Passion Is a Fashion: The Real Story of the Clash

The only internationally successful, million selling group to emerge from the late seventies London punk scene, the Clash set out to change the world with a potent mix of politics, iconic imagery, and blazing rock n roll It was an agenda mirrored in the Clash s music, which swiftly evolved from ferocious punk rock to incorporate reggae, ska, funk, jazz, soul, and hip hoThe only internationally successful, million selling group to emerge from the late seventies London punk scene, the Clash set out to change the world with a potent mix of politics, iconic imagery, and blazing rock n roll It was an agenda mirrored in the Clash s music, which swiftly evolved from ferocious punk rock to incorporate reggae, ska, funk, jazz, soul, and hip hop Passion Is a Fashion draws on over 70 interviews with the key participants in the story roadies, producers, friends, and fans and conversations with the Clash Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Topper Headon The first book to give real insight into what went on behind the scenes during the Clash s ten year career, it charts the Clash s picaresque progress through the days of the early punk scene and their groundbreaking Rock Against Racism gigs, to the arduous touring, to their break out in America, and the making of the classic London Calling album, all the way to the band s eventual dissolution and the sudden, sad death of frontman Joe Strummer Gritty, compelling, and above all authoritative, Passion Is a Fashion is the biography the Clash has long deserved.
Passion Is a Fashion The Real Story of the Clash The only internationally successful million selling group to emerge from the late seventies London punk scene the Clash set out to change the world with a potent mix of politics iconic imagery and

  • Title: Passion Is a Fashion: The Real Story of the Clash
  • Author: Pat Gilbert
  • ISBN: 9780306814341
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This book just solidifies that The Clash is still "the only band that matters." I read this in about week, I could not put it down. It goes into each band members life before the band and life in the band. I can't say enough about how great this book is. I love it.

    2. Go way back with these guys. I remember still being on my learner's permit when Sandinista! came out, so I had to throw my oblivious mother in the car for the drive to the record store. I even saw them live—only a couple gigs before they fired Mick Jones, so just under the wire. But it's been ages since I've listened to them. Something about the Clash—their rousing, communist-cell single-mindedness, their asexuality, I don't know what—put me off once I left my teens. Reading Pat Gilbert's [...]

    3. Passion is a Fashion is a lengthy, involved, yet essentially engaging biography of The Clash as written by music journalist Pat Gilbert. Strung together from a variety of sources including his own in-depth interviews with the players, Gilbert puts together a detailed story of a band that was both similar to and very different from others. In other words, this is both a predictable tale of rock and roll excess and one wherein the band largely eschews the clichés and tries to accomplish the huge [...]

    4. The absolute best book about the Clash I have ever read.It's almost 500 pages, small ass print and informative as fuck.Great writing, very British.Fucking love The Clash.

    5. This is the definitive biography of The Clash. Pat Gilbert not only interviews just about every person who was involved with the band but he also paints a detailed picture of what England was like in decades following WWII. The book is well organized and the reader can easily imagine what it was like to be on the road or in the studio with The Clash. Gilbert provides a discography and a bibliography. The only thing I was disappointed with was the lack of photos. There were a few pages but it was [...]

    6. Out of all the books about the Clash this is the one to buy. Pat Gilbert really does have a passion for the band. It covers everything you need to know about the band from the days before they existed to what happened after the band was no more. Put four strong willed characters in a group and rock and roll from the heart was the result. My first gig was forty years ago this month (October 1977) and the Clash were the headline band. Great book.Ray Smillie

    7. Not much of a review for now, but when I read the part about Joe Strummer crashing at Rick Rubin's house while Johnny Cash was recording his American sessions and giving the impression that Joe was hanging around Cash like a wide-eyed little schoolboy, my heart warmed like a roasting fire.

    8. A close look at the whole Clash phenomenon - for sure, in my opinion, the best band to come out of punk, who transcended it with some everlasting tunes. If the Clash had done nothing else but White Man in Hammersmith Palais, they'd still have been immortal one-hit wonders. So I've nailed my colours to the mast: I am a fan, and was always a fan, though I could see the rot setting in once they'd got into the triple-album jaunt of Sandinistas. You have to allow your heroes some flaws, I think.Pat G [...]

    9. my rating of this book says i really liked it, but as it is a band bio, it was, at times, tediousst, at times, really effing boring. but who cares, right? i have been going through, like, the second great awakening of loving the clash (maybe it's an every 20 years thing? maybe i ought to save the other decent bio for when i'm 55?), so it just isn't enough to listen to, talk about, think about the band imperative to _learn shit_, too. joe strummer is, clearly, the best of the icons who seem too-g [...]

    10. Probably the most intelligently written music biography I've read. The Clash deserve it, as they are one of the few great bands to truly derive their complex political and philosophical viewpoints from lived experience. Gilbert seems to allude that the views they represented were the very reason that the band was predestined to a relatively short lifespan. Those viewpoints - the foundation of the band - did not mix with success. Punk music was not about success. Once the band achieved that succe [...]

    11. "This is a very funny book," guitarist Mick Jones tells me recently over the new books table. "But don't believe everything you read.""Why's that, Mick?""Well, people remember events differently sometimes."Mick Jones there summing up what is essentially great but also the downfall of this sort of book but despite the guitarists reservations and possible mental blocks, this is the most definitive account of the West London band. It's wonderfully anecdotal to the point where you feel like you a me [...]

    12. Police and Thieves was the first Clash song that I remember hearing. Andrew had the Story of the Clash on two cassettes and I fell in love right away. I remember then getting The Clash on Broadway three CD set and listening to disc 2 especially over and over in my room. While I have always loved the music, I admit that I knew very little about the group before reading this book. Would I have liked as much if I didn’t love the music? Probably not. The book is a fascinating look at four very dif [...]

    13. I love the Clash. I do. I love everything about them. So why did it take me this long to read this book? It's dense. Jam-packed. Every paragraph has at least two different anecdotes. This isn't a bad thing. Not at all. Actually, it's a good thing, because you really get to know their band personalities and how they interact. It's light on the personal info (which is fine, that's all been covered in other sources mentioned in the last chapter), but heavy on band inspirations, interactions and imp [...]

    14. "Passion Is a Fashion: The Real Story of the Clash" by Pat Gilbert shows the story of the rise and fall of the 70s and 80s British punk band The Clash. I enjoyed this book because I learned things about my favorite band that I otherwise would not have known. For example, Morrissey, the lead singer of the Smiths, once signed up to drum for the band but they didn't think someone from the north could be a rock and roll fan so they threw his information away. I learned about Mick Jones being a prima [...]

    15. For anyone who isn't jaded enough about punk rock, this is the book for you! What do you get when you mix a Woody Guthrie worshipping pubrocker, a couple wahed-up glamrockers, a reggae fanboy who can't play bass, and a several drummers of varying importance? Throw in a tyrannical manager, and you might just have something. A definite good read that any fan of the Clash won't be able to put down.

    16. I enjoyed this book because it stuck to the music and the inner workings of The Clash instead of gossip about wife's and girlfriends and I gained a better insight into Bernie Rhodes and his relationship with the clash and after reading this I agree the only thing left was to end the group after Rock the Casbah, best book about The Clash as a working band .

    17. Kattava ja läpikotainen, kelvollisesti käännetty The Clashin elämäkerta, joka opasti minut syvemmälle punkin hämmentäville alkulähteille. Kirja antoi myös paljon inspiraatiota ja innostusta, ja mikä tärkeintä, ajoi levykauppaan ja The Clashin tuotantoa hankkimaan. Mielenkiintoinen musiikkielämäkerta muillekin kuin The Clashin faneille.

    18. A really interesting insight into the history and creation of the legends that are The Clash. It goes right back to when the band members were children and right to the death of Joe Strummer and the band's activities after this event. A really enjoyable read for fans of The Clash and punk music alike.

    19. I learned so much about The Clash! 90% of the things were a mystery to me until now.The writing was good though the overall structure was a little jumbled.If you consider yourself a fan, then this is a must-read.

    20. Without a doubt, the best rock biography ever written in terms of its lyrical, exhaustively-researched, tongue-in-cheek, unbelievable scoopage and dust-in-the-eyes melancholic beauty. A pretty thick book that flies by so quickly you'll want to read it again.

    21. A book that honors The Only Band That Matters. Thorough but moves briskly, full of admiration for the complex characters that made up The Clash. I've spent years and untold hours enjoying and obsessing over their music and enjoyed getting to know how the alchemy and genius happened.

    22. Oh my goodness. This was an exhaustive history of the band and I loved learning about them, but fuuuuuck, the writing was so dryyyy. I usually read so fast, but this took me almost two months because it was so difficult to get into. But the content of it is great!

    23. A great book about one of the best bands ever. It's a very entertaining story, and really makes you feel what it must've been like to be in London in the late 70s. I also love the epilogue, which is a great tribute to Joe Strummer, who passed away before the book was published.

    24. I thought I'd read every decent book about the Clash. Somehow this one flew under my radar. Well worth it if you appreciate them. Well researched, well written from a different angle than most other books. Two thumbs up!

    25. If you're a fan of The Clash and want to read an informative and engaging account of their turbulent career, then this book fits the bill. Grab it and read it, you won't be disappointed.

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