Sherlock Holmes and The Missing Snowman

A young girl s snowman has gone missing Where can it have gone There is only one man who can help Sherlock Holmes, the most famous detective in the world.
Sherlock Holmes and The Missing Snowman A young girl s snowman has gone missing Where can it have gone There is only one man who can help Sherlock Holmes the most famous detective in the world

  • Title: Sherlock Holmes and The Missing Snowman
  • Author: David Ruffle Rikey Austin
  • ISBN: 9781780923161
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This book was adorable and a great Christmas Sherlock read. When a young girl visits Baker Street to get Sherlock to solve the case of where her snowman went you would think Holmes would dismiss it. But to Watson's surprise Holmes jumps on the case and goes out in the cold to find clues with the little girl. While you always think of Holmes as cold and withdrawn David Ruffle shows a warm-hearted Holmes which yet still stays true to the Arthur Conan Doyle legend. The artistry in the book is also [...]

    2. This past October, I had the privilege of being asked to review a pre-publication copy of David Ruffle's "Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Snowman" for my Sherlockian book review blog. A prolific writer, Mr. Ruffle now has six published books featuring Holmes and Watson to his credit, and is finishing up the seventh. Most of his books are intended for older readers; Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Snowman, however, is meant for a younger audience–much younger.If you think about it, as ubiquitou [...]

    3. This richly-illustrated children's book is a delightful story of a little girl who had lost her snowman. Naturally, she and her mother visit the famous detective Mr Sherlock Holmes at his lodgings at 221b Baker Street.Much to Dr Watson's astonishment, the World's foremost consulting detective takes the case and pursues it with his legendary sagacity and tenacity. He discovers - but no, I will not spoil the ending.The writing is simple enough for a small child to follow, but, as one would expect [...]

    4. A very cute story, which will make you feel warm and fuzzy and just all around Christmassy - and that without it being out of character (I can actually see Holmes acting this way if he would be in the mood and thought the cause was worth it). And not to forget the beautiful illustrations (Holmes' illustration is especially wonderful!)! A very lovely book! If I had any friends with children, they would most certainly get this for Christmas. Merry Christmas indeed!

    5. I won this book through Firstread. I love this book. Considering it is for the younger reader (6-11) years, it is a very good book. I enjoyed sitting down for 5 minutes to give it a read. Very cute story line and the illustrations are great. Love it

    6. A really lovely book - perfect for children with wonderful drawings. Makes you feel warm inside on cold winter days! Highly recomended.

    7. I read the book and found it charming. However, this book is written as a children's book and I have no idea of what constitutes the proper contents in such Literature. It does not seem to contain a serious message about Christmas or about expected/proper behavior. It gives no clues to the reader how to face the problems of peer-pressure or parental frustration or any of the other multitudinous problems children encounter every day. It teaches no morality nor does it give a child a good example [...]

    8. It's Christmas time in Baker Street and a young girl needs the assistance of Holmes to find her missing snowman!! Ruffle's story is charming and cute and wonderfully illustrated by Austin. The Missing Snowman makes for the perfect Christmas time story to gather the kids around, with cups of hot chocolate, and read on a cold wintery night. Having captured the essence and quality of a Holmes story while also being playing and fun this is a book that both adults and kids will most certainly enjoy, [...]

    9. Excellent story for the young, introducing Sherlock Holmes to children I think is a wonderful idea. Bravo!!!

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