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  1. A buddy read with Choko and Maria.Dear book it is not you, it is me. You are great and I sincerely wish you more new satisfied readers in the future. I just had different expectations, sorry. I expected you to be dashing, daring, take the risk and hell with the consequences type. Instead I got a romance. A well-written, entertaining, mostly funny, but still romance. A series which started as an excellent space opera became (you guessed it) a romance with the only relation to space being word "pl [...]

  2. *** 4.85 ***A buddy read with Evgeny and Maria because we love Science Fiction and Miles!!!"“Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself. The friction tends to arise when the two are not the same.There is no more hollow feeling than to stand with your honor shattered at your feet while soaring public reputation wraps you in rewards. That's soul destroying. The other way around is merely very, very irritating. Guard your honor. Let your reputation fall [...]

  3. This has to be my favorite of the Miles Vorkosigan books, and considering how much I love *all* of them, that's saying something. Bujold dedicates this book to "Jane, Charlotte, Georgette, and Dorothy"--Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Georgette Heyer, and Dorothy Sayers. The Grandes Dames of women writers. Here you will not find the covert ops rescue missions or epic space battles of Mile's past. Instead, he's facing something much, MUCH harder: dealing with real, domestic life. Like trying to co [...]

  4. Alternate titles for this book:-Let's Get All the Koudelka Girls Married-Everyone is Very Excited about Bug Vomit-Ivan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day-Seriously How Has a Patriarchal Society with Men Like THIS in Charge Survived So Long?-Oh Right it's Because the Women Actually Control Everything-Miles You DweebI think I'm going to reread this book whenever I get sad and my life will improve 5000%

  5. Buddy read with Choko and Evgeny.Romantic Comedy the Vorkosigans' style! This is probably the most hilarious book in the entire series but if you were looking for the space opera style of the earlier books you'll be disappointed. In the two previous books Miles moved to a new stage in his life and this is a natural result of it. But don't be afraid - this is more of an interlude, a breather between the heavier stuff. That being said there were still some pretty interesting social and economical [...]

  6. The Miles Vorkosigan series is one of the best in science fiction. This is not "hard" science fiction, though don't expect scientifically accurate explanations of faster than light travel.There are also no aliens in this universe, only genetically altered strains of human beings. Miles is a unique hero in that he is a "little person", a dwarf. His physical body was damaged in-utero by a poison gas attack on his mother, a countess, during a revolutionary war on his home planet of Barrayar.Miles w [...]

  7. This is an unpopular opinion, I know, I'm sorry, but this is my least favorite Vorkosigan book.If the dedication (to Austen, Brontë, Heyer and Sayers) hadn't clued you in, this is, more or less, a romance. A comedy of manners, if you will. It's not a common genre for mainstream SF, and Bujold pulls it off perfectly and clearly with a lot of love. It is, however, not a genre I am fond of.Basically, Miles is in love with Ekaterin, and everyone in Vorbarr Sultana knows this except Ekaterin. So he [...]

  8. Did you think that Miles was the definitive example of how far the Vor will go to be Vor? You were wrong. Someone else has Miles beat by, um, miles. But that's okay; Miles, as usual, has his own problems. There's his brother Mark's new business venture, which involves some rather unattractive bugs, currently stashed in an old laundry room in Vorkosigan House. There's convincing Ekaterin that the fact that she made a mistake in marrying Tien at twenty doesn't mean that she's forever incapable of [...]

  9. It's amazing that such a long running series can keep such momentum, even get so much better. This story is a culmination of some wonderfully sketched characters throughout with dollops of history brought round for leavening. The Vorkosigans & all their friends & enemies are at their best in this somewhat convoluted tale. We know that both Miles & Mark have a propensity for trouble, but with both of them in the same house at the same time on the eve of the Imperial wedding, the mixtu [...]

  10. SFR Reading Challenge 2012Grade A+Miles is in love! Unfortunately, he seems fairly inept at wooing the object of his affection. Miles met Ekaterin on the planet Komarr (and in the book Komarr) when he went to investigate an accident involving a solar mirror. Ekaterin is widowed during that time and returns to Barayar with her young son. Miles plots a campaign to win her heart and beat out all the other eligible men who are soon showing up on Ekaterin's doorstep. Woven seemlessly into the courtsh [...]

  11. The first time I read it, I liked it. Then I read Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice and returned to it and found to my surprise and pleasure that Bujold had consciously and cleverly incorporated parts of those plots here. Then I read Gaudy Night and all the pieces fit together and I saw that Bujold was celebrating the discovery of love in ways that were newer and excitinger because they built on history.

  12. **edited 02/01/14Ever since I read The Warrior's Apprentice and fell in love with the Vorkosigan Saga, I've been told, "Just wait until you get to A Civil Campaign! Best Vorkosigan book ever", etc. In some ways, I can see why.A Civil Campaign is light and fun; a romantic comedy much in line with the dedication (Jane, Charlotte, Georgette, Dorothy), with the added joy of butter-bugs gone wild (don't ask). But as it turned out, it wasn't one of my favourite books in the series, and it's taken me a [...]

  13. 4/5; 4 stars; A-I recently re-read the very first books in the Vorkosigan Saga because I wanted to re-visit Cordelia and Aral but then I skipped towards the end of the series in preparation for finally getting caught up with the ones on my shelf and the latest coming out. I skipped to this one because I remember it being so very funny. Grover Gardner is an excellent narrator and he did a great job, as usual, on the variety of voices and acting out of the various scenes. This book has many hilari [...]

  14. Five or Six separate plot lines juggled perfectly and one of the funnest scenes I have ever read. Wonderful book. The entire series is worth reading for this one alone.

  15. Before I start my review I want to point out that, till this book, I thought that Ms. Bujold can do no wrong, so to speak (just check my other reviews of her books). I don't just like her writing style: I'm in LOVE with her technique. So this being said, for the last three days I've struggled to read this novel (I'm only 66% through) and, at this point, I'm almost ready to put it away and move to the next one, in hope of something more.So what went wrong and what went well? (And I'm sorry, but t [...]

  16. Originally posted at FanLit: fantasyliterature/reviI was afraid I wasn’t going to like A Civil Campaign as well as the previous VORKOSIGAN novels because, according to the description, the plot takes place all on the planet Barrayar and it deals mostly with relationship issues for several of the characters. Most of the various editions of the book sport covers with couples dancing or getting married. So, yeah, I thought it was a romance novel.Well, A Civil Campaign is a romance novel, but beca [...]

  17. This one is easily one of my favorites, but mainly because I'm a lousy sucker for comedies and romance. The whole mess of the book was so delicious that I had to read it in one sitting, laughing out loud, and generally making a disturbance of myself. I am unrepentant.Marriage in fiction can be a wonderful thing, and while the actual marriage in question doesn't actually occur in this novel, the pertinent requisites were more than enough to amuse and have me on the floor.

  18. It took me a little while to warm up to A Civil Campaign. The plot development is slow at the beginning while Bujold introduces (or, for long-term fans of the series, reintroduces) her cast of characters and sets them on a series of seemingly unrelated story threads. As the book progresses, however, those threads weave together in delightful and often hilarious ways to form a riveting, cohesive whole. By the end of the novel, I was on the edge of my seat to find out how everything would turn out [...]

  19. "Miles Learns That Love Doesn't Quite Conquer All. Especially When You're an Idiot."It doesn't' really seem fair to compare this book to the rest in the series--it's so different, dramatically so. Even aside from the regency-esque romance, the internal politicking is such an interior, class-oriented focus that it reads very far from the space adventures Miles had previously been involved in, though many of those were political in nature. The book is also set off by the number of narrators Bujold [...]

  20. I think this might be my favorite so far of the Vorkosigan series, which is sort of an embarrassing admission because this is the most like a traditional romance novel - not the straightforward Harlequins I went through a phase of loving (and now can't stand), but those fat baroque novels with multiple romance threads winding through subplots of adventure, intrigue, family drama, pirates, ninjas, and so on. All right, no pirates or ninjas here. But the political intrigue is awesome, the cast of [...]

  21. Just imagine me giving a huge satisfied sigh right about now. That's what I was waiting for. More of that manic Miles energy. I've liked the couple of other Vorkosigan books I've read between The Warrior's Apprentice and A Civil Campaign, but they lacked a certain something that caught me about the first book. It's back in this one, and I couldn't be happier.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision he [...]

  22. Brilliant. Just plain brilliant. This would be an excellent entry point to the series, but I think it's even better when one knows all the players really well. I love watching Aral and Cordelia grow old together, and I love the way their family expands. This is probably the flat-out funniest Vorkosigan book, but it has its moments of insight and beauty as well. I defy you not to stand up and cheer, tears running down your cheeks, during the scene at the Council of Counts.

  23. I'm trying to better catalog what's on my kindle w/my GR tbr right now, and I have to askwhy the fuck do I own so many random not in order books in the Vorkosigan Saga?? When did I do that? and why? so weird!

  24. I took a little break from the Vorkosigan series after reading this one (it's intense!), so I'm a bit late with this review. But now I've just started Diplomatic Immunity, so I'd best catch up!A Civil Campaign takes place right after the events in Komarr, and it's basically a romance. There are a few other threads here, including Mark and Kareen's romance and their latest business venture, the preparations for Gregor's upcoming wedding, as well as plenty of political intrigue, including a couple [...]

  25. This one started out slowlyFOR ME. I put that in caps as I suspect it' not true for many readers. Let me explain. I'm just not a fan of romances and this is not only a romance's romances. There are romances of almost every imaginable type and so convoluted, complicated, confusedd so on as to satisfy any fan of romances. I on the other hand found my mind wandering and my interest waning. Oh there was a smattering of humor and the beginnings of the political intrigue we've come to expect when Mile [...]

  26. Re-read 5/10/17: Everything I said below still applies, with the added emphasis that I actually love the side plots (particularly Lord Dono Vorrutyer) more than I do Miles's disastrous courtship. I'm not sure why that is. I certainly love Ekaterin, and want the two of them to end up together, but--butter bugs! And Lord Dono! Listening to this as an audiobook was outstanding.Read 7/11/12: This is a real departure from the rest of the Vorkosigan books, and much as I love it, I'm not sure it would [...]

  27. Parents in all previous books: "WOW YOU KIDS SHOULD GET MARRIED"Parents in this book: "NO STOP MARRYING"Me: "WOW CALM DOWN"*edit*I feel bad for not having reviewed things very well, so I wanted to do a *SLIGHTLY* better job. Even though I gave this five stars I was surprised that I didn't enjoy it more. I was so excited about a comedic book but throughout I was possibly more frustrated and stressed than I have been for any others. AND THAT'S SAYING A LOT. It was just very frustrating to watch ne [...]

  28. All the romance-related plots (and related plot-related plots) are marvelous.And the butter bugs. Oh, dear God, the butter bugs! Really, there are no words. Because one would be laughing far too hard to say any.

  29. A beauty and the beast story, only insofar as physical appearance, not the magical, gothic, or blackmailing bits. The hero, Lord Miles Vorkosigan, is often referred to as a dwarf (albeit 4.9) and a mutant, the mutie lord. Riddled with scars, he's got a big head on a short neck, and just a slight hunch, despite corrective surgery. However, he's brilliant, charming, sardonic, compassionate, and funny. A deadly enemy, a loyal friend. He gets his girl -- a beauty -- on character, not looks, despite [...]

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