Heart Trouble

Stress kills So does loneliness A very short, very sweet story by Josh Lanyon.
Heart Trouble Stress kills So does loneliness A very short very sweet story by Josh Lanyon

  • Title: Heart Trouble
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: 9781937909246
  • Page: 439
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Even if the story is only about 5000 words, Josh Lanyon is able to write something quite thoughtful. Here's Ford, only twenty-three years old, suffering from what he thought as heart attack. But as Ford talks to the emergency doctor who treats him, we find out that there are quite a lot of things happening in Ford's life right now. This snippet ends with a hopeful note of a beautiful beginning between Ford and the doctor. Oh, and while Josh describes this story as "very sweet", there is nothing [...]

    2. I fell for this extremely endearing story of a twenty-three year old Ford, who reminds me of a lost puppy. In a way this is such a simple story, but it holds a huge amount of emotions in it. The story happens during a short couple of hours, but it includes a promise of many great things to come.This sweet story gave me hope and it left me wondering what kind of lives have these two men lived through to get to this exact point of Ford's heart trouble. What made Jacob to act so kind towards Ford? [...]

    3. This is why I read romance. The unrealistically sweet men, the improbable scenarios, the Knights in shining armour. This short is a brief glimpse into the lives of two men. I could read a novel about them, or just appreciate this incredible short. Classic Lanyon.

    4. Mmph working my way through my list of Josh Lanyon shorts. This is a bit too short and not terribly sweet, just mostly a bit weird. 3 stars.

    5. This was a sweet little look into Ford and Jacob meeting. Enjoyable and moving in places, but just too short to really get me going.

    6. My first Lanyon and I enjoyed it. Will definitely check out some of the longer Lanyon books that were recommended to me. This is really short but sweet. It fit my mood perfectly.

    7. 3.5*This is a very short story, it starts with Ford in the ER being examined by Dr Jacob Hoyle.Ford thinks he is having a heart attack , the Dr examines him and asks all kinds of questions, that's how we get to know Ford, his age, his family and financial situation, his fear, and it is also told from his POV, unfortunately except for showing that Jacob is extraordinarily kind we know next to nothing about him. And that was a bit of a problem for me, I liked Ford,but why did Jacob like him, what [...]

    8. A very short, but lovely story! A little bit too short for me to give it five, because for a five star review I need a connection to the protagonists I just don't get in 15 to 20 pages. However, it still amazes me how much can be put in such few lines, how much characterisation, how much feeling, without being overdone. It's just a short snippet of two men's lives but you get an insight into the characters, understand them, get an idea of how their lives could turn out. Josh Lanyon knows how to [...]

    9. This was a wonderful little story! It was sweet, and moving, and for such a short story it really managed to make a lasting impression. I read it last night and found myself thinking about it at work today. I just wish there was more, because I fell in love with these characters.

    10. This is really a seedling of a little story. With very cute characters, one of them panic-driven and close to a breakdown, the other the epitome of calm and collected, it describes the beginnings of what might grow into a relationship. It is a message of hope, which the romantics among us will definitely love. There is enough of a beginning here to make me want a sequel!Ford is stressed out on multiple fronts. He is low on money and friends, has writer's block, and is scared of coming out. He al [...]

    11. God, why, oh why is this so short? I want more!! I completely fell under the charm on this 21 pages long story. Authors who write characters that are doctors, take note - this is how they should be written; caring, gentle. I've read some books where the doctors were really creepy, and I hate that. Jacob was perfect.I'd sell my left arm to read more about these two. It was so so sweet!

    12. Sometimes I tell myself, "Self, you should try and read/listen to more new-to-you authors."*listens to 10 more Lanyon short stories*

    13. A perfect little read. As per usual, Josh is able to capture so much in a short story, that others fail to do in a full blown novel. Loved it!

    14. Such a sweet little story! Ford is endearing and so is ER doctor Jacob Hoyle. Wouldn't we all want to find a doctor like that in the ER. Ford just tugged at my heart strings with all his worries and insecurities, tugging at the rip in his jeans, a little lonely and then suddenly (view spoiler)[ coming out to the doctor, who is the best medicine Ford could ever need. (hide spoiler)]I applaud Josh Lanyon for writing in such a way that as a reader you instantly connect to the MC and his love intere [...]

    15. 2.5/5.0 (D+)I love Josh Lanyon, but for me Heart Trouble turned out to be a surprisingly incomplete, outdated, and underdeveloped short story (very short), lacking in both detail and real emotion or connection between the two main characters. There is no happy ever after (which I don't usually mind), instead the story ends with the beginning of what might be a relationship. Why? I don't know. I didn't really understand when these two men 'clicked' with each other. A solid writer, Lanyon doesn't [...]

    16. I love this book.Just like the m/c Ford, I also live on Larrabee Street in West Hollywood.Cedar Sinai was the hospital Ford went and he lives at the Mediterranean Village apartments, on Larrabee.What on earth is Mr Lanyon hanging out in my neighborhood for?it is a very small world!

    17. A very short and sweet story about a young writer who thinks he has a heart attack. In the aftermath he discovers a glimpse of possibility with the doctor who takes care of him. Very well written short story, that I probably appreciate doubly after all the bad christmas novellas I read for a challenge.

    18. Josh Lanyon writes true short stories. They do not have that usual feel of a abstract of a larger story to be written at a later date. This was a complete and beautiful story. There was a promise of more for the 2 MCs but for the readers it was complete. Of course it would be nice to visit the MCs again to see how their life is going.

    19. Still the sweetest of JL's short stories. Out of all his MCs, I can relate to Ford the most. (view spoiler)[ Anxiety attacks-never fun. (hide spoiler)] The Christmas Coda was just as wonderful. Too short, but you get such a real, honest (and just a little sad) sense of Ford.

    20. Such a sweet story from one of my favorite authors. It's a very early Lanyon but all the familiar elements are there and a perfect addition to my Lanyon collection. If you are already a Josh Lanyon fan or if this is your first foray into his writing, this is well worth the read.

    21. Wonderful short story! Sweet and realistic and very well-written!I liked both MCs and I'd love to read more about them - maybe someday? :)

    22. Very short but sweet read. A meetcute story that doesn't go beyond that initial point but still manages to leave you hopeful for their future.

    23. Sigh. Man can that Josh write. Beautifully written short story that grabbed me from the first word. Universal themes poignantly conveyed yet again. Lovely as usual. Sigh.

    24. Sweet short about a possible beginning between 23-year-old stressed writer and a doctor. Welcome back, Mr. Lanyon!

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