Fantastic Four: First Family

For the first time, untold secrets of the FF s earliest days are revealed What happened the moment after Reed Richards rocket crash landed What happened to Sue Storm, to Ben Grimm, to Johnny Storm in the days following that fateful event An in depth, action packed, psychologically thrilling exploration of the FF s origin Collects Fantastic Four First Family 1 6.
Fantastic Four First Family For the first time untold secrets of the FF s earliest days are revealed What happened the moment after Reed Richards rocket crash landed What happened to Sue Storm to Ben Grimm to Johnny Storm in

  • Title: Fantastic Four: First Family
  • Author: Joe Casey Chris Weston
  • ISBN: 9780785117032
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Fantastic Four: First Family”

    1. A nice retelling of the Fantastic Fours early days.Learning to use their powers, dealing with a government that doesn't trust them and a couple interesting looks at some of the first couple FF stories by Stan and Jack.Only problem is the new godlike villain that is introduced in this mini is really pretty feeble and uninteresting.Though, it is cool the way Reed was able to out think him, and he was such a lame character you are really happy when the FF kicks his butt.Like how they used their ast [...]

    2. First Family is an origin story for the Fantastic Four, sort of. It starts after the events that gave The Four their powers, so it's really more of a first-adventure story. Everyone knows the basics of The Fantastic Four, so First Family doesn't really bring any surprises. It's a decent foray into the beginnings of The Fantastic Four as a team. We don't get to know anyone's past and we don't join the story until after the part that I was lead to believe we were getting. We do get a villain, but [...]

    3. I like Casey a lot, but this is definitely not his best work. To be fair, I'm guessing he would agree. These sort of "behind/between the scenes of famous books" stories usually seem more trouble than they're worth. You still get a fair helping of Casey's crazy glint of ideas, but the artwork (while fitting the time period) is generally too flat to keep up. I wasn't overly disappointed, but I'd recommend plenty of other Casey or FF books before this one.

    4. First Family is a story meant to work within the Fantastic Four's current origin, with the goal of adding to the original story as opposed to simply rewriting it. I appreciate the intent, and there are some parts what work well - but for the most part there's nothing much to really set this book apart.

    5. I am a big FF fan and I really liked this story. The cover is excellent. The artwork was really good. Things got a little drawn out and a bit confusing at the end but it was well written. I felt bad for Reed though, everyone is always dumping on him. Still, fun stuff none the less.

    6. Early days of Fantastic Four with stiff art. Story bounced from being very interesting and good to tedious and talkative.Could've been better, could've been worse. Meh.

    7. A strong look at the FF's early days, but an overly philosophical climax kills a lot of the momentum near the end of the book.

    8. Esta bien, tiene su cosa, se puede decir que es como se originaron los 4 Fantasticos. Aunque no me entusiasma tanto como los X-Men.

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