Mr. Buff

Every morning, Alexandra drinks in the sexy vision of Mr Buff through his office window across the street He takes his workouts seriously, and Alexandra never misses the opportunity to see him return, sweaty and pumped, to his office suite to shower Turns out Andrew enjoys the view just as much as she does and can t take his eyes off the woman who makes his blood roarvery morning, Alexandra drinks in the sexy vision of Mr Buff through his office window across the street He takes his workouts seriously, and Alexandra never misses the opportunity to see him return, sweaty and pumped, to his office suite to shower Turns out Andrew enjoys the view just as much as she does and can t take his eyes off the woman who makes his blood roar.But when Alexandra bumps into Mr Buff at a club, things go from visual to physical And much to her delight, she learns that Mr Buff is really Mr Dominant She loves spending time with him and getting to know him the way nature intended, but she s looking for than a fling How s she supposed to make Mr Buff realize he s Mr Right
Mr Buff Every morning Alexandra drinks in the sexy vision of Mr Buff through his office window across the street He takes his workouts seriously and Alexandra never misses the opportunity to see him return

  • Title: Mr. Buff
  • Author: April Angel
  • ISBN: 9781937976750
  • Page: 364
  • Format: ebook
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    1. 4.5 StarsMy husband wonders why I'm always randy. I should hand him a copy of this story and let him see for himself.Mr Buff was hot. Not only the character himself with his suave confidence and hypnotizing dominance, but the story was all-round HOT. In a short amount of pages April Angel wove a deliciously naughty story that had me pantinglivatinganing for more. And for some reason I couldn't get the damn song - Gangnam Style out of my head while reading it. It might have something to do with t [...]

    2. One very hot and very erotic read that’s guaranteed to leave you wanting more! Excellent story, characters, setting and all around everything that makes for a satisfying read all around.Alex is a beautiful and intelligent woman that was recently deceived by someone she thought loved and cared for her. Some months have passed and she has found some very yummy eye candy that she calls Mr. Buff. Coming to know his daily routine, she watches him loyally, daily, never missing a beat and constantly [...]

    3. This review can also be found on my blog.For men there’s a little blue pill. And what about us? I don’t believe in self medication so luckily this uber-sexy, scorching (and I mean SCORCHING) hot novella does the trick and hits all the right spots. Ladies, get your toys, lotions, gels, towels, the whole enchilada because you’re going to need it! This was my first read by this author, but there’s no way I’m going to miss out on anything else she writes. Especially if they all have a sexy [...]

    4. Alexandra has the best job ever. What does she do? I don’t know, it was some sort of accounting type job. That’s not why it’s the best. Her office location makes it the best. Because right across the way she can see right into the office of one Mr. Buff. And Mr. Buff likes to take a shower every day and walk around with his shirt off sometimes. And lately, Mr. Buff has noticed Alexandra staring, and they’ve begun waving. And Mr Buff notices Alexandra, too. This story started off innocent [...]

    5. My Review:Simply put, this is one hot little erotica. I'll admit, it's not real heavy on story, but I didn't feel like it was lacking, and I am telling youe erotic part of this erotica is good and sexy and HOT!The set-up for this book is like every girl's fantasy. Imagine.every morning you get to watch a HOT guy get dressed after his workout. What a perfect way to start the day! This is how Alex starts her work days and she's pretty pleased with the fact, especially in view of the fact that her [...]

    6. Mr Buff is the name that Alexandra has named the hunky guy in the office in the buildingacross from hers. Every morning she watches him come in his office take off his sweaty clothesand go and take a shower. But ever since her last relationship where her ex playeda number on her self confidence will she be able to trust?Andrew has been attracted to Alexandra from the moment he saw her in her office. When hesees her at a local club he decides that now is the time to make his move.I swear it seems [...]

    7. Wow I don't usually read erotica but this story definitely changed my mind about that. I want a Mr. Buff of my own. who doesn't? It's fast paced and beautifully written. You won't get bored but it will leave you panting for more.

    8. So hot! The sex scenes in Mr. Buff sizzle, and I loved watching Alexandra and Andrew's budding relationship grow into something beautiful. I'm very much looking forward to the sequel!

    9. 3.5 STARSThe book description provides a pretty thorough summary of the story so I won't regurgitate it. Hence, here are my thoughts on Mr. Buff:This is the second work of Ms. Angel that I've read & it's no surprise that I love her voice & writing style.Alex and Andrew (Mr. Buff) were two people with an obvious and intense physical attraction to one another. Andrew was delicious and sexy as sin. Oh yes, and did I mention that he's a dominant in bed? Well, he is and you know what that mea [...]

    10. A short but seriously erotic read, Mr. Buff is one that you do not want to miss. Alexandra is a heroine all women can relate to. How many times have we noticed that seriously hot man across a crowded train, restaurant, or even through a window and fantasized about what if? Don’t lie, you know you have. Just like you know if you ever had the opportunity to speak and he showed a corresponding interest, you’d be on him like white on rice.Alex has fantasized about the business man in the office [...]

    11. An office with a sPECtacular view! Book 1 in the Sizzling Encounters series ~ Loved this story! Humor and hot encounters await you in this short story! Caution: you may end up squirming in your seat wish you were Alex, you may not want to read this at your desk during your lunch break - you may end up having to go home early ;) And now a bit about the storyAlexandra Berte is a payroll manager in high rise office building with a wall of windows. She has one of the best views, across the street sh [...]

    12. No one writes erotic romance like April Angel; but her stories are also filled with lovable, enchanting and often broken characters too! In Mr. Buff we meet Alexandra; a woman who once oozed self confidence until the betrayal of her cheating partner, and Andrew; a man looking for forever, but unable to make the first move on a woman he believes is already taken.So have a fire extinguisher at the ready, because when they finally do let down their defenses, the chemistry between this couple is a b [...]

    13. Mr. Buff by April Angel is the first book in her Sizzling Encounters series. Alexandra, a business professional, enjoys watching Andrew in his office across the alley. After watching each other for awhile, Andrew approaches Alexandra at a club and a hot romance follows. Mr. Buff is a novella, just the type of story I love to read during lunch breaks, etc. I really enjoy April's writing style and absolutely loved this book. This is a keeper for me and have read several times since buying the book [...]

    14. I can't believe that I hadn't wrote my review for this book yet.I wish I could watch Mr. Buff everyday at work and watch him without any clothes and see him coming out of the shower all wet. I want a man to send me flowers and to be so into me. Just looking one time at me and knowing I am all he sees. I need to go take a cold shower after I read this. Well I will see you later because I will be going and reading it again!

    15. HOT, HOT, HOT!!!This book is a short HOT read! It was great.I love short stories that are able to tell a story and make you forget you are readinga short story.This is the story of two office workers who fall in lust with one another from across building's through the windows. Until a chance encounter makes them so much more.Beware of setting your kindle of fire after reading this one

    16. Amazing, enjoyable & interesting erotica romance story. The book had some BDSM (minor) elements. Looking forward to reading more from the author (enjoyed some dialog & the greeting card words that were on the flowers)

    17. MR. BUFF Boy Meets Girl, Boy Ties Girl Up,Original post with additional elements on FANGS, WANDS and FAIRY DUSTMR. BUFFby April AngelErotic Romance/ContemporaryNovellaWord Count: 19,203Price: $3.99ISBN: 978-1-937976-75-0Heat Level: 4Warnings: Light BDSM ElementsEditor: Melinda FultonCover Artist: Mina CarterRelease Date: 10/5/12E-Galley provided by Bewitching Book Tours. No Remuneration is exchanged and, except as noted all opinions herein are my own.Every morning, Alexandra drinks in the sexy v [...]

    18. Originally posted at: longandshortreviews/boMr. Buff by April Angel is the something like a typical romantic story seen in movies. A self-assured woman who’s gone through a terrible breakup meets a rich man who’s ready to settle down. They like each other, flirt for a bit and have hot sex. The villain, a dumb model who can’t take no for an answer, and the heroine’s own self-doubts wedge in between them. Things happen and they get their happy ending with an unnecessary epilogue included.H [...]

    19. I can't write an honest review about the novel as whole since I did not finish it, which is why I also did not give a rating. Mr. Buff is an erotica (I did not know this) and I realized I'm not really into too much sex, or mild-extreme bondage. So there was nothing to really captivate my attention with this story. With a story line too choppy and incomplete to characters who were being described rather than created. Actually now that I thinking about it there really was no story or real depth to [...]

    20. Mr. Buff is like a piece of chocolate, it's a delectable bit of naughtiness consumed in a moment. It's a fast read that brings together two people looking for a long-term relationship with one briefly predictable moment of drama thrown in for the sake of being dramatic. It's a satisfying read with likable characters but nothing that I haven't read before.Mr. Buff himself, Andrew, is extremely sexy and easily able to sweep a woman off her feet. After a brief game of flirty cat and mouse he and Al [...]

    21. Mr. Buff by April Angel is an erotic romance novella. It tells the story of Alexandra, an office worker. For some time she's been enjoying the sight of the gorgeous man working in the building opposite. He often wanders around shirtless after going to the gym, much to Alexandra's delight. This, and the fact she has no idea what his real name is, earns him the nickname Mr. Buff. She doesn't think much more of it though, simply admiring the view each day.However, when she bumps into him at a club, [...]

    22. This one was bitter sweet for me. I like the premise and I liked the characters a lot, but the execution of the plot fell a hair short. It feels like there 19s more dominating sex than storyline, which I don 19t normally have a problem with, but it made the relationship feel shallow. It seemed more based on looks, because they didn 19t appear to know each other all that well other than how well they mesh in bed for a lot of the time. That being said, I thought the ending was adorable and the cha [...]

    23. This one was bitter sweet for me. I like the premise and I liked the characters a lot, but the execution of the plot fell a hair short. It feels like there’s more dominating sex than storyline, which I don’t normally have a problem with, but it made the relationship feel shallow. It seemed more based on looks, because they didn’t appear to know each other all that well other than how well they mesh in bed for a lot of the time. That being said, I thought the ending was adorable and the cha [...]

    24. I started this series with the 3rd book and had to instantly go start at the beginning. As always with this author, the books are hot, steamy, sexy and just not long enough! I love the story of Alex and Andrew. Holy heck, if only I had a view like him from my window! I'd salivate as well! This is a super great read that I couldn't put down. From beginning to end, I didn't stop. If you like heat, you will love this book! 'She was ready to get down on one knee and propose, even if just for his coo [...]

    25. Alex has watched Mr. Buff as she calls him through her office window for some time. She has no idea he has watched her for quite sometime and never pushed her because of a relationship she was in. Finally they meet up while both are single and the heated passion is out of control. This book is for those that aren't't faint at heart. This story has very spicy scenes very well written. I read this on a recommendation and was not disappointed to say the least. I recommend it myself now that I have [...]

    26. Great Shorty!This is a great short story; this is the first book in the Sizzling Encounters series by April Angel/Milly Taiden. Alexandra has been watching the sexy Mr. Buff from across the street and never misses the opportunity to see him. When she bumps into him at a club, she is determined to spend some personal time with him. If you are looking for a hot short romance, then you need to read this book.A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book he [...]

    27. This short book is meant for adult eyes only. It is full of hot stuff but plot too!She doesn't know his name but refers to him as Mr. Buff. He is the man who's office is across the street from hers. She fantasizes about him all of the time.One night they meet face to face and it gets hot and heavy pretty fast!I recommend this to those looking for a hot read. This was pretty good.I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. ;-)

    28. Grab a glass of ice water before you start this one! Holy cow was it smoking hot! I LOVE Milly Taiden(April Angel)'s paranormal books but she can write contemporary just as well! Mr. Buff is a sexy and very erotic short that left me very satisfied. With a dirty talking dominate male and sassy female it made for one sinfully delicious read!

    29. Meh!Started out really good but then it got weird and kinda stupid the guy was super hot and a total hunk, I get that, I got it since I read the title and saw the cover, but then the whole hook up and then the getting naked in your office and showing your stuff through the windowat just didn't work for me.

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