Heaven Sent

Peeling wallpaper, sagging floors, flaking plaster and a twin sized bed What could Michael and Wild Bill want in a love nest
Heaven Sent Peeling wallpaper sagging floors flaking plaster and a twin sized bed What could Michael and Wild Bill want in a love nest

  • Title: Heaven Sent
  • Author: Jordan Castillo Price
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Hot, Short, & Sweet"So, I died and went to heaven," he said. "Who'da thunk it?" This little interlude takes place between books three and four of the Channeling Morpheus series, but I read it after book five - I had the box set and didn't want to pause to switch over - It was still awesome, even though I read it out of order.Heaven Sent is a FREEBIE on Jordan Castillo Price's website & I recommend you go scoop it up at once.Hot. HOT. HOT!I read it on my lunch break at work with time to s [...]

    2. A 100% accurate depiction of what happened between my friend and I when I described to him how I felt after reading about the way Michael woke Wild Bill up in Heaven Sent.

    3. I feel so conflicted - there was sex with a sleeping vampire and I found it strangely hot. Is this why some people feel compelled to go to Confession!?

    4. One drop of blood shouldn't have been enough. And yet, it was. In the way a single star can light the sky.A hot and sweet, short freebie.Who doesn't love a bit somnophilia?!

    5. Written June 14, 20153.2 Stars - A smutastic morning teaserNovella serial #3.1An short sweet addition about a lovely morning. There are all in all all 10 full serial novellas in this Channeling Morpheus/Sweet Oblivion series. Heaven Sent is a free mini shorty in 5 pages added after book #3. ~ Read my full CMfSM review for the first five parts (#1 - #5). ‘One drop of blood shouldn’t have been enough. And yet, it was. In the way a single star can light the sky. Or a virus can wipe out a popula [...]

    6. A sexy vampire smut interlude between Wild Bill and Michael. Worth every moment and not just for them. A seemingly innocuous detail is slipped in at the end - presenting a not so innocuous analogy, elevating this short from just another smut scene. Download for free at Price’s website.

    7. Wild Bill is sleeping and Michael has plan to wake him out in a seducing sexy way. It's been almost a year since I read the last Channeling Morpheus book -- and it's great to revisit Wild Bill/Michael again. It's very short, only 4 pages, but man, I love Wild Bill/Michael -- and it's very sexy kind of waking up alarm, don't you think? :)

    8. Too short! But pretty hot!! Seems like this story actually took place sometime before book 4. But it was free on the authors website. I ♥ me some Wild Bill!

    9. Updated 12/10/12I've decided that I really like this cover after all. I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, I've read the first five installments now. This one can be standalone but without remembering where in the series this one was, as soon as I read number four, I knew this had to be between three and four as that much changes in each short little "novelette" as she calls them. I think they're just episodes in a serial because it's almost impossible to read one without starting the next. [...]

    10. Rating for the whole series.Overall thoughts on the series hereChanneling Morpheus 1-5 BR thread 12th June 2015

    11. I think this series one needs to be graded as a whole, and not necessarily by its individual parts. I reserve the right to come back and update my ratings.

    12. Not sure how I missed this when I read the series. Very short story. Wild Bill + hot sexy times = manna from heaven.

    13. Just a little window into waking up together or more accurately Michael waking up and then waking up Bill in the best way possible.

    14. Interesting. VERY interesting! heheheBTW: I have always been a big fan of "guyliner" this series reminds me why! ;p

    15. It really is a bit bittersweet for me. This series overall is not romantic in the hearts and flowers sense. It's edgy, it's dirty (literally and figuratively), and there are many "unpretty" emotions and situations in it. The series and characters are well written, consistent, and interesting, but this series will likely not become the comfort read for me like the psycop series currently is.

    16. A nice little impromptu.Even though the story was told from Michael's point of view, I got a sense of what Bill meant and felt. He truly does believe Michael is his very own angel and punisher, much like his namesake. An angel that he trusts with his life, being able to sleep during the day side by side on the same bed.I hope the story continues and they both get their HEA.

    17. Incredible how a short story could be so amazing as this! It's hot (obviously) and surprising fun!Really recommend to everyone interested on a m/m paranormal-romance! Pity it's so short! Enjoy it!

    18. Super Super Short snippet. It is a great advertiser for the series and its FREE so anyone still umming and ahhhing about buying this series - you should check out this story and if you like it (which you will) then you can get the rest of them :)

    19. A little nip into the world Channeling Morpheus/Sweet Oblivion. Very, very brief. Still I rather enjoyed it. I may have to look into this series.

    20. There isn't much of a plot with this free short in the Channeling Morpheus/Sweet Oblivion series, just a steamy scene with Michael and Wild Bill. But, who could turn down that?

    21. Erotica - men - short story - Totally not what I thought it was. Never read a story like this before so i didn't know how to rate it.

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