The Dust of Wonderland

Stoker winner Thomas Stained delivers an intermittently eloquent supernatural tale reminiscent of Peter Straub s Ghost Story Kenneth Nicholson returns to New Orleans when a late night call from his ex wife breaks the tragic news that their son, Bobby, is in a coma, after being bludgeoned by an unknown assailant As he waits for encouraging medical news, Nicholson gets vStoker winner Thomas Stained delivers an intermittently eloquent supernatural tale reminiscent of Peter Straub s Ghost Story Kenneth Nicholson returns to New Orleans when a late night call from his ex wife breaks the tragic news that their son, Bobby, is in a coma, after being bludgeoned by an unknown assailant As he waits for encouraging medical news, Nicholson gets visions that suggest the possible return of an old evil that was responsible for several gory deaths at a gay lounge popularly referred to as Wonderland The operator of that club, Nicholson s lover Travis Brugier, was believed dead, but Nicholson begins to wonder if his spirit has resurfaced, possibly in the form of Bobby s attractive girlfriend, Vicki Bach.
The Dust of Wonderland Stoker winner Thomas Stained delivers an intermittently eloquent supernatural tale reminiscent of Peter Straub s Ghost Story Kenneth Nicholson returns to New Orleans when a late night call from his ex

  • Title: The Dust of Wonderland
  • Author: Lee Thomas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Ken Nicholson returns to New Orleans after his son is hospitalized and encounters all of the mistakes and mysteries of his past. Years ago, he lived in a strange club called Wonderland which closed after the tragic events of a single night; now, its influences return to haunt Ken and threaten his family. This is, for me, an unusual review: I am reviewing the book without finishing it. I found The Dust of Wonderland so bad, with poor writing and ill-paced plot, that I was unable to finish it. As [...]

    2. The past’s influence on the present is an enduring theme in literature and the arts in general. For some, the past is a lifeline that helps them make it through the challenges of the present and onward toward the promise of a future. For others, like the protagonist in Lee Thomas’ The Dust of Wonderland, memory is a disease that infects the present and threatens the very concept of a future. In his stellar third novel, Thomas personifies the memories of the past in the images of dust: Always [...]

    3. “The Dust of Wonderland” is a psychological horror novel about a gay man who is plagued by a long dead evil just when his life was at its most content and stable. The evil emanates from a horrific incident from his youth at a notorious club called Wonderland in New Orleans. Now a killer pursues his children, his ex-wife, and his former lover. Aside from “Carmilla”, it’s the first horror novel I’ve read in over a year. While it didn’t scare the pants off me, it was suspenseful and e [...]

    4. I struggled to enjoy, let alone finish, this supernatural mystery novel with gay elements. Some plot points strain incredulity and the characterisation is perfunctory, while the horror is tired and has been done much better in novels such as Coldheart Canyon. Disappointing. However, the writing shows promise, and I will look out for the award-winning The German after this.

    5. Ken Nicholson is summoned back to New Orleans by his ex-wife as their son has been attacked and left for dead. Keeping vigil at the hospital, Ken has visions of his unsavory teenage years in the Quarter when he was the kept boy of Travis Brugier. Brugier’s stable of teenage boys pleasured the rich and powerful, until four of the boys were found dead, Brugier’s body hanging from the rafters of his beloved Wonderland. But are they just visions, or was his son attacked by someone from Ken’s p [...]

    6. This was an incredibly frustrating read. Poorly written at the start, not particularly likeable main character, the horror element kicks in halfway through the book. Until that point it was nearly a DNF for me & I pretty much hate-read it until the end.Am I glad I finished it? Meh. Do I think you should? Possibly, your mileage may vary. Not for me though, not at all.

    7. THE DUST OF WONDERLANDLee ThomasAlyson BooksHardcover, $24.95 With his debut novel, STAINED (Wildside Press, 2004), Lee Thomas walked away with a Stoker for Superior Achievement in the First Novel Category. It was a brilliant piece of fiction and, obviously, a tough act to follow. But Thomas has proven himself up to the challenge with THE DUST OF WONDERLAND, which may easily provide him with a second Stoker.Thomas tells the story of Ken Nicholson, an aging man still trying to find a balance betw [...]

    8. Tell me a story. Those words haunted Kenneth Nicholson for years, terrorized his waking hours to the point where he had been forced to abandon his family and the man he loved to start a new life in another state. Not that his new life was anything to brag about -- work and a string of meaningless relationships -- but it wasn't haunted by his past.When the phone call comes from his ex-wife to tell him that their son has been brutally beaten and his chances of survival are slim, Ken is forced to r [...]

    9. While a bit slow out of the gate, this tale seeps into your skin and festers as you read. When you're done, it sits, quietly stewing in the back of your mind. A week later, I'm still debating some of the conflict resolutions, still pondering the abilities of Travis, and have put the book on the re-read shelf. Yes, that's a good sign. The story was a new twist on an old stand by—nothing in it has been overused, abused, or done to the point that you want to throw it. It's almost a ghost story th [...]

    10. Well much to my surprise the book has a happy ending. Happier than most horror novels at least. Honestly this book is a simple read, despite the sometimes complicated plot. The setting of New Orleans actually seems to contribute to the atmosphere of the story well, given it blends real history and fictional history building up the villain. For the most part the characters are relatable, outside of some of the more extreme reactions that happen. Ken returns home, after his son bobby is an acciden [...]

    11. Note to self: Check the genre more carefully before committing to a book.So well, the good news is I now know that I'm not into the gay horror genre. Still I definitely appreciated that The Dust of Wonderland was well-written, albeit, at times, not very subtle. The language and environment worked very well and it reminded me of the colorful and descriptive environments that Fitzgerald writes. The end of the book made me rather angry that the catharsis that seemed promised didn't pan out. I think [...]

    12. 3.5 to 4 stars really. I picked up this book at a 2nd hand book store and decided to give it a shot. I have to say - it was better than I thought it was going to be. However, I felt that the paranormal tie in didn't really fit. It seemed that the book was on a particular track of fiction, but then ventured off into the realm of Sci-Fi. And I won't post any spoilers but I absolute HATED the fact that someone in the book died that was essentially innocent.This was something that I don't think I wo [...]

    13. Ken returns to New Orleans when his ex-wife calls him about his son’s attack. Coming back to New Orleans returns memories of Travis and their haunting time together at Wonderland. Ken is divorced and holds no illusions of being in a relationship. But, he is soon faced with his ex, David, and the choice between him or his family. "Tell me a story, Baby." is the request Ken hears over again and again. Also the residents of New Orleans can tell all kinds of stories of the cities past. (view spoil [...]

    14. In an outstanding novel set in New Orleans, Ken Nicholson, summoned back from Austin after an apparently motiveless attack on his son, must dive back into his past to confront the Dust of Wonderland. One of the finest novels of recent years, the full review can be read here

    15. What a lovely introduction to Lee Thomas, an Austin native with a clear and refreshing perspective on both horror and being a gay man. The Dust of Wonderland is a creepy and engaging slice of dark fiction that works quite well as a supernatural horror story. It exceptionally succeeds, however, as a fantastical, but surprisingly relatable story of identity acceptance. Kudos!

    16. Lee Thomas, the author, currently resides in Austin, TX and is a good friend of mine. Lee previously lived in New Orleans' French Quarter, the setting for this book - so the scene is authentic NOLA. Although it is the gay genre, the story would appeal to a wide range of readers. Very suspenseful. Thriller. Supernatural. Excellent book - received LAMDA award for best book of this genre.

    17. Although some of the prose is leaden in this gay horror book that takes place in New Orleans, and this is not the kind of subject matter I normally like to read, I nonetheless found the novel entertaining and hard to put down. I was impressed with Lee Thomas' accomplishment.

    18. This was a book that kept me reading, waiting for the next twist. I loved some of the descriptive wording Mr. Thomas wove into the story. Read this one if you want a taste of Lambda award winning writer Lee Thomas and his skill in telling a story.

    19. Not at all what I was expecting, but an great surprise. I love book that can surprise me and this book did that! Wonderful read and great twists and turns!

    20. Lee Thomas brilliantly weaves a story about a man with a troubled past that he must confront to become his true self.

    21. An excellent book that manages to convey terror as only New Orleans could have it - veiled in almost over-rich promise, the certainty of destruction and decay. I devoured this book in one sitting.

    22. the first few chapters made me think of the familiar grounds christopher rice explored in his early novels, but reading on proved that this book has a chilly and macabre charm entirely its own.

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