Heroes Reborn: Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four are reborn, but it could be a short and unwonderful life as menaces emerge from the Earth, the sea and Latveria But even the Mole Man, Namor and Doom himself pale before the threat of Galactus and his Heralds
Heroes Reborn Fantastic Four The Fantastic Four are reborn but it could be a short and unwonderful life as menaces emerge from the Earth the sea and Latveria But even the Mole Man Namor and Doom himself pale before the threat

  • Title: Heroes Reborn: Fantastic Four
  • Author: Jim Lee Brett Booth Brandon Choi Ron Lim
  • ISBN: 9780785123361
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Most of you have probably heard about Heroes Reborn. Some of you probably lived through it. As a child of the 90s, at the time I was the target audience for the relaunch. So it's interesting for me to return to it as an adult and see how boring and dragged out it is.After the Onslaught storyline, Marvel decided to let a number of creators (who had previous left a few years earlier for creator owned careers at Image Comics) have full control over some of the main lines for a year. The two that ar [...]

    2. A mediados de los noventa Marvel decidió hacer un reboot de varios de sus héroes más famosos para acercarlos a las nuevas generaciones y modernizar sus propiedades un poco. En el caso de uno de sus títulos más famosos y queridos, Los 4 Fantásticos, utilizaron a un autor mítico de la época como es Jim Lee.Este primer tomo recoge los seis primeros números de los doce que componen este relanzamiento, y que comienzo con los inicios del grupo y sus primeras aventuras juntos, enfrentándose a [...]

    3. This was actually a departure for me. Previously, the only knowledge I'd had of the Fantastic Four had been the films. And, honestly, the only thing I remember about those is how often Chris Evans walked around naked/half naked/in skintight clothing. Let's face it, that's pretty much the only thing any of us really got out of those films.So, having never read FF comics before, I think these were okay, not amazing. Doom was OTT, but he's Doom, so that's expected. I did like how the Inhumans were [...]

    4. Though this is probably my favourite series from Heroes Reborn, it still didn't do too much for me. There is some nice artwork and the very beginning, when the origin story is being set up, is quite good; however, everything after that feels rushed and a little ADHD. No tension or suspense, very choppy bare-bones storytelling, it really just feels like point-form plot-points. You do get to meet a lot of villains along the way, though. just not in-depth. Just standard stuff.3/5

    5. The art was fine, though sexist, but the story was pointless. It was just a different origin for these characters than the reader is used to and knowing what comes next allows me to knowSPOILER SPOILER SPOILERat this entire 12 issue run is just set up for Franklin to fix the world after Onslaught. No real need to read this. I feel you could skip ahead from the end of the FF run through Onslaught and then go into Heroes Reunited and you're probably good.

    6. Kai siihen joku hyvä syy oli, että 1998 sarjakuvat piti painaa niin huokoiselle paperille, että kuvista tuli tummia ja viivat melkein katosivat.Enkä ole tänä päivänäkään yhtään varma, että näitä re-launch tarinoita oikeasti tarvitaan. Olihan tässä oma viehätyksensä ja kuvat olivat sujuvan kauniita, mutta. meh.

    7. Some good: I liked the way the FF were characteristized. The slight changes to their personalities made them appealing, while keeping the core of what made them great from day one. Also, bits of the art worked for me - especially Ben and Galactus. Oh, but that art! How did we ever think Jim Lee was a great artist? Wait, I remember: It's because we were teen boys when he was drawing Betsy and Rogue with those big boobs, sticking out butts, and giant hair. Yes, the credits don't indicate that Lee [...]

    8. 3.75/5Como primer acercamiento a Marvel en los cómics me pareció bien. Esta serie de Heroes Reborn es corta, intensa y te mete en tema por si nunca leíste del super héroe aunque ya los conozcas por películas o demás. Lo único que me cansó y confundió fue el final, porque se unía con números de Los Vengadores, Iron Man y Capitán América, que son super héroes que NO me gustan y que me cansó bastante leer porque encima no entendía nada. Más allá de eso estuvo bastante bien y quiz [...]

    9. No estoy seguro de haberme leído la totalidad de los capítulos que componen este tomo, pero creo que la mayoría sí, en la edición en revistitas de Forum. Y si los que leí me resultaron terriblemente aburridos y, según recuerdo, Jim Lee no parecía particularmente inspirado al dibujarlos, las chances de que los capítulos restantes mejoraran el tomo son muy bajas. De todos modos, cuando los vuelva a tener a mano lo corroboro.

    10. A Fantastic Four reboot from the very beginning. They meet Moleman, Doctor Doom, and the silver surfer for the first time. Or do they? Not a bad reboot but the flashes of the real universe keeps the reader wondering what is actually going on. An ok, if action packed read.

    11. I was not impressed with Marvel's attempt at a relaunch of many of it's main titles. The art was Ok and the stories were not horrible but I just couldn't seem to get into the flow of the new series. I will give it a Recommended as it's a good read just not to my taste.

    12. Read all 4 Heroes Reborn graphic novels at the same time, in continuity order.Between Jim Lee's amazing art, and the complex storylines found within (origin story, encounters with Doom, and the wonderful story with the Inhumans, etc.) This Volume of Heroes Reborn was my favorite.Recommend.

    13. The story of the Heroes Reborn begins with the Fantastic FourPROS-nice art-okay storyCONS-to much like the regular fan 4 story. I want something different

    14. A great retelling of the origins of the Fantastic Four. The only good thing that came out of the Heroes Reborn story line.

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