Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four, Vol. 4

Collects The Fantastic Four 31 40, Annual 2
Marvel Masterworks The Fantastic Four Vol Collects The Fantastic Four Annual

  • Title: Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four, Vol. 4
  • Author: Stan Lee Jack Kirby
  • ISBN: 9780785111832
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This book collects issues 31-40 of the Fantastic Four, along with the second annual, originally released in 1964-65. While the third Masterworks collection threw out a bunch of new (and occasionally crazy) ideas seemingly every issue, during this run Stan and Jack slow things down a bit and revisit some of the themes raised earlier in the series. Reed and Sue get engaged, Namor’s character is fleshed out, and Doctor Doom takes center stage; first in an extended look at his backstory, and later [...]

    2. Still reading FF in chronological order, for some reason! My favorites in here were #33 (great underwater pastel colors and I love it when Kirby does freaky warrior armor), #35 (kooky college lingo, fun plot, sweet ending) and #37 (Bloodthirsty Susan Storm, space opera, far-out collages, freaky warrior armor again).#36 ("The Frightful Four") is the first Fantastic Four story in which the reader has to have some prior knowledge of another comic Marvel puts out (those Strange Tales with the Human [...]

    3. This book ends just before Kirby and Lee's run comes to its high point, but the stories contained herein are good samples of the Lee/Kirby magic that laid the foundations of the Marvel Universe. Most of the stories are still single issue, although they begin to float into each other more frequently here, which would become a trademark for Kirby's storytelling later on. The highlight of the book is definitely FF Annual #2 which contains Doctor Doom's first origin story. Never before had a comic b [...]

    4. I remember skimming through the last couple of these trades, but this one actually has some interesting stories that are integral to the Fantastic Four's history. The origin of Doctor Doom, the reveal of Sue and Johnny's father, Sue and Reed's engagement, etc. There's also the formation of the *snicker* Frightful Four. Sue finally realizes she can do things with her powers besides be invisible, but she gets kidnapped a lot so as not to upset the male:female power ratio.Speaking of which, the iss [...]

    5. This is where Fantastic Four starts really cooking again. I thought Volume 3 was a big step down from Volumes 1 & 2, but Volume 4 is almost all hits. I found the Moleman story pretty weak, but beginning with issue 32 there are almost no misses. This is a trend that continues for as far as I've read in Fantastic Four (which is #54 at present). Some highlights: Annual #2, like Annual #1, is a great villain showcase; the serial nature of the comic gets amplified; the characters' interpersonal r [...]

    6. Another excellent masterworks, with the last of the wonderful Jack Kirby/Chic Stone collaborations on Fantastic Four. Really, all you need to encompass the true greatness of the "World's Greatest Comic Magazine" is the first five Marvel Masterworks (I'd have included the sixth if the reproduction was a lot better on it, but alas, it apparently is horrid). Dragon Man makes his first appearance here, along with the Frightful Four, along with the returns of Dr. Doom, the Sub-Mariner and the Mole Ma [...]

    7. In spite of the repetitive villains, including The Mole Man and Doctor Doom, familiarity doesn't so much breed contempt as expand on the character of some interesting villains. Including issues 31 to 40 and the second annual, this might be pretty Doom-centric, but it is fun to read and also introduces The Frightful Four.

    8. The Marvel Masterworks volumes are fantastic reprints of the early years of Marvel comics. A fantastic resource to allow these hard to find issues to be read by everyone. Very recommended to everyone and Highly recommended to any comic fan.

    9. this is like the calm before the storm. in the next collection Galactus shows up and things get good but not yet.

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