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  1. Even though this memoir is really funny (Paula reminds me of the writer Caitlin Moran. Or Tina Fey at times) I felt sad the entire time I was reading this - knowing she would be dead of an accidental heroin overdose 5 years after the book was published. Also knowing that Michael Hutchence would be dead only about a year after the publication. Sad. Her poor kids. I read up online about the circumstances of her death and her 4 yr old daughter Tiger Lily found her. Super sad face! Imagine a four ye [...]

  2. Yates seems to tread lightly over so much of her own life and others around her. So the gaps in the story are huge with much more space devoted to Take That than the start of what would be her final relationship and yet, because the tone is always open and treats the reader as a co-conspirator, you don't mind too much.

  3. Easy reading and interesting, I now know more about Paula then I did before except through the newspaper tabloids. This book dealt with her childhood and early years and 18 years with Bob. It only briefly touched on her relationship with Michael and tigerlily had not been born so I will now be checking our Michael's brothers book to see if I can fill in the gaps.Its an interesting read if you want to know more about the Paula behind the headlines.

  4. Most of grew up with Paula, even though we had to let go when fame and fortune took over "she" was always there. Her death was a shock. And it is sad that she is not around as an accomplished women enjoying middle age.

  5. I loved Paula Yates. She was kinda my heroine. Amazing life that was cut too short by heartbreak and circumstance.

  6. Paula was obviously a very intelligent lady and so articulate.You could feel her personality throughout the book. Such a sad conclusion to the life of a very vivacious lady.

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