hapsburg, French and Spanish courts as well. I found it odd that Thomas More did not have a la [...]

    16. I'm often lukewarm about Plaidy's books, even though I'd choose her stuff above most of today's HF. Sometimes the prose is too simplistic or there is too much repetition as the same points are brought up over and over again within the span of a few pages. This book was no different on the latter point, but there seemed to be a depth in the character of Katharine that was lacking in her books on Catherine of Valois (The Queen's Secret) and Margaret Tudor (The Thistle and the Rose). Katharine's fo [...]

    17. Está muy bien redactado, muy interesante, no solo habla de la dinastía Tudor también entra tantito en la historia de los Estuardo y menciona acontecimientos impactantes que sucedieron en esa época y en Roma. Muy buen libro

    18. 2.5 starsIf I'd read this compilation (or the individual novels) about twenty years ago, before I'd studied and read so much concerning Tudor history, I probably would've enjoyed it more. As it is, I just know too much and have too many suppositions and theories of my own; whenever I came upon points of contention, I would say to myself, "Ah, so she went with this version of that event. Okay, so she used this birth date rather than the later one." And so on. So while I can appreciate that Plaidy [...]

    19. I used to wonder about Katherine of Aragon. Why couldn't she be sensible like Anne of Cleves? Why not just give the king an annulment like he wanted and live in comfort as his not-wife? Part of it was, I think, due to her pride as a Spanish princess. She felt she would be betraying the legacy of her mother, Queen Isabella, and part due to her fears for the future of her daughter Mary. If she allowed an annulment, where did that leave her daughter? In limbo, neither legitimate nor a bastard but s [...]

    20. There are few things I enjoy as much as being immersed in a Tudor historical fiction book, show or movie. This saga, which this three books in one edition doorstopper truly is, fully delivers. Plaidy tells the story of Katherine of Aragon's childhood, arrival in England, and all the travails that ensued as a pawn in royalty game of Tudor era England, until her fall from favor and end of her life. Plaidy weaves in varied alternative points of view to enrich the goings on at the court and around t [...]

    21. This is the story of Katherine of Aragon, Spanish princess (daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella) and first wife of Henry VIII. She is first sent off to England to marry Arthur (Henry VIII’s older brother); Arthur dies, she is stuck in England, living off the meager allowance Henry VII provides her. She is ultimately married to Henry VIII. They have several children, all of whom, except for Mary, are miscarried or die in infancy/early childhood. Henry VIII needs a male heir and thinks he’d hav [...]

    22. La Princesa Viuda: Catalina de Aragón es el primer libro de la trilogía “Las Reinas Tudor” (La princesa viuda. Catalina de Aragón: Las reinas Tudor I, La dama de la torre. Ana Bolena: Las reinas Tudor II y Una rosa sin espinas. Catalina Howard: LAS REINAS TUDOR III) Este primer libro cuenta la historia real de Catalina de Aragón (hija de los reyes católicos de España: Isabel y Fernando) y su matrimonio con Enrique VIII. Jean Plaidy, la autora, escribió más de 200 libros, 80 de ellos [...]

    23. I was so thoroughly disappointed with this one. I've always had a soft spot for Katherine, who received one of the worst hands in history. Jean Plaidy is one of my all time favorite historical fiction writers. They're long, meaty, and if I can get my hands on one that's available as an eBook I'm thrilled. The problem I have with this book is the structure. Plaidy turns from Katherin's narrative to so many other POVs that it's basically anybody's novel. For example, she leaves Katherine to focus [...]

    24. The story of Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first wife. The book starts out with Katherine leaving Spain to be the wife of Henry's brother Arthur and ends with her death. In between were all of the details about her brief marriage to Arthur, living in poverty until Henry married her, the happy years with Henry, and ultimately Henry's betrayal of her because they did not have a son who lived.I would have liked this book better had it stayed focused on Katherine. Instead, there were many chapte [...]

    25. If you enjoy the sweeping historical dramas of Philippa Gregory, you should definitely try reading Jean Plaidy. Both authors are known for bringing history to life with their engaging writing and fascinating characters. Start with Katharine of Aragon , which includes the story told in The Other Boleyn Girl , but from an entirely different perspective. As a fan of the historical detail, romance, and drama in The Other Boleyn Girl , you may want to consider reading another master of the epic royal [...]

    26. I give it 3 stars because of the author's great grasp of history. Usually, historical novels are so over-the-top on pageantry and the show of royalty, they forget that these royals are flesh-and-blood people, and that high rank carried high responsibilities and a heavy personal cost. Sometimes, there are flashes of brilliance, in the descriptions of Arthur's gentleness or Henry VII's calculations. I would have given it 2 stars for the cardboard cutout nature of the characters, and the continual [...]

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