Kit and Kaboodle

Picture Book When Kaboodle the elephant continues to deny his best friend monkey Kit a peanut, Kit tries to impress his friend in a variety of fun ways Together they learn valuable lessons about sharing and manners.
Kit and Kaboodle Picture Book When Kaboodle the elephant continues to deny his best friend monkey Kit a peanut Kit tries to impress his friend in a variety of fun ways Together they learn valuable lessons about shari

  • Title: Kit and Kaboodle
  • Author: Chris Robertson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This book has some really cute illustrations. I enjoyed the friendship between the monkey and the elephant and all of the ways that the monkey tried to get a peanut from Kaboodle. He tried balancing things while riding a unicycle, streaming a banner from an airplane, painting a picture of Kaboodle, etc but nothing worked In the end Kaboodle tells him that he never said "please". Kit says please and gets a peanut but then throws paint at Kaboodle for not saying "you're welcome". After enjoying th [...]

    2. 'Please', 'Thank you', and 'You are welcome' are magical phrases. Kaboodle, the elephant, refuses to share peanuts until his friend Kit learns to use those magical words. This book was more engaging than most thrillers I read this year. I turned the pages feverishly to know how Kit would up his game to impress Kaboodle and win that teeny-weeny peanut. This is a beautiful book which will aid parents to make their children learn some good manners. Delightful read!

    3. Kaboodle, the elephant is chomping away at his bag of peanuts and Kit the monkey, his friend asks him for one. When Kaboodle says no, Kit tries all sorts of things to impress his friend and score a peanut. He does everything but say please. There are few words in this book and toddlers will be able to "read along" with the repetitive words. This is a great book on manners and the importance of being polite and using the words and phrases, Please, Thank-You and You're Welcome. Kids will love seei [...]

    4. This is a very quick read. Just a few words per page, repetitive (but in a good way, they kids will want to join in even if they can't really read yet). The illustrations are great and really tell most of the story. On , it said something about pop-up text. I read this on my computer (cloud app) and Ipad, and didn't see any extras, but it was great as is (maybe the Fire shows something new).I thought this was quite similar to "Banana" by Ed Vere

    5. This delightful book will have kids giggling as a serious, kind of grumpy, elephant (Kit) munches on his bag of peanuts and gets more and more annoyed at a spirited little monkey (Kaboodle) who wants to share his bounty.Kaboodle tries everything possible to change the elephant's mind, he: juggles china cups and plates to persuade him. No!!, actually places his head inside a lion's mouth. NO!!, flies a plane upside down showing off his aerial expertise NO!!, and he even performs dangerous bungie [...]

    6. Elephant doesn't want to share his peanuts. Monkey is determined to throw every trick in the book at him to impress him into sharing. In the end, Monkey is reminded to say "please," and Elephant is reminded to say "you're welcome" in a very humorous way One I hope my own children don't use. ;-) The illustrations are vibrant and entertaining. They are sure to make small children laugh. What I found really interesting about them was that while reading in Adobe Digital Editions the pages look like [...]

    7. An elephant is chomping away at a bag of peanuts and a monkey asks him for one. The elephant says no, but that doesn’t stop the monkey. He tries everything he can think of to impress the elephant enough to give him a peanut…but it turns out he could’ve had one for something very simple.A bright and colorful book featuring two memorable critters, a little hyperbole, and the fact that being polite is more impressive than bungee jumping or sticking your head in a lion’s mouth. The text is s [...]

    8. The monkey wants a peanut, but the elephant just wont share. So our monkey friend tries everything he can think of to get the elephant to say, "YES!"Very similar to "Please, Mr. Panda", but I actually think this one is cuter. I like that the book can be easily read by children and parents alike, as while there are lots of fun pictures there aren't many words, yet it never becomes repetitive in its silliness. This book teaches a good lesson of saying not just "Please" but "You're Welcome" as well [...]

    9. *thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*5 stars.You know what. This was actually really funny! It was so basic. So little detail. BUT, the story was amusing. It kept my attention, the illustrations were well done and appealing and the end of the book makes us both laugh and sends us a very important message (I wont give it away but im positive its one you want all of your children, and those adults who are still children, whatever age, t [...]

    10. What will it take for an Elephant to give a monkey a peanut? I do not know which one is Kit and which is Kaboodle, but I can tell you that they are cute. I am going to guess Kit is the Elephant. Kaboodle tries various exploits to get a peanut from kit. He flies a plane upside down, tries bungee jumping, and juggling while riding a unicycle. But only one thing will make Kit share his peanuts. Maybe you can guess. I don’t want to spoil the fun. This is a very simple book on the lines of Elephant [...]

    11. If there are two animals that really enjoy peanuts, it’s elephants and monkeys. So what happens when an elephant has a bag of yummies and won’t share?If you go through the pages fast when the monkey’s juggling the dishes, it looks like a little movie. No matter what he does, and some of the attempts are pretty impressive, the elephant is not enthralled.In the end the elephant did have a point, and the monkey’s revenge was kinda harsh. But yeah, they could have both done better.3.5 pushed [...]

    12. inkedbookdragonI am always looking for books for my kids. I am constantly on the quest for ones that are educational. It is refreshing to find one like Kit and Kaboodle by Chris Robertson. It shares a story of two friends and sharing. Followed by the importance of manners. I have read this book multiple times to my little ones and they love it. Thank you Netgalley and Xist Publishing for a digital copy of this book to review. It was a pleasure to read. I am rating this book Five Stars because it [...]

    13. I know it was supposed to be funny, but that ending knocked it from a four star to a two starwhat in the world?

    14. Cute picture book for toddlers. Kaboodle the elephant won't let his best friend monkey Kit have a peanut, so Kit tries to plead with his friend in a variety of fun ways. Together they learn valuable lessons about sharing and manners. The drawings are lovely and my granddaughter loved it.

    15. My love of digital reading has extended to children's picture books too! While I LOVE my library, I can't tell you how many fines/lost books I've had to pay for. I've been able to collect a pretty good digital library for the little ones, and it's fun to read them on the Kindle, Computer or Ipad.Not all the free offerings are good (I've picked up duds from the library too though)but there are some gems out there. This is one. Bright, creative illustrations. Simple words, repeated, and a little l [...]

    16. My kids laughed on every page of this silly picture book! Monkeys and elephants seem to be a popular theme these days with children's books. I love the bright illustrations and the simple but very expressive story about manners. Very cute! My blog: Books for Kids

    17. My 4-year old daughter and I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book. She thought it was cute and giggled a few times. As an adult though, it was not very engaging, and not one that I would be thrilled about reading over and over again to her.*Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

    18. My daughter gives this story 10 fingers out of 5. :D She loved that she could read it by herself and she also loved the monkey. At first I wondered where the story was going, but in the end there was a good lesson to be learned. Overall, it was a quick, fun read and it was great to have a children's story in e-book format.

    19. 10*s. This is a magnificent read about manners with comedy thrown in to keep the kids entertained!! I loved the illustrations and story line!!! This is a MUST read for the entire family to enjoy!!

    20. A fun, funny little story with bold colors, cute animals and a darling title. My 1 1/2 year old loved it and we read it 3 times back to back. I immediately searched our local library for other titles by Chris Robertson and we read through each over the following week. Great, easy read for young readers.

    21. I am reviewing this book for Chris Robertson, Xist Publishing, and NetGalley who gave me a copy of their book for an honest review. A lovely story, with simple pictures, which reinforces manners and sharing, but it does so in a comical way, which will attract children. Briefly, the monkey asks the elephant for some of his peanuts but the elephant refuses. Kit, the monkey tries numerous funny activities to change Caboodle’s mind, but nothing works all he had to do was say ‘please’

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